Len at Arms

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NeutralLen at Arms
Image of Len at Arms
Title <Adventuring Supplies>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shado-Pan
Location Serpent's Spine, Vale of Eternal Blossoms[14.2, 78.8]
Status Alive

Len at Arms is a pandaren armor vendor located on the Serpent's Spine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


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Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Wasteland Amulet] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Armored Bracers] 31g 33s 37c
 [Wasteland Armored Chestpiece] 65g 89s 45c
 [Wasteland Armored Gauntlets] 32g 65s 18c
 [Wasteland Armored Girdle] 31g 57s 72c
 [Wasteland Armored Helm] 49g 68s 91c
 [Wasteland Armored Legguards] 63g 28s
 [Wasteland Armored Shoulders] 46g 45s 13c
 [Wasteland Armored Warboots] 48g 96s 43c
 [Wasteland Axe] 93g 47s 9c
 [Wasteland Badge] 53g 22s 10c
 [Wasteland Band] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Barrier] 57g 60s 80c
 [Wasteland Battlemace] 120g 23s 94c
 [Wasteland Blade] 93g 12s 96c
 [Wasteland Burnished Bracers] 33g 12s 90c
 [Wasteland Burnished Chestguard] 64g 71s 31c
 [Wasteland Burnished Clasp] 33g 36s 92c
 [Wasteland Burnished Gloves] 32g 5s 44c
 [Wasteland Burnished Greaves] 48g 8s
 [Wasteland Burnished Headcover] 48g 80s
 [Wasteland Burnished Legplates] 66g 84s 35c
 [Wasteland Burnished Spaulders] 50g 39s 95c
 [Wasteland Cape] 49g 34s 12c
 [Wasteland Chain Armor] 65g 42s 32c
 [Wasteland Chain Gauntlets] 32g 41s 15c
 [Wasteland Chain Helm] 49g 33s 15c
 [Wasteland Chain Leggings] 67g 55s 36c
 [Wasteland Chain Links] 31g 34s 2c
 [Wasteland Chain Sabatons] 48g 61s 15c
 [Wasteland Chain Spaulders] 46g 9s 37c
 [Wasteland Chain Wristguards] 31g 9s 68c
 [Wasteland Choker] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Cloak] 49g 69s 40c
 [Wasteland Combat Staff] 119g 81s 29c
 [Wasteland Crossbow] 109g 55s 28c
 [Wasteland Dagger] 88g 65s 67c
 [Wasteland Diviner's Rod] 119g 39s 80c
 [Wasteland Drape] 47g 88s 17c
 [Wasteland Emblem] 53g 22s 10c
 [Wasteland Greatsword] 111g 66s 24c
 [Wasteland Handaxe] 96g 53s 28c
 [Wasteland Heavy Armplates] 31g 21s 36c
 [Wasteland Heavy Chestpiece] 65g 65s 56c
 [Wasteland Heavy Gauntlets] 32g 53s 17c
 [Wasteland Heavy Girdle] 31g 45s 71c
 [Wasteland Heavy Helm] 49g 51s 3c
 [Wasteland Heavy Legguards] 61g 33s 2c
 [Wasteland Heavy Shoulders] 46g 27s 25c
 [Wasteland Heavy Warboots] 48g 79s 3c
 [Wasteland Hide Belt] 33g 13s 22c
 [Wasteland Hide Bindings] 32g 88s 88c
 [Wasteland Hide Footguards] 47g 72s 23c
 [Wasteland Hide Gloves] 31g 81s 42c
 [Wasteland Hide Helm] 47g 16s 65c
 [Wasteland Hide Legguards] 66g 37s 22c
 [Wasteland Hide Spaulders] 50g 4s 20c
 [Wasteland Hide Tunic] 64g 23s 53c
 [Wasteland Insignia] 53g 22s 10c
 [Wasteland Leather Armwraps] 30g 97s 67c
 [Wasteland Leather Belt] 33g 60s 94c
 [Wasteland Leather Boots] 48g 43s 27c
 [Wasteland Leather Gloves] 32g 29s 14c
 [Wasteland Leather Helm] 49g 15s 76c
 [Wasteland Leather Legguards] 67g 32s 12c
 [Wasteland Leather Spaulders] 45g 91s 49c
 [Wasteland Leather Tunic] 65g 18s 43c
 [Wasteland Locket] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Loop] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Mace] 89g 67s 12c
 [Wasteland Manteau] 49g 52s
 [Wasteland Meditation Staff] 118g 97s 13c
 [Wasteland Necklace] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Pendant] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Relic] 53g 22s 10c
 [Wasteland Ring] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Armbands] 33g 89c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Armor] 64g 47s 42c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Gauntlets] 31g 93s 43c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Helm] 47g 34s 53c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Leggings] 66g 60s 46c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Sabatons] 47g 90s 11c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Spaulders] 50g 22s 7c
 [Wasteland Ringmail Waistguard] 33g 25s 23c
 [Wasteland Saber] 87g 97s 42c
 [Wasteland Satin Cord] 33g 1s 21c
 [Wasteland Satin Cuffs] 32g 76s 86c
 [Wasteland Satin Gloves] 31g 69s 73c
 [Wasteland Satin Hood] 46g 98s 77c
 [Wasteland Satin Leggings] 66g 13s 33c
 [Wasteland Satin Mantle] 49g 86s 80c
 [Wasteland Satin Robe] 62g 28s 57c
 [Wasteland Satin Treads] 47g 54s 83c
 [Wasteland Scepter] 88g 31s 55c
 [Wasteland Seal] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Shawl] 47g 70s 29c
 [Wasteland Shield] 59g 39s 5c
 [Wasteland Sigil] 53g 22s 10c
 [Wasteland Signet] 35g 32s 36c
 [Wasteland Silk Amice] 50g 57s 84c
 [Wasteland Silk Cord] 33g 48s 93c
 [Wasteland Silk Cowl] 48g 97s 87c
 [Wasteland Silk Cuffs] 30g 85s 65c
 [Wasteland Silk Handguards] 32g 17s 46c
 [Wasteland Silk Robe] 64g 94s 55c
 [Wasteland Silk Treads] 48g 25s 40c
 [Wasteland Silk Trousers] 67g 8s 23c
 [Wasteland Smasher] 88g 99s 80c



The Shado-Pan has many secrets. High among those is how to craft weapons and armor of surpassing quality.

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