NeutralLegacy of the Icebreaker
Start Odyn
End Odyn
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 18,850 (level 100)
Rewards  [Scale of the Earth-Warder] and  [Scaleshard]
30g 80s
Previous N Warrior [10-45] Weapons of Legend
Next N Warrior [10-45] The Eye of Odyn


Deal with Magnar Icebreaker.

  • Speak with Hruthnir
  • Deal with Magnar Icebreaker
  • Take Odyn's portal back to Skyhold


The greatest warrior should wield the greatest weapons. Long ago a great king, Magnar Icebreaker, wielded weapons crafted from a scale of the mightiest dragon in the land. He should be here, but he is not. Instead he languishes in his tomb.

His son, Hruthnir, is here. He will lead you to the tomb. If Magnar can be saved, do so. Either way, return with his weapons.


You will receive: 30g 80s
Inv shield 1h artifactmagnar d 01.png [Scale of the Earth-Warder] Inv sword 1h artifactmagnar d 01.png [Scaleshard]


You have done well. You will bring many victories to these Halls.


A great deed was done today. I have gained a mighty warrior, and you a powerful artifact.


  • 18,850 XP (level 100)


On accept:

Odyn says: Go now. Hruthnir waits at the Sky Launch to aid you.

Hruthnir is standing next to Aerylia. Speak with him.

Odyn believes you are worthy to wield the Armaments of the Black Wyrm. I am here for Magnar Icebreaker. Let us both be successful, eh?
Gossip Let us go to the tomb.
Hruthnir says: Our journey will be a quick one. A single leap from Skyhold will take us to Azeroth. Follow me!

You and Hruthnir both automatically jump down towards the portal to Azeroth, with the player then smashing down from the sky into the soil of Shield's Rest, an island northeast of Stormheim.

Stage 1: The Sealed Tomb

Find Magnar's tomb with Hruthnir.
  • Find Magnar's Tomb

Hruthnir is standing a short distance down the path. On approach:

Hruthnir says: A glorious landing! Are you ready to find Magnar?
Hruthnir says: His tomb is not far.

Hruthnir begins running down the path but is soon blocked by a cloud of dust. Suddenly, two Rattling Dead crawl up out of the ground and attack the two Valarjar.

Hruthnir says: The dead are rising! Something is not right...

By the time you kill the two skeletons, four more Rattling Dead have risen amidst another dust cloud further down the path.

Hruthnir says: These warriors are restless! They must sense some kind of disturbance...
Hruthnir says: Onward! We are almost to Magnar's tomb.

Upon killing the second group of skeletons:

Hruthnir says: They buried him here after his only defeat...

A large group of Rattling Dead are shambling about in front of the entrance to the Tomb of the Old Kings. However, as you and Hruthnir approach, fel flames begin to erupt around the skeletons' feet, and suddenly a group of Lesser Imps led by Pillik appear and kill the undead amidst a series of fel explosions.

Pillik yells: Come to me, my impish kin! We shall devour the power within!

Stage 2: The Disturbance

Defeat the Legion forces.
  • Defeat Pillik
Hruthnir says: Desecrators! We must slay these abominations!

Pillik has 537,000 health (at level 100). He mainly casts Fel Firebolts (interruptible) but will occasionally cast "Retreat!", teleporting a short distance away while also spawning more Lesser Imps.

Pillik says: You seem delirious!
Pillik says: But I am mysterious...
Pillik says: You'll catch me soon, friend...

Killing Pillik:

Pillik says: Why... so serious...?

Stage 3: Crypt Crawl

Find Magnar's resting place within the tomb.
  • Find Magnar
Hruthnir says: A good fight! Follow me. I will open the tomb.

Hruthnir walks over to the entrance of the Tomb of the Old Kings and pushes the doors open. Inside, lightning orbs called Swirling Storms are moving about while Reylar the Stormcaller is channeling storm magic. The Swirling Storms deal damage to anyone standing near them. While they have little health, they will regenerate a few seconds after being killed.

Hruthnir eyes Reylar the Stormcaller cautiously.
Hruthnir says: The guardians do not obey me! Seems we will have to do this the hard way.

Aid Hruthnir in killing Reylar, at which point the Swirling Storms become permanently dormant and no longer deal damage.

Further down into the tomb, the hallway is taken up by a Windwall that pushes anyone who tries to stand in it back towards the direction of the entrance. The Windwall is maintained by three Spectral Windshapers — one in a southern alcove, one in a northern alcove and one at the western end of the hallway.

Hruthnir says: These spirit winds are relentless. We cannot walk through.
Hruthnir ponders the situation at hand.

After some time:

Hruthnir says: We should be able to leap over this.

Follow Hruthnir's advice and use [Heroic Leap] to reach the windshapers. After killing the southern and northern channelers, the Windwall is removed, allowing Hruthnir to run up to and attack the western Windshaper.

