You decided to make a level 19 Hunter WSG twink? It won't be easy, or enjoyable, until your character is Battleground-ready. It will take a lot of well planned time and/or a big hand from one or more helpful higher levels, not to mention quite a few resources from your other characters or from an Auction House. The good news: at level 19 hunters are one of the most feared classes and with good reason as they are able to consistently outdps most if not all other classes, they have superior methods of slowing with wing clip and concussive shot and they have a travel aspect that increases speed beginning at level 18 (although it is balanced since hunters can be dazed while using that aspect). They are also able to track both humanoids AND beasts in their minimap, making them invaluable scouts as well as high dps nukes and with the right race and profession combinations they can even get self heals, making them much more difficult to kill. The bad news: Hunters have two fatal flaws - a deadzone in which they cannot fire and line of sight which limits how often they are able to attack. That being stated, a team composed entirely or almost entirely of twink hunters in the 19 battlegrounds will be difficult, if not impossible, to beat.

If you want to set your aim higher and attempt to play in Arathi Basin, you might want to check out the Hunter lvl 29 twinking guide.

Note: With the anticipated changes coming to hunters in Cataclysm, some of the gear listed below will be subject to change. All intellect, for example, will lose its primary value of providing mana and secondary value of providing attack power with the talent [Careful Aim]. Also, all heirloom gear will likely either a) be changed to reflect these values in Cataclysm or b) become outdated and replaced with new Cataclysm bind on account gear (assuming Blizzard makes new BtA gear in Cataclysm). As of now, however, this guide is largely complete.

Choosing your race

If you don't care much about the looks of your new character, you might want to consult the table below to maximize the potential of your twink. The main attribute is Agility although some players prefer a higher Stamina base stat. Intellect also plays a factor for Hunters as you'll burn through your mana constantly

Alliance Hunters choosing Agility end up with a Night Elf, while choosing for Stamina will lead to a Dwarf. It should be noted, however, that for alliance the Draenei are potentially the most survivable race due to their racial ability [Gift of the Naaru] which is a heal over time that is based on the attack power of the hunter. See table below for level 19 base stats:

Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit
Dwarf 30 42 40 29 31
Night elf 25 51 36 30 32
Draenei Bc icon.gif 29 43 36 31 34

Horde Hunters choosing Agility end up with a Troll or a Blood Elf, while choosing for Stamina will lead to a Tauren or Orc. The latter are of course the most interesting due to [Blood Fury] (yes this stacks with ranged DPS), [Command], [Axe Specialization], and [Hardiness]. See table below for level 19 base stats :

Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit
Orc 31 43 39 27 35
Tauren 33 41 39 25 34
Troll 29 48 38 26 33
Blood elf Bc icon.gif 25 48 35 34 31


All professions have potentially useful items for hunters, but not necessarily at all levels. The three gathering professions (Mining, Herbalism and Skinning) will most likely provide the most useful buffs, however Engineering and Jewelcrafting have a few useful items as well. Don't forget First Aid because it will give you access to bandages - the best of which can heal you much more quickly than basic food.

At level 19, you can level your gathering skills to level 225. Each provides you with an extra ability that can prove invaluable.

  • Herbalism gives [Lifeblood] up to rank 3, providing a HOT (heal over time) that (self-only) heals for 720 damage over 5 seconds and can be used while visible or invisible, in or out of combat once every 2 minutes. This skill is considered critical for any hunter since it extends their survivability well beyond normal.
  • First Aid is a critical skill, though a secondary one, that will allow the twink to make  [Mageweave Bandage] and use  [Heavy Runecloth Bandage]. This means a heal for up to 2,000 points every two minutes. They are best used out of combat, however, as damage causes the bandaging & healing to stop.
  • Engineering provides the player with the ability to use explosives and either  [Green Tinted Goggles] at skill level 150 or  [Shadow Goggles] at skill level 140. At 150 the engineer is able to craft  [Explosive Sheep] which are very useful for inflicting extra damage at close range, or other forms of dynamite such as  [Big Bronze Bomb] which either inflict extra damage or stun opponents for a short time.
  • Jewelcrafting provides the ability to create  [Heavy Stone Statue] which heals for roughly 400 damage over 20 seconds, even in combat, which can be useful in tight situations. When used in combination with [Lifeblood] from Herbalism (and [Gift of the Naaru] if the player is Draenai), the player will be able to take significant amounts of punishment.

