• 5 Achievement points
  • Legends of the Tidesages
  • Discover each of the lore objects that tell the legacy of the tidesages.
  • Criteria:
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 1
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 3
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 5
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 7
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 2
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 4
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 6
    • Legends of the Tidesages - Part 8

Ancient Tidesage Scroll

Legends of the Tidesages is an exploration achievement earned for discovering each of the Ancient Tidesage Scrolls that tell the legacy of the tidesages.


  1. Stormsong Valley [49.53, 80.92]
    In the beginning, we were blind.
    We were lost.
    We left the howling streets of our homes in search of greater existence.
    In the end, we found the sea. Or rather, it found us.
  2. Brennadam Square [59.0, 59.5]
    Though the waves howled as home did, it was not the shuttered existence we knew.
    For most, that was enough.
    With each writhe came loss, but sustenance. With sustenance, freedom.
  3. Beryl Meadow [31.9, 72.9]
    We scanned the horizon for home, sailor's eyes on the horizon day and night.
    We knew not what we sought. A matrimony of earth and tide that might shelter our children from the tumult of life at sea.
  4. Jeweled Coast [33.8, 33.2]
    Stormsong was the first to hear them.
    Not the crashing waves at the surface -- gentle whispers, imperceptible to all but him.
    They guided his mind ever deeper, revealing untold truths of the powers within him.
    We would never be the same.
  5. Stormwatch Peak [56.02, 38.48]
    It began simply.
    Stormsong's gifts guided fish into our nets and fresh water into our mouths.
    No longer were we slaves to the elements. We were the masters.
  6. Gale's Rest [44.1, 36.6]
    As our lord's gifts grew, others too heard the whispers.
    Soon the very wind in our sails was ours to command -- the waves pushing us ever onward into the night.
    With time our hulls impenetrable to even the worst denizens of the deep below.
  7. Tidebreak Summit [62.0, 30.2]
    The depths' guidance became clear; they guided us home. A new home.
    The land was rich and could provide for endless generations.
    We guided others to us, sending our sages to ensure safe passage.
  8. Tempest's Edge [75.0, 31.1]
    House Stormsong laid claim to the most fertile valley in the northern reaches.
    It took our lord's name as tribute for our gifts.
    We were home.

Once all scrolls are found, they appear together attached in a circle to a Tidesage stone at [76.92, 25.59] in Stormsong Valley.

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