Twinking used to be fairly common prior to Wrath of the Lich King, and even so after. level 5 twinking, both pre- and post-WotLK, is quite rare. level 5 twinking requires using gear without a level requirement coupled with high level enchants. It is usually gear that is available from the very start of the game. While creating a level 5 twink is relatively easy, to become a true force to be reckoned with, it will cost a lot of gold and time.


With the exception of the new Heirloom items, all gear that can be obtained and equipped onto a level 5 character generally has LOW stat bonus, as it is either Junk or Common gear. Although there is gear that can be applied to level 5 characters, it cannot be obtained as quests for such gear usually do have level requirements. However, Enchanting and other professions are what level 5 twinks are mainly based on.

Patch changes


This patch introduced a big nerf to Goblin Rocket Boots, which had obtained a minimum Engineering level requirement of 225, which is unreachable until level 20.


This patch generally wiped out almost all level 5 twinks, specifically dodge twinks. Prior to this patch, twinks were able to stack dodge enchants and items to be completely unhittable, as the twinks would Dodge all attacks. This was possible due to the formula for dodge ratings being very generous to low levels since such formulas were level based. Blizzard nerfed this by changing the formula so that all characters under level 34 now gained dodge percentage at the same rate as level 34 characters.


During this patch the Wrath of the Lich King expansion went live and introduced the Bind to Account 'Heirloom' items, that scale with level and are very powerful for level 5 twinks. The items include shoulders, weapons and trinkets. There's also a  [Wintergrasp Commendation], which makes the acquiring of the PvP trinket much easier.


Many major enchantment (the true source of a twinks power) were given level requirements making them unusable at level one. The head enchanting librams, the leg armor kits, and the old Naxxaramas and WotLK resilience shoulder enchants were the major nerfs. However, since these changes affect all lower levels, we will still see level 5 twinks practicing this existential WoW exercise (as Ratherbrute so eloquently stated in a - it's now - interview). We will just no longer see them with 1300 health, 100+ spell power, or 105% crit ratings


The new patch introduces a feature to turn off all experience gains ingame - what a cool thing for twinks. Now with that option enabled there is no longer a need to avoid exploring, killing mobs or doing quests. There are some new heirloom chestpieces and weapons, too.


This patch allowed Rogues to Dual wield at level 5, giving a huge advantage to level 5 Rogue twinks. Warlocks can now also summon their imp at level one. Also you won't become dazed anymore at level 5 which helps to explore.

Why are they so powerful?

level 5 twinks are potentially able to wipe out any character up to about 25 (buffed) and 35 (unbuffed) provided they are not twinked themselves. The reason for this is that stats are calculated differently at level 5. A level 5 with 12 crit rating gains 22% critical strike chance, as opposed to under 10% higher levels receive. A full agility build can get a good 75% crit chance and a good 85% dodge. A balanced build can get 50% Dodge, 50% crit, and a solid 15 DPS. Perhaps the only statistics NOT affected by level are Intellect and Stamina, and as such your health is probably the only thing that needs to be watched in battle.

How to get started?

So you're thinking about making your own level 5 twink or twinking your bank alt? No problem. First of all, you will need a lot of money and some help from friends (and one of them should be a warlock). Choose your class first. Of course, the obvious and most popular choice for a level 5 twink is a rogue but other classes (including casters) are also viable, though their survivability and power varies.

One of the most important things for a level 5 twink is the experience bar. Since you only need 400 XP to ding to level 2, you have to be very careful because uncovering most parts of your map awards you with 45-55 XP. So be sure to get to the battlemasters and turn off XP gains as soon as possible.

Since you are not going to spend the rest of your life in the city like a casual bank alt, you have to find a good place to duel low level players. For Alliance players, the best place is Goldshire and you can go there on foot from Stormwind City. Alternatively, you can go a bit further to Sentinel Hill in Westfall or Thelsamar in Loch Modan, since players in the 12-20 level range (your primary targets) are usually questing there. For Horde players, the choice is easier. The best place is without a doubt Crossroads. When you get to your destination, you can learn the flight path and later easily move between this place and your capital. Both factions can also twink in Ratchet, but the Alliance players should go there by boat from Booty Bay, so they can have a permanent way back to Stormwind City through a flight master.


