Lesser Heal
Spell holy lesserheal.png
Usable by
Class Priest
School Holy
Cooldown None
Improvements Healing Focus (Priest talent), [Holy Specialization], [Spiritual Healing], [Blessed Resilience], [Test of Faith], [Martyrdom], [Silent Resolve], [Inner Focus], [Focused Power], [Enlightenment], [Focused Will], [Power Infusion], [Renewed Hope], [Divine Aegis], [Borrowed Time].
A simple touch can mend so much...

Lesser Heal is a Priest's starting healing spell, and is a low-level spell only. The talent benefits for this spell are usually the ones affecting every Holy spell. At level 16, [Heal] is available, which effectively replaces this spell. Using this spell on, say, a level 80 would just be a futile mana drain.

Rank table

Rank Base Mana Cost Amount Healed Cast Time Level Cost
1 16% 46-56 1.5 sec 1 Free
2 21% 71-85 2 sec 4 50c
3 27% 135-157 2.5 sec 10 3s

Talent improvements

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