The other professions:

  • Inscription allows the player to create their own scrolls, which can be useful for crafting  [Scroll of Agility II], but it doesn't provide any inherent ability until the player is higher level.
  • Alchemy allows the player to craft many useful potions that they need, but again doesn't provide any inherent usefulness to the player until they have reached skill level 400+
  • Blacksmithing allows a highly skilled player (400+) to place a socket in their gloves, but again twinks cannot benefit from this because they are too low.

It may be useful to have a side-alt of low to moderate level (15+) simply to be able to train in order to be able to make potions and scrolls for all of your twink's needs.


This is a summary of the most applicable items for a Hunter twink. Some options (such as  [Blood Elf Bandit Mask]) were not included as they are clearly the last resort, they offer no statistics (or inferior statistics) and will generally lower the level of the twink overall. Please note that the order in which these items appear is important; the items are ranked from top to bottom, although in some cases personal preference may dictate that items toward the bottom are better. To make the choice somewhat easier, the drop percentages for certain items are included as provided by Wowhead. The best statistics have been included for those items that have a range of potential statistics (such as the  [Massive Battle Axe] listed under weapons). Also note: heirloom items suffer no durability loss in either pvp or pve combat due to attacks or death.

  • Wrists
    •  [Forest Leather Bracers] (BoE) World Drop
    •  [Wrangler's Wristbands]
      • ...of the Monkey (BoE) (+3 Agility, +3 Stamina) World Drop
      • ...of the Eagle (BoE) (+3 Intellect, +3 Stamina) World Drop
      • ...of the Falcon (BoE) (+3 Agility, +3 Intellect) World Drop
      • ...of Power (BoE) (+10 Attack Power) World Drop
      • ...of Agility (BoE) (+5 Agility) World Drop
      • ...of Intellect (BoE) (+5 Intellect) World Drop
      • ...of Stamina (BoE) (+5 Stamina) World Drop
    •  [Mindthrust Bracers] (BoE) Rare drop from Shadowfang Keep


Note that as of Patches 3.1 and 3.2 many enhancements were nerfed with a level requirement. This includes arcana head augments, many leatherworking armor kits, gun/bow scopes, etc. The listing below has been updated to 3.2.

Potions, Elixirs, Food and Other Useful Items

  • A list of useful potions:
Potion Effect Notes
 [Healing Potion] Restores 280 to 360 Health.
 [Lesser Mana Potion] Restores 280-360 Mana.
 [Swiftness Potion] Increases run speed by 50% for 15 seconds. One of the most useful non-restorative potions and also one of the most expensive.
 [Shadow Protection Potion] Absorbs 675-1125 shadow damage. Lasts for 2 minutes. VERY useful against warlocks.
 [Holy Protection Potion] Absorbs 300-500 holy damage. Lasts 2 minutes. Somewhat useful against paladins.
 [Minor Magic Resistance Potion] Increases resistance against all schools of magic by +25. Lasts 3 minutes.
 [Minor Rejuvenation Potion] Restores 90-150 mana and 90-150 health.
 [Crystalized Mana Residue] Restores 60 mana. Drops from low level mobs in Eversong Woods.
 [Potion of Curing] Imbiber is cured of up to 4 poisons up to level 60. Useful for curing single or multiple hunter stings.
  • A list of useful elixirs. Note: A player can only have one active Battle elixir and one active Guardian elixir on them at a time and elixirs can only be used in the battlegrounds, not in arenas.
Elixir Battle (Offensive) or Guardian (Defensive) Statistics Notes
 [Elixir of Lesser Agility] Battle +8 Agility
 [Elixir of Minor Accuracy] Battle +10 Hit Rating This elixir is very useful for shoring up a lack of hit rating.
 [Elixir of Wisdom] Guardian +6 Intellect Gives an additional +90 Mana and +6 Attack Power with the talent [Careful Aim]
 [Elixir of Minor Fortitude] Guardian +27 Health
 [Strong Troll's Blood Elixir] Guardian Regenerates +6 Health per 5 seconds
 [Goldenmist Special Brew] Guardian +70 Health This is a quest reward from Goldenmist Village Horde
 [Elixir of Defense] Guardian +150 Armor is probably the least useful of the elixirs for hunters, but is better than nothing at all.
  • A list of useful food:
Food _________Effect________ Notes
 [Halaani Whiskey] Gives +20 Stamina. Lasts 15 minutes, but has a couple of limitations: Can only be purchased when your faction controls Halaani, Costs 1 gold 60 silver per drought and you can only carry 3 at a time. Gives the highest stamina boost (+20) of all the food buffs.
 [Rumsey Rum Black Label] Gives +15 Stamina. Lasts 15 minutes and can be either fished (rare), purchased from the Auction House or more commonly purchased from the Caverns of Time.
 [Smoked Sagefish] Restores 4 mana per 5 seconds This is a very useful buff, but has a couple of limits: no stamina buff and it requires a fisher to get and a chef of skill level 80 or higher to make, which means that twinks can possibly make this themselves. However, this is the only food that gives mana regeneration.
 [Raptor Punch] +4 Intellect, -5 Stamina for 5 minutes The only food to offer an intellect increase buff. It is a quest reward from N [18] Raptor Horns in Ratchet in the Barrens
 [Big Bear Steak] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Crocolisk Gumbo] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Curiously Tasty Omelet] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Goblin Deviled Clams] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Gooey Spider Cake] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Hot Lion Chops] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Lean Venison] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Lean Wolf Steak] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Murloc Fin Soup] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Redridge Goulash] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.
 [Seasoned Wolf Kabob] Gives +6 Stamina and +6 Spirit Lasts 15 minutes.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, most food buffs only last 15 minutes. Items that do not provide buffs or provide less than the standard +6 Stamina, +6 Spirit have not been included. Seasonal only food items such as those available during Pilgrim's Bounty and Hallow's End are also not included.

