For the pre-Legion equivalent event on which this was based, see Legion Invasions.
Legion Assaults
Location Broken Isles
Result Ongoing

Class orders

  Burning Legion
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Burning Legion

Previous Assault on Broken Shore
Next Argus Campaign

Legion Assaults were launched in response to the invasion of the Broken Shore by the Armies of Legionfall, with the focus being on Azsuna, Highmountain, Stormheim, and Val'sharah.[1] After repelling four invasion quests, adventurers work their way towards engaging the commander of the assault.



Main article: Assault on Azsuna

In Azsuna Legion forces have turned the Temple of a Thousand Lights into a conduit for other Legion worlds.[2] As such the Legion has heavily entrenched themselves within the temple, even as they attack the rest the rest of the region. Prince Farondis directs adventurers in liberating Azsuna and directs them in destroying the conduit. With the conduit severed the heroes of Azeroth work with the Blue Dragonflight to push the Legion out of the Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar before flying to the Legion ship in order to put an end to the Xeritas, the commander of the Assault on Azsuna.[3]


Main article: Assault on Highmountain

In Highmountain the Legion scorches the land, cause suffering to the Highmountain tauren, and lay siege to Thunder Totem itself.[4][5] Mayla Highmountain and Lasan Skyhorn direct adventurers in thinning out the demons attacking Thunder Totem. However despite boosting their defenses the Legion still persists in attacking Thunder Totem, which convinces Mayla and Lasan that they need to strike at the heart of the Legion forces. After successfully securing Thunder Totem heroes take flight towards the Legion ship in order to rescue prisoners, plant explosives, and to kill Fel Commander Erixtol, the commander of the Assault on Highmountain.[6]


Main article: Assault on Stormheim

In Stormheim uses their invasion of the region as a distraction in order to establish a foothold on the Shield's Rest.[7] Working with Vethir adventurers seek to cleanse the isle of the demons but are interrupted by the arrival of Lord Commander Alexius, Legion commander in charge of of the Assault on Stormheim. After wounding Vethir Alexius briefly engaged in battle with the heroes before stunning them and ordering his Legion ship to fire upon them. As the demon moves to attack the Gates of Valor, a Val'kyr of Odyn arrives to shield adventurers from the ship's blast.[8] Transported to the Gates of Valor heroes liberate members of Vethir's brood who then bring them to the Legion ship where the heroes precede to slaughter the demons on board including Alexius.[9]


Main article: Assault on Val'sharah

In Val'sharah the Legion has completely claimed Starstalker's Point, converted Black Rook Hold into their stronghold and have darkened the skies.[10][11] Commander Jarod Shadowsong instructs adventurers with thinning their ranks before sending to Cenarius. The demigod aids them in reclaiming Starstalker's Point by securing the the entry point into the Starstalker's Point and directing adventurers to destroy the barriers preventing none Legion forces from entering the warden tower itself. With the tower secured and the skies liberated adventurers are then sent to the Legion ship by Hippogryphs, lent by the Dreamweavers, where they kill Dread Vizier Gra'tork the commander of the Assault on Val'sharah.[11]



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