Any gear that has no level requirement or is not a quest reward can be used (excluding the starting clothes, since they cannot be enchanted), but the most notable and the best in slot items are listed below. Remember that all the gear, aside from  [Insignia of the Horde] (or Alliance),  [Furbolg Medicine Pouch],  [Red Defias Mask] and the Brewfest Hats, is non-soulbound or BoE, and thus can be found in the Auction House or traded between characters. This information is crucial, since if you accidentally ding with your twink, you will be able to send most of the equipment to another level one character, making him/her your new twink.


Item Bind Armor Helpful Information
 [Hallowed Helm] BoP 3 Can be looted from the  [Treat Bag] that can be obtained by trick-or-treating an Innkeeper during the Hallow's End event.
 [Spring Circlet] BoP 2 Can be looted from a  [Brightly Colored Egg] or purchased with 50  [Noblegarden Chocolate] during the Noblegarden event. Keep in mind that the event takes place not in your races starting city, but the intermediate city between the starting city and your capital.
 [Red Winter Hat] or  [Green Winter Hat] BoP 2 Can be obtained by having another toon in your party (making sure free-for-all looting is on), dying, and following them around in spirit form while they kill random mobs for this world drop. When it drops, rez, and loot.
 [Violet Hat] 2 Available from Chameli Banaphash in Dalaran, can be traded or found on AH
 [Purple Turban] 2 Available from Chameli Banaphash in Dalaran, can be traded or found on AH
 [Pilgrim's Hat] 0 Was available during the 2009 Pilgrim's Bounty holiday, and may or may not be available again. This item is soulbound.
 [Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles] 0 Available during the Brewfest Alliance 15.gif View everyone as a gnome
 [Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles] 0 Available during the Brewfest Horde 15.gif View everyone as an orc
 [Noble's Monocle] 0 Obtained by the fishing daily quest, can be traded or found on AH
 [Ruby Shades] 0 Obtained from (Haris Pilton in Shattrath City), can be traded or found on AH
 [Red Defias Mask] BoP 0 Obtained by rogues only, it is dropped by the Defias mobs in Westfall), can be obtained by being summoned to Westfall, having another toon in your party (making sure free-for-all looting is on), dying, and following them around in spirit form while they kill Defias mobs. When it drops, rez, and loot.
 [Green Brewfest Hat] BoP 0 This (and its other color variants) obtained during the Brewfest event by turning in  [Brewfest Prize Token] obtained from doing daily quests
 [Soul-Trader's Head Wrap] BoP 0 Purchased from a  [Soul-Trader Beacon] which is obtained from the trading card game system.
 [Battered Jungle Hat] 0 Obtained from the level 80 fishing quest. Can be traded or bought off the AH.


Item Helpful Information
 [Voice Amplification Modulator] BOE - obtained from engineering. The recipe is dropped in Stratholme.
 [Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station] obtained from a quest in Silithus, it is tradeable or found on the AH
 [Tarnished Silver Necklace] obtained by looting graves in Zul'Farrak, can be worn in a stack of 20
various Griftah in Shattrath City sells a variety of necklaces with whimsical flavor text


Item Helpful Information
various Heirloom BOA - obtained by purchasing them with either 40  [Emblem of Heroism] or 200  [Stone Keeper's Shard] and are the only available shoulders in the game.
 [Soul-Trader's Pauldrons] sold by  [Soul-Trader Beacon]. Gives no stat, but is incredibly rare and something to top your twink.


Item Helpful Information
 [Linen Cloak] obtained from (tailoring), it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Wispy Cloak] obtained from the rare mob, Lost Soul, in Tirisfal Glades)


Item Helpful Information
 [Formal Dangui] obtained from the vendor Geenia Sunshadow in Moonglade). It has the highest item level (60), and although the new WotLK enchants have a hidden requirement that do not allow this piece to be enchanted with them, it is the only chest piece that can have a  [Greater Rune of Warding] attached to it
 [Royal Dangui] obtained from the vendor Geenia Sunshadow in Moonglade, and by vendors in Stormwind City and Undercity
 [Green Wedding Hanbok] obtained from the vendor Geenia Sunshadow in Moonglade
 [Haliscan Jacket] obtained from (tailoring), it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Simple Black Dress] obtained from (tailoring), it is tradeable or found on AH
various Heirloom obtained from either Brammlord Deepmine in the Curiosities & More shop in Dalaran for 40  [Emblem of Heroism] or from Dame Evniki Kapsalis, the Quatermaster of the Argent Tournament for 60 [Champion's Seal], but you need the Crusader title to buy them.