  • Other useful items:
Item Effect Notes
 [Discombobulator Ray] Transforms the target into a Leper Gnome, reducing its melee damage and spell power by 40 and its movement rate by 20% for 12 sec. This is a recipe available from Gnomeregan, though it may require a run through by a higher level toon to obtain (or better yet obtained by a higher level toon and sent to your hunter). This is NOT a trinket and so any player can use it - whether an engineer or not. It provides a slowdown effect as well as turning the target into a leper gnome and additionally lowing their spell power and attack power. The only drawback: It only has 5 charges per item, which is low considering the cost and time required to make such items.
 [Sprouted Frond] Heals target for 71-85 Alliance 15.gif From the Alliance quest A [1-30] The Sprouted Fronds in Teldrassil.
 [Magic Dust] Puts the enemy target to sleep This can be gotten from dust devils in Westfall. The duration for the dust has been reduced to 10 seconds for pvp combat.
 [Condensed Mana Powder] Restores 100 mana Does NOT share a cooldown with potions. This drops from Arcane Devourers in the Ghostlands. Bc icon.gif
 [Dark Rune] Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life. 15 minute cooldown. These can be farmed in Scholomance. Be VERY careful, however, as they CAN kill you.
 [Enriched Lasher Root] Restores 18 to 30 health Instant, 2 min non-potion cooldown. This is a drop from Root Threshers, Root Trappers and Mutated Root Lashers on Azuremyst Isle. Bc icon.gif
 [Crystal of Vitality] Increases Stamina by 5 Lasts 30 minutes. From quest A [1-30] Irradiated Crystal Shards and A [1-30] More Irradiated Crystal Shards on Bloodmyst Isle, Stacks up to 10 Bc icon.gif
 [Crystal of Insight] Increases Intellect by 5 Lasts 30 minutes. From quest A [1-30] Irradiated Crystal Shards and A [1-30] More Irradiated Crystal Shards, Stacks up to 10 Bc icon.gif
 [Crystal of Ferocity] Increases Attack Power by 10 Lasts 30 minutes. From quest A [1-30] Irradiated Crystal Shards and A [1-30] More Irradiated Crystal Shards, Stacks up to 10 Bc icon.gif
 [Slumber Sand] Puts the target to sleep. Lasts 20 seconds. Horde 15.gif Horde only. The Alliance equivalent is  [Magic Dust].
 [Scroll of Agility II] Gives the target +5 Agility. Lasts 30 minutes. Can be made by Inscriptionists.