Hruthnir says: His madness infects his guards. They do not recognize me.

After killing the last Windshaper and reaching the western end of the hall, Hruthnir turns south to find a door sealed with two Swirling Storms.

Hruthnir says: Watch out!
Hruthnir says: That door is sealed with lightning. We must find a way through!

Use [Heroic Throw] to destroy the lightning orbs. If the player does not do so for some time, Hruthnir will destroy the orbs himself.

Hruthnir says: Like I always say, if you can't reach it, throw something at it. Never fails!

Stage 4: The Confrontation

Defend Hruthnir from Magnar's forces.
  • Defend Hruthnir

Upon the orbs' destruction, the doors swing inward, opening the way into the Tomb of the Icebreaker. When the player follows Hruthnir down into the chamber, a cutscene begins.

Magnar Icebreaker, Wielder of the Blackwyrm Armaments, is standing atop a flight of stairs, madly swinging his sword at the air.
Curse Helya! Curse her cowardly followers! I'll not rest until she is dead!
The cutscene ends.

Hruthnir runs a few yards further into the chamber, the walls of which are lined with alcoves housing dormant, ghostly vrykul.

Hruthnir says: Here we are... Magnar's chamber!
Hruthnir says: Champion, we must save him! I will find the words to spur him on to the Halls of Valor, but he may resist the truth and turn his guards against me.
Hruthnir says: Say the word and we shall begin.

Speak with Hruthnir to start the encounter.

Are you ready to face Magnar with me, <name>?
Gossip I will protect you, Hruthnir.

Hruthnir runs forward another few yards into the middle of the tomb.

Hruthnir says: Father, it's me... your son. Odyn sent me here to--

Magnar suddenly leaps down from his platform, landing in front of Hruthnir. He immediately becomes hostile and starts attacking the Valarjar.

Magnar Icebreaker says: You are not my son! He is in the Halls of Valor, called by Odyn before his time!
Magnar Icebreaker yells: Begone from here, trespassers!
Magnar knocks Hruthnir back towards the entrance to the chamber, but the Valarjar runs back up to his father and keeps fighting him.
Hruthnir says: It IS me. I fell before you in the battle of the Pass. We were betrayed!
Magnar Icebreaker says: My son died before my very eyes. I FAILED to protect him! You will not--
Hruthnir says: I fell in battle. We ALL fell. None survived the onslaught. Not even you!
Magnar Icebreaker says: Lies! Can you not see my faithful soldiers?!

Ghostly Icebreaker Champions and Icebreaker Tombguards begin to awaken from their alcoves and attack the player and Hruthnir.

Hruthnir says: You died in glorious battle! The Halls of Valor await. Come with me, father!
Magnar Icebreaker yells: ENOUGH OF THIS! Guards, punish these outsiders for their insolence!

Magnar leaps back up onto his platform, becoming unattackable as more guards gradually awaken. Two of the dormant vrykul are Spectral Windshapers, who travel halfway up the two stairs leading to Magnar's platform and begins casting a spell similar to the Windwall seen earlier to prevent the player from reaching Magnar.

Help Hruthnir kill all of the non-Windshaper vrykul to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 5: The Greatest Warrior

Defeat Magnar Icebreaker.
  • Defeat Magnar Icebreaker

Hruthnir runs up the western flight of stairs, killing the Windshaper along the way and then rushing to confront his father again. However, the Windwall-like spell persists, forcing you to use [Heroic Leap] to reach the platform.

Magnar Icebreaker yells: Who are you, demon? Why do you torment me so?
Hruthnir says: I am the son of Magnar the Great, Champion of the Valarjar. Father, look at me! I am Hruthnir. I am your son!
Magnar Icebreaker yells: LIAR! You will DIE for saying his name! I shall send you to Helheim myself!

Help Hruthnir bring Magnar to 1% health, at which point he turns friendly and kneels in defeat.

Magnar Icebreaker yells: I... have fallen. Hruthnir... you are a valarjar?
Hruthnir says: I am, as you will be. Come, let us go to the Halls of Valor. This mortal warrior will find the revenge you crave...
Magnar Icebreaker yells: I see now. My weapons are yours, warrior. May they bring you glory as you strike down Helya's minions!
Magnar disappears.

Final Stage: Armaments of the Black Wyrm

The sword and shield are yours, claim them.
  • Take the Armaments
Hruthnir says: His weapons are yours now, champion. There is nothing left for us here. Let us feast in the Halls of Valor, together!

The Armaments have landed in the area between the two stairs. After looting and equipping them, a Val'kyr of Odyn appears next to a pillar of light that allows you to Jump to Skyhold. Return to the Great Mead Hall and speak to Odyn to complete the quest.


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