Item Helpful Information
 [Sleeveless T-Shirt] obtained as a drop in Alterac Valley, it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing] bought from the Dalaran first-aid trainer, this has bloodstains, giving a powerful effect
various any other shirt that is tradeable will work, cross faction recipes or starting shirts add extra flair


Item Helpful Information
various the ones from the vendors in the starting zones are the best, and cross faction ones add extra flair


Item Helpful Information
various mail the ones from the vendors in the starting zones are the best, and cross faction ones add extra flair
 [Worn Leather Gloves] for leather wearing twinks, you can gain 1 armor from a semi-rare world drop from low level mobs
 [Battle Worn Handguards] for cloth wearing twinks, you can gain 3 armor from a non-BoP reward from an alliance quest in Azuremyst Isle.


Item Helpful Information
various the ones from the vendors in the starting zones are the best, and cross faction ones add extra flair
 [Squealer's Belt] there is a nice exception for leather wearing twinks to the above statement. You can gain 4 armor from this belt as opposed to a white vendor belt, and it is a 100% drop from "Squealer" Thornmantle, a non-rare mob in Mulgore


Item Helpful Information
 [Haliscan Pantaloons] obtained from (tailoring), have the highest armor for cloth and leather wearers, it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Tuxedo Pants] obtained from (tailoring), have the highest armor for cloth and leather wearers, it is tradeable or found on AH
mail the ones from the vendors in the starting zones are the best, and cross faction ones add extra flair


Item Helpful Information
various the ones from the vendors in the starting zones are the best, and cross faction ones add extra flair


Item Helpful Information
 [Tarnished Silver Ring] obtained from the Shattrath daily cooking quest, it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Gold Wedding Band] obtained from the Shattrath daily fishing quest, it is tradeable or found on AH
 [Flores' Lost Seal of Approval] obtained by drop from Sapphire Hive Drones in Sholazar Basin
various Haris Pilton (Shattrath City), Qixdi Goodstitch (Booty Bay), Arred (Exodar) or Gelanthis (Silvermoon City) all sell a variety. Most notably, the  [Noble's Elementium Signet], which adds a cosmetic shine to your hand.


Item Helpful Information
 [Arena Grand Master] Reward from the quest Arena Grandmaster that starts from the  [Arena Master] trinket lootable from the chest in the Gurubashi Arena. You have to turn off XP gain before you do the quest.
 [Insignia of the Horde] or  [Insignia of the Alliance] obtained by turning in 2805 honor points. The quickest way to earn that many is to use a  [Wintergrasp Commendation] (30  [Stone Keeper's Shard] or 9  [Wintergrasp Mark of Honor]) twice.
 [Swift Hand of Justice] BOA - obtained by turning in 50  [Emblem of Heroism]
 [Discerning Eye of the Beast] BOA - obtained by turning in 50  [Emblem of Heroism]
 [Inherited Insignia of the Horde] BOA - obtained by turning in 250  [Stone Keeper's Shard]
 [Inherited Insignia of the Alliance] BOA - obtained by turning in 250  [Stone Keeper's Shard]

Main Hand

Item Helpful Information
 [Keen Machete] obtained from the rare mob Threggil on Teldrassil) it is BOE
 [Simple Dagger] a semi-rare world drop from low level mobs
 [Fine Scimitar] a semi-rare world drop from low level mobs
 [Arcane Forged Shortsword] a Horde vendor on Sunstrider Isle). This sword has inferior DPS, but has a higher chance to proc Fiery/Lifestealing/Crusader due to its slower speed.
 [Diamond-Tipped Cane] Obtained from the level 80 fishing quest. Can be traded or bought off the AH.
various BoA weapons the best weapons in game for level 5 twinks are the different heirloom weapons which are available for 65  [Emblem of Heroism] or 325  [Stone Keeper's Shard]. They have slower speeds, higher DPS, and in many cases stat bonuses at level 5. They can be enchanted with any enchant that has no level restrictions (Fiery/Lifestealing/Crusader/Spell Power) and transferred between your toons.