With the introduction of Inscription, Blizzard has given hunters the equivalent of an enchantment to their spells. Glyphs can improve a hunter's spells to a certain extent, sometimes at the cost of a negative effect towards the spell or ability.
Hunters, like all classes at level 19, may only choose 1 major glyph and 1 minor glyph. Hunters have the choice of the following Glyphs:

Useful Buffs

Note: all buffs can now only go to rank 2 per level 19 requirements. It is no longer possible to attain level 70 or 80 buffs from high levels and retain them in battlegrounds. Also note: group (notably raid buffs) buffs are immediately debuffed upon leaving the group, so unless the twink has received an individual buff from a priest, druid, paladin, etc. then that buff will no longer be present upon entering Warsong Gulch.

Talent Builds

Build favored by many for obvious reasons. It offers +5% critical hit increase with [Lethal Shots], increased attack power based on 100% of your total intellect with [Careful Aim], and remaining points go into [Mortal Shots] providing your crits with +12% additional damage. The  [Glyph of Multi-Shot] takes your Multi-Shot cooldown to 9 seconds, that will help take out groups of healers.

2/2 Improved Concussive Shot 3/5 Lethal Shots 3/3 Careful Aim 2/3 Hawk Eye

Very similar to the DPS build, however this is geared more toward crowd control and long-range sniping. [Lethal Shots], though not maxed out, increases your critical hit by 3%, [Improved Concussive Shot] increases the duration of [Concussive Shot] to 10 seconds, increased attack power based on 100% of your total intellect with [Careful Aim], and [Hawk Eye] will increase your ranged weapon's attack radius to 40 yards. Including the  [Glyph of Serpent Sting] with this build ensures you'll be kiting with the best of them.

Newer build for patch 3.1. This build focuses on [Aspect of the Hawk] for it's main source of enhancement. Again borrowing from the DPS build, +5% critical hit increase with [Lethal Shots], increased attack power based on 100% of your total intellect with [Careful Aim], however we pick up two points in [Improved Aspect of the Hawk] all ranged attacks have a 10% chances to increase ranged attack speed by 6% for 12 seconds. Combined with  [Glyph of Improved Aspect of the Hawk] and it's 6% haste increase, you should be able to take down those other hunters one-on-one.


The main concern for your pet at this level in WSG is the slow your opponent down, especially the enemy flag carrier. Here are a few suggestions for pets:

  • Spider (Tenacity) - [Web]: stops movement for 4 seconds, 40 second cooldown, 20 yard range
  • Ravager (Cunning) - [Ravage]: 2 second stun, 1 minute cooldown, melee range
  • Crab (Tenacity) - [Pin]: pins the target in place for 4 seconds, 40 second cooldown, melee range
  • Hyena (Ferocity) - [Tendon Rip]: reduces movement speed by 50% for 6 sec, 20 second cooldown, melee range
  • Bat (Cunning) - [Sonic Blast]: 2 second stun, 1 minute cooldown, 20 yard range
  • Serpent - [Poison Spit]:DoT every 2 seconds,30 yard range

Useful Macros

These Macros will be of some use to you in Battlegrounds or in World PvP.

Eagle Eye

/cast !Eagle Eye

This simple Macro will allow you to chain cast Eagle Eye. This can be useful for;

  • Seeing out of Line of Sight in Warsong Gulch.
  • Spying on towns and cities.
  • Having fun ;)

Note: This macro can't defy Eagle Eye's 50,000 yard range.
(more to come soon)

Tips & Hints

Useful information.

Notes and Remarks

  • It is possible to get to  [Furbolg Medicine Pouch]. Either run north from Ashenvale to the Deadwood Village west of the Emerald Sanctuary, or have a Warlock summon you to Timbermaw Hold. Run into some mobs and die, then follow someone killing Deadwood Furbolgs in Felpaw Village until you reach honored. Unfortunately, the pouch is only available as an offhand item, the healing ability doesn't work at level 19 and the pouch cannot be used in combination with two-handed weapons.
  •  [Savory Deviate Delight] Doesn't offer any buffs, but if the entire team eats one then they will change into either a ninja or a pirate, which can be confusing to the other team.

Quest Information

  • N [21D] Deviate Eradication - This quest rewards 2500 raw experience, not including xp from mobs.
  • H [27D] Arugal Must Die - This quest rewards 3300 raw experience, not including xp from mobs. Requires level 18.
  • H [22D] Leaders of the Fang - Last part of a 7 part quest chain rewards 6070 raw experience, not including xp from mobs.