NeutralLessah Moonwater
Image of Lessah Moonwater
Title <Archaeologist>
Gender Female
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 10-45 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Archaeologist, adventurer
Location Thunder Totem, Highmountain
Status Alive
Student(s) Luron (apprentice)

Lessah Moonwater is a tauren archaeologist and adventurer found at Thunder Totem in Highmountain. She is a native of Thunder Bluff, come to Highmountain to study the local Highmountain tauren and the legend of Huln Highmountain.

She has an apprentice named Luron.



Hello adventurer, I am Lessah. Are you as interested as I am in learning about the Highmountain tauren?

Gossip Do you live here in Thunder Totem, Lessah?

No, no. I am from Thunder Bluff. I am an adventurer, like you. These Highmountain tauren are as foreign to me as they are to you.
I am, however, an avid student of Huln Highmountain, one of the greatest tauren ever to walk this land. Probably THE greatest. Here, in Highmountain, I stand the best chance of learning more about him.

Gossip I see.

N Archaeology [45] Laying to Rest

Have you recovered the remainder of Eche'ro's bones?

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