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This article is about the manga anthology. For the Warcraft book reprints, see Blizzard Legends. For the cancelled game, see Warcraft Legends (game).
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Legends is the name of a Warcraft manga anthology containing five volumes. The first volume was released on August 12, 2008 and the second volume on November 11 of the same year. Volume 3 was released on March 17, 2009[1] and the fourth on June 16 of the same year.[2] The 5th volume was released in September 2009.

Blizzard Gear Store[]

Some of the world's best manga creators join together to bring the world of Warcraft to life as never before in this title. Between these covers lie tales of adventure, treachery, humor and bravery. Told from both Alliance and Horde point of view, these stories have entertained the likes of travelers, soldiers and thieves. They have endured the trials of time and have earned the title of legend.




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