Off Hand

Item Helpful Information
 [Furbolg Medicine Pouch] can be obtained by getting honored with Timbermaw Hold. You will have to be summoned to the Felwood part of the Timbermaw Hold, near the entrance to the tunnel, and get killed by either a Timbermaw mob or by using a [Dark Rune]. Then as a ghost you can follow a high level player around Felpaw Village and have him farm the reputation for you. Note that at Lvl 1, you can't use the healing effect, only the 10 stam.
 [Cracked Buckler] a semi-rare world drop from low level mobs. It has the highest armor (6 more than the starting vendor shields).
Various Weapons Ever since patch 3.2, Level 1 Rogues can now Dual Wield, and can therefore have a weapon in the off hand slot and the statistics from the enchants that are on it.


Item Helpful Information
 [Cadet's Bow] the only ranged weapon a level 5 character can use that can have a scope attached to it.  [Crude Scope] is the only scope that can be attached to it. You must have a level 5 or higher toon do this for you.
 [Charmed Ancient Bone Bow] Obtained for 65  [Emblem of Heroism], scales to 6 dps with +1 AP at level 5.[1]
 [Upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon] Obtained for 325  [Stone Keeper's Shard], scales to 6 dps with no stats at level 5.[2]


Item Helpful Information
 [Feathered Arrow] or  [Exploding Shot] Both are a reward choice from the non-repeatable neutral quest Stealing Supplies in Desolace. They are not soulbound, so they can be traded or found on the AH.
 [Flash Pellet] A minor upgrade in DPS (0.5) over traditional ammo. These are a reward from a horde quest in Mulgore). They are not soulbound so may be traded or found on the AH


Item Helpful Information
 [Tabard of the Explorer] The only epic piece of gear attainable in-game for Lvl 1 twinks. You will need a friend with the 2-seater rocket mount, and have XP turned off.
 [Guild Tabard] These can show off your guild, or have specific designs if you make your own guild.


Below are enchants that will, at level 5, essentially make your twink what it is. Can be enchanted by Enchanters, unless otherwise stated. Since most items are below item level 35, they cannot have Burning Crusade enchants, and will have to settle for the best, and the more expensive, Pre-BC twink enchants. Remember that it's up to you which enchants to choose, however, a good mix of stamina and DPS/caster enchants is recommended.

Stamina twink

DPS twink

Caster twink

Speed enchant

Useful for travelling or exploring.


Learn your twink's strengths and weaknesses. You will have a limited number of abilities to use, so learn exactly when to heal, or when to attack.

Learn how to defeat different classes. If you are melee, mages and hunters will kite you. Paladins will heal themselves. Rogues will attempt to run away and stealth, wasting your cooldowns.

Pick your target. While three-shotting level 5 players is fun, it isn't impressive. Look out for higher level players (15-25) with bad gear or seemingly limited skills to pick on. Avoid players with heirlooms.

Find other level 5 twinks to duel: these can be challenging and fun.

Always be open and explain how you got titles / loot. Be patient to those who accuse you of hacking or cheating.

Fun facts

  • All twinks can level their weapon skills to a maximum of 5/5 by killing critters without fear of gaining XP. Additionally, horde players can do the same by attacking Gamon in the Inn.
  • Cooking: Going all the way up to 425 requires a lot of farming. You have to visit Dalaran (and get another 55 xp) to learn grandmaster cooking. You can't reach 450 because the Black Belly and the Great Feast receipe go grey at 425 and there aren't any non daily receipes that can take you further and you can't do dailies.


The following are temporary buffing items, or otherwise combat affecting items that can be used at level 5.


There are now 4 titles obtainable at level 5. They will not make your character do any better as a twink, but it might be something to pimp your twink even more.

Fun stuff

Below you'll find a list of items you can use at level 5 to amuse your enemies. These items can only improve the fun factor of playing your twink, since their effects are purely cosmetic (with the only exception being the  [Disgusting Oozeling] pet, whose aura debuffs the player aside from changing his/her appearance). The WoW TCG Loot items can only be acquired from Landro Longshot in Booty Bay (discovering this area awards 55 XP) and the Blizzcon promotional items can only be acquired from Ransin Donner in Ironforge and Zas'Tysh in Orgrimmar.

