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NeutralLessons From Our Past
Start Scalecommander Emberthal
End Scalecommander Emberthal
Level 60-62
Category Dragon Isles
Experience 1,150
Rewards 2g 57s 40c
Previous N [60-62] Wrathion Awaits
Next N [60-62] Best Plans and Intentions & N [60-62] Sharp Practice


Speak with Scalecommander Emberthal.


I am Emberthal, a scalecommander of the dracthyr. Wrathion aided us after we awakened from our long stasis, and now it is my turn to help him.

No doubt you have questions about my people and our history. Until recently, I did as well.

But Nozdormu, the Timeless One, has revealed lost truths about the dracthyr. He granted me a vision of our origins... and why we were locked away.

Let me tell you of the things I have seen.


You will receive:

  • 2g 57s 40c
  • 1,150 XP


There is much we can learn from one another.


Now you know the truth.

The past is the past. It is time for the dracthyr to seek a new future alongside the other peoples of Azeroth.


Speaking with Emberthal
There is so much more to this world than Neltharion taught us.
So many truths we must discover for ourselves.
Gossip Tell me of the dracthyr's origins.
Legacies chapter three plays out.
The sandstorm continues to blow as Nozdormu pops in and out of vision.
Emberthal: Nozdormu, wait! You have led me through all these... moments in time. Yet now you ask me to guide you?
Nozdormu: There is... a blind spot in my vision. Of a time before Neltharion's corruption. And I believe it centers upon you. I must know why.
Nozdormu holds up his hand and invokes some bronze time magic.
Nozdormu: Seek him out... in your memory.
Emberthal nods her head and steps forward as the time magic closes the gap, then wraps itself around her. She closes her eyes.
Legacies - Chapter 3
Emberthal: My general... a fierce battle... and then I was-
Emberthal thinks back to the time where she is leading her own battalion of soldiers.
Emberthal: (off-screen) It was my honor to command a battalion.
The camera pans left to spot Neltharion at the top of a flight of stairs looking down at Emberthal, demonstrating in front of a group of soldiers.
Emberthal: (off-screen) We executed Neltharion's will precisely. Our devotion and discipline were unmatched.
The memory zooms in on Neltharion, equipped with a titan artifact on his right wrist, glowing brightly with power.
Nozdormu: (off-screen) A titan artifact? That must be the source of your unity. This was an ancient magic that bound you to his will.
The view shifts back to Nozdormu and Emberthal in the shifting sands.
Nozdormu: Would you not sacrifice yourselves at his whim?
Emberthal whips her head around to glare at Nozdormu.
Emberthal: We were soldiers! There were many threats to the world-
The flash of a lightning strike startles Emberthal as she turns away to look at it.
Emberthal: ...and here was the greatest. The Primalists.
The view shifts back to Emberthal's memory. From off in the distance, five proto-drakes fly in, Raszageth leading the charge. She launches a lightning breath attack.
Nozdormu: (off-screen) That is Raszageth, the Storm-Eater!
The lightning blast seemingly catches Emberthal unawares, as it lands mere feet in front of her, knocking her back one way as her battalion gets blasted the other direction.
Nozdormu: (off-screen) One of the leaders of the Primalist rebellion.
Raszageth swoops down for an attack run, blasting more soldiers with lightning. The next shot shows three breath attacks: lightning, fire, and water.
Emberthal: (off-screen) They struck without warning. Without honor. And I lost many friends this day.
Untold numbers of dragons fall out of the sky. The ground forces fall back to the stairs where Neltharion stands.
Emberthal: (off-screen) We fell back. Regrouped. Then-
A lightning strike lands on Oathbinder, shattering it.
Emberthal: (off-screen) Everything became... jumbled. Confused.
Nozdormu: (off-screen) The artifact... destroyed? And the Order magic which had united the dracthyr was dispelled. How then, was Raszageth defeated?
Raszageth blasts another battalion of soldiers as she closes in on Neltharion. The view focuses on his face, as his eyes--red pupils with a black sclera--turn purple as Neltharion yells with a force of will. The characteristic tentacles of the Old Gods appear behind him.
Nozdormu: So, brother, this is what you hid from us. The moment you fell from grace. In his desperation, he turned to the deepest evil: the power of the Old Gods.
As the purple glow extends from Neltharion's eyes, a portal appears behind Raszageth, who is still using her lightning breath attack on anything that moves. In an instant, the portal expands and starts sucking Raszageth in. She claws at the ground in a futile attempt to stop her backward movement, but to no avail, as the portal pulls her in and then closes.
The scene shifts back to the sands. Nozdormu closes his eyes.
Nozdormu: If only we had known.
Emberthal is holding up her left arm and wing in an attempt to shield herself from the sand.
Emberthal: ...but then? Why were we imprisoned? Why did we sleep for so long?
Nozdormu: If he could no longer control the dracthyr, he would have deemed you... a risk.
Emberthal: No! We laid down our lives for him! He was proud of us! Why would he- stop this sand! I cannot see!
Nozdormu: Because you do not want to! Yet you can only become more than you are if you confront your past!
As the sand continues to pick up, Emberthal stops shielding herself from it and walks forward with intensity, past Nozdormu and into the bronze magic. The sand immediately stops, and she looks at Neltharion some yards away. A glow of power slides along the ground, freezing the dracthyr caught by it, turning them to stone. Emberthal looks in disbelief as more dracthyr are frozen. One desperately reaches out toward Emberthal as she, too, starts to freeze. She reaches out towards Neltharion as the magic takes hold. Not even pausing, Neltharion turns around and walks away, fading into the mists as the scene fades to black.
Emberthal: So he locked us away... Forgot we even existed.
Emberthal looks at the frozen version of herself as she says this. The sands pick up, taking away the past version of herself, leaving Nozdormu in her place. She falls to her knees.
Emberthal: It would have been kinder to simply destroy us.
Nozdormu: I am sorry, my young friend. We had to know the truth. But do not despair -- I now believe that Neltharion locked you away because of what you might become.
Nozdormu walks past her as Emberthal looks up at him.
Emberthal: What we might achieve, free of his control.
He stops for a moment to look back at her.
Nozdormu: And now... you are free.
The scene shifts to an exterior view, somewhere on the Dragon Isles. Innumerable dragons fly in the distance.
Nozdormu: This world has much to offer, and you will have a part to play in the events to come.
Emberthal: You spoke of an ancient enemy's return. It is Raszageth, and the Primalists. That is why we were awakened.
Nozdormu: It seems that Neltharion yet had a purpose for you. But he is gone. You must decide which path you will take. Which story you will tell.
Emberthal: My story will be my own.


  1. N [60-62] Wrathion Awaits
  2. N [60-62] Lessons From Our Past
  3. N [60-62] Best Plans and Intentions & N [60-62] Sharp Practice
  4. N [60-62] Talon Strike & N [60-62] No Time for Heroes
  5. N [60-62] The Courage of One's Convictions & N [60-62] Taking the Walls
  6. N [60-62] Obsidian Oathstone
  7. N [60-62] A Shattered Past
  8. N [60-62] Forging a New Future
  9. N [60-62] The Spark
  10. N [60-62] Restoring the Faith

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