  •  [Savory Deviate Delight] - Eat me. (cooked  [Deviate Fish]; turns you into a pirate or a ninja for 60 minutes)
  •  [Carved Ogre Idol] - Become a hulking red ogre for 10 min! (TCG Loot item; you can fight in the ogre disguise for 10 minutes and then use it again, because it's cooldown is just 10 minutes long!)
  •  [Murloc Costume] - It's a murloc costume. (Blizzcon promotional item; this disguise breaks when you attack, get attacked, eat/drink or cast a spell)
  •  [Orb of the Blackwhelp] - Transforms you into a helpless Blackwhelp for 15 min. You cannot attack or cast spells while transformed. (it's hard to get this one, and since it only has three charges, it's not worth it)
  •  [Disgusting Oozeling] - Right Click to summon and dismiss your disgusting oozeling. Your oozeling has a disgusting aura about him and will significantly reduce your defenses while he is around. (rare drop; this pet's aura lowers your defense and resistances by 20, but it makes you green)
  •  [Steam Tonk Controller] - Summon and control your steam tonk. (an engineering schematic from vendors in Ironforge and Orgrimmar)
  •  [Crashin' Thrashin' Robot] - Right Click to summon a robot pet that will fight other fighting robots. (a world drop engineering schematic)
  •  [Elune Stone] - Summon a ring of light on a specific location that lasts for 3 min. (created with [Elune's Lantern], a quest reward from the Lunar Festival)
  •  [White Smoke Flare],  [Purple Smoke Flare],  [Green Smoke Flare],  [Red Smoke Flare] - Throw a smoke flare at a specific location that lasts for 5 min. (the first three are made with engineering, the red one can only be bought from a vendor near Ogri'la)
  •  [Heavy Leather Ball],  [Happy Fun Rock],  [Voodoo Skull] - Throw it to a friendly player. If they have free room in their pack they will catch it! (get them on AH; you can throw all three at once with a proper macro)
  •  [Paper Flying Machine Kit] - Right Click to build a paper gyrocopter. Throw the  [Paper Flying Machine] to a friendly player. If they have free room in their pack they will catch it! (TCG Loot item; the conjured flying machines work like a  [Heavy Leather Ball])
  •  [Riding Turtle] - Summons and dismisses a rideable turtle. It may be slow, but it gets you off your feet! (TCG Loot item; yes, you can have your very own mount at level 5!)
  •  [Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-B] - Right Click to activate your Personal Weather Maker. (TCG Loot item; makes funny weather effects above your head)
  •  [Goblin Gumbo Kettle] - Right Click to create a kettle of spicy  [Goblin Gumbo]. (TCG Loot item; the gumbo makes you occasionally belch with a green flame effect)
  •  [Brewfest Pony Keg] - Right Click to tap a pony keg of delicious  [Brewfest Brew]. (only available during the Brewfest event; serve beer to weaken your opponents!)
  •  [Picnic Basket] - Right Click to set up a relaxing little picnic. (TCG Loot item; want to take a break between duels? make a picnic and be able to serve and eat a  [Grilled Picnic Treat]!)
  •  [Romantic Picnic Basket] - Right Click to set up a romantic picnic. (only available during the Love is in the Air event; clicking on the basket while someone else clicks on it will cause the players to sit and flirt with each other)
  •  [D.I.S.C.O.] - Right Click to start the dance party. (TCG Loot item; so you don't like picnics and would like to dance instead? no problem!)
  •  [Imp in a Ball] - Ask a question, then right click to receive your answer! (TCG Loot item; even more bored? the fortuneteller awaits!)
  •  [Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit] - Right-Click to feed this magical biscuit to a targeted Non-Combat Pet, doubling its size for as long as it remains at its master's side. (TCG Loot item; since you can have any non-BoP vanity pet, you can feed it sometimes as well; redeeming the code awards with a stack of 50)
  •  [Path of Illidan] - Right Click to leave flickering fel fire in your wake. (TCG Loot item; you leave footprints with fel fire; redeeming the code awards with a stack of 50)


The following are buffs you can receive at level 5. This only includes world buffs and buffs from other players.

NOTE: The reason that many high level buffs were not listed here, specifically player buffs, is because all player buffs are automatically downranked to a rank trainable at level 10 or lower when used against level 5 characters. One other thing to be noted is that buffs that do not last very long, such as Power Word: Shield and Drums of Battle, should be buffed only seconds before the start of a duel to maximize effect, as well as the fact that a player cannot be buffed by others during a duel.


Since Patch 3.3.0 players below level 10 cannot join a raid group. So while the format has changed, twinks are looking at more creative ways to down these 'raid bosses'.

All the following encounters are listed and detailed for twinks. Non-twinks are recommended to stay away from these encounters entirely.

Gamon (12)

Difficulty: Really Easy (1/10) - 5-man
Gear: Semi-twink (5/10) - Easily doable with semi-twinks.
Gamon is extremely simple.

  • Have twinks stand on either sides of him, and deal damage, forcing him to switch targets, giving the other a stab at his back.
  • Start off with a ranged attack or  [Magic Candle] for quick, free, damage.
  • He has a chance to be affected by  [Discombobulator Ray].

Lizzarik (19)

Difficulty: Not very hard, if done properly (3/10) - 5-man.
Gear: Twink (6/10) - Requires most non-soulbound gear.
Lizzarik is a travelling businessman selling various green and white swords. Lizzarik patrols with his friend Jorb a lvl 37 ogre from Ratchet to The Crossroads and back again. Both Lizzarik's and Jorb's level might be varying from time to time. Lizzarik alone used to be a nice step up from the classic Gamon raids. The tricky part with Lizzarik is that his friend Jorb bodyguards him. This means that either you have to get rid of Jorb first or take both of them in one fight. After recent patches fighting both Jorb and Lizzarik attracts the lvl 40 guards nearby making them attack you. You cannot fight the guards back. This means that the safest thing to do is to fight Lizzarik while he is patrolling between Ratched and The Crossroads. This also adding another problem, hostile mobs. When fighting Lizzarik outside The Crossroads and Ratchet you have to be careful not to aggro any nearby mobs. Lizzarik yields no loot and no exp when killed.

  • Lizzarik has 449 hp.
  • If your raid starts a wipefest you can repair your armor if needed by talking to Lizzarik.
  • Requires you to have the Ratchet reputation, talk to Lizzarik to achieve the faction.
  • Should be fought outside Ratchet or The Crossroads to avoid guards being attracted.
  • Jorb will attack you, if Lizzarik is attacked.

Hogger (11 Elite)

Difficulty: Easy (4/10) - 10-man
Gear: Twink (6/10) - Requires most non-soulbound gear.
Hogger has its own article. Please visit the page.

Shade of the Horseman (11)

Difficulty: Moderate (6/10) - 10-man
Gear: Twink (6/10) - Requires most non-soulbound gear.
Only available once per 15 minutes during Hallow's End. Lands after all fires are put out.

  • Before landing, he may throw pumpkins at players, causing them to lose control of their character and lose 5% - 10% health every second for 5 seconds. You CANNOT trinket out of this!
  • He has 2210 health.
  • He will fight hand-to-hand after landing.
  • He is hard due to his high health, but should be taken out shortly with 10 people.

Jorb (37)

Difficulty: Hard (7/10) - 25-man
Gear: Twink (7/10) - Requires all non-soulbound gear.
Fighting Jorb is quite similiar too fighting Lizzarik.

  • Jorb has about 1536 hp.
  • Jorb's friend Lizzarik will attack you when Jorb is attacked.
  • Requires Gadgetzan "At War".
  • The Gadgetzan faction can be enterd by killing Lizzarik.

Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof (55)

Difficulty: Hard (8/10) - 25-man
Gear: Twink (8/10) - Requires all non-soulbound gear.
Blackhoof has no tricks or abilities, and is a rather simple encounter. You will lose 25 Cenarian Circle Rep.

  • It is advisable to spread mages out and time casts so Blackhoof will take damage and switch aggro before dealing any damage.
  • Remember to attack Blackhoof in the back for Melee damage to avoid being parried.
  • Healers should be prepared to heal a lot during this encounter.

This encounter requires a level 5 attunement of a sort.

  • Have a level 70 hunter with [Misdirection] in your group.
  • Have the hunter cast [Misdirection] on you.
  • Have the hunter aggro Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof and he will attack you.
  • Once dead, have the hunter kill Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof.

This will add Cenarion Circle to your reputation list at 2975/3000 Unfriendly and allow you to set it at war.

Another way to add the Cenarion Circle to your reputation list is during the lunar festival. You only have to do The Lunar Festival quest and receive +5 reputation with the Cenarion Circle.

Cenarion Emissary Jademoon (55)

Difficulty: Hard (8/10) - 25-man
Gear: Twink (8/10) - Requires all non-soulbound gear.
This fight is more or less the same as fighting Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof. This is also an alternative for alliance to fight in stead of Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof

Doomguard (70)

Difficulty: Heroic (10/10) - 40-man
Gear: Epic (9/10) - Fully geared recommended. All non-soulbound gear,  [Voice Amplification Modulator] and  [Insignia of the Horde] highly recommended.  [Furbolg Medicine Pouch] recommended as well.
A Doomguard is summoned by a Warlock, and automatically kills a random party member upon summoning. This is considered the hardest level 5 encounter. To set up the encounter, do the following:
Find a remote location to duel, suggestively between the Valley of Trials and Razor Hill, due to it being the quietest place, with almost no high level character interference.
Use self-buffs and self-buff items for a "real"-style raid encounter.
You should summon the encounter near the graveyard, but far enough to keep away from mobs and guards. This way you can quickly resurrect as soon as you go down to avoid a total wipe. With 10% durability loss per kill, you can have up to 9 deaths per encounter, with 1 try per hour due to the cooldown.
Have the Warlock in your group for a "real"-style raid encounter, where upon summoning a random party member will be killed.

  • As the battle begins, keep your healers in the back away from aggro, as War Stomp (Doomguard) has a good chance of killing them if they are stacking full intellect and spell power.
  • Remember to "split" tanking between everyone, with racials like "Berserking" and "Blood Fury" being used to switch aggro.
  • Casters play a huge role in this fight. Not only do they attack ranged and keep aggro off with ease, but they can avoid attacks like Rain of Fire by standing far away.
  • Your healers should be fully prepared to heal nonstop.
  • Because of the Doomguard's insane damage, expect each member to go down in no more than 2 hits, usually 1.
  •  [Voice Amplification Modulator] is extremely useful in this battle if your trinket is on cooldown.
  • If Rain of Fire (Doomguard) is cast, everyone must quickly move, or be killed, as it will deal 100 damage per second in a 30 yard radius.
  • [Cripple] will effectively reduce DPS by 45%, and may cause major damage if Rain of Fire (Doomguard) is cast while under the effects of Cripple, specifically it's movement speed decrease. Because of this, it is advisably to use Racials or  [Insignia of the Horde] to dispel Cripple.
  • Be prepared to constantly move behind the Doomguard to avoid being parried. With a fully twinked team, the racials Blood Fury and Berserking will decide the "tank", and will allow up to 10 seconds of keeping aggro on one person, if being consistently healed by the healers, and allows more damage and more time to stay behind the Doomguard.
  • It is a good idea to split the melee damage between the front of the Doomguard, and the back. When the Doomguard attacks the back, the ones in the front will attack the back and regain aggro, making sure the Doomguard constantly switches, taking more damage.


Back attack

Having twinks stand at either side of an enemy will cause the enemy to consistently switch targets between the twinks because any mob higher than level 5 has an extremely high chance to parry attacks coming from the front. This will enable constant attacks to the back which cannot be avoided.




  • 40% movement speed increase over enemy.

GREAT kiting at level 5. Gives you GREAT distance over your opponent to pull off ranged attacks or to use your bandages that can heal up to 250 a second.

25% less stun duration



  • 25% less Stun duration on all stuns.

This combination can be very nice at level 5, especially against other Rogues and Warlocks. It will take off up to 13.75 seconds off of [Sap], and up to 5 seconds off of [Fear].

Haste improvement

Possible haste enchants are:

  • 20/52% haste to 2H weapon. Weapon Counerweight.
  • 10/26% haste to Gloves. Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste.
  • 10/26% haste to Head. Libram of Rapidity.
  • 10/26% haste to Legs. Libram of Rapidity.

The possible temporary enchants are:

  • up to 150/390% haste. Warchief's Blessing. ***
  • up to 80/208% haste. Drums of Battle. ***

You can get a Grand total of 50/130% permanent haste and up to 230/598% temporary haste, with a grand total of up to 280/728% haste. This will effectively multiply your DPS by 7.28 and will keep it that for up to 30 seconds (duration of Drums of Battle), and up to 338% haste for up to 1 hour (duration of Warchief's Blessing). This will effectively multiply your DPS by 3.38.

      • With the inclusion of patch 3.0.2, Drums of Battle and other buffs appear to have scaled to level, or a random value up to a maximum. If it is either one, level 5 twinks are nerfed pretty badly, and if it's the first, we're as good as nerfed to the ground against high level players.


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