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Leyara at Leyara's Sorrow
Start Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem [27.1, 62.8]VZ-Mount HyjalBlip
End Matoclaw [27.2, 62.6]VZ-Mount HyjalBlip
Level 35
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 9g 40s
Previous N [35] Calling for Reinforcements
Next N [35] Through the Gates of Hell


Find Leyara, Druid of the Flame.


Before we depart, <name>, I have another matter to which you should attend.

A Druid of the Flame has been spotted in the ruins to the northwest. I suspect it is the same one that attacked us at the portal several days ago. Now would be an ideal time to see what it is that she truly wants... and if necessary, dispose of her.

See to this flame druid, then we can continue on our planned course.


You will receive: 9g 40s


Hamuul really shouldn't worry about the affairs of a lone druid. The hour of our attack is at hand!


<Matoclaw listens intently as you explain what happened.>

<She is visibly distressed.>

You deviated from our plan, <name>. Our attack was supposed to happen today! All this preparation... how will we succeed without the aid of Hamuul?


You will receive:


Leyara can be found to the northwest, not far from the Grove of Aessina and the Whistling Grove, standing on the edge of the broken bridge at [6.7, 33.8]VZ-Mount HyjalBlip at Leyara's Sorrow.

Speak with her:

That Malfurion... fitting of him to send his <race> underling to speak with me.
He has proven himself a coward, as always.

Gossip Malfurion, a coward? How can you justify that?

Never you mind, <race>. The details of my past were burned away when I joined the Druids of the Flame. They are of no concern to you.
Besides, I am here to discuss the future of this realm. And I do not plan to discuss it with you.
Now answer me... where is Malfurion!?

Gossip Malfurion is not here. Only me.

Very well. Malfurion shall press into the Firelands, and we will deal with him there. His judgment can wait for a few more brief days.
<Leyara's eyes light up.>
The tauren arch druid, however, will not be so lucky.

Gossip Tauren arch druid? Do you mean Hamuul?

Leyara casts Smoldering Roots, stunning the player, as Hamuul walks up.
Leyara says: It is already determined. You have no hope... the flames will consume all!
Hamuul Runetotem says: You... you're the one from the portal... the druid of flame...
Hamuul Runetotem says: You killed dozens of my students. You will pay for what you've done.
Hamuul fires off a Spell nature wrathv2 [Wrath] strike, hitting for a reasonable chunk of Leyara's health.
Leyara says: Enough of this!
Leyara casts Smoldering Roots on Hamuul, incapacitating him as well.
Hamuul Runetotem says: What is this? I...can't move! Someone, help!
Leyara starts channeling a fire spell at Hamuul.
Leyara and Hamuul

Burn, tauren! BURN!!

Leyara yells: Burn, tauren! BURN!!
Hamuul drops, apparently dead, but Leyara keeps burning his smoldering body.
Leyara says: Have you had enough yet? Have you felt enough pain?
Leyara says: Now, look before you! One of Azeroth's most powerful "druids", reduced to nothing but a charred husk. Such is the will of Fandral Staghelm. Such is the will of the flame!
Leyara says: Go on, then. Weep over the body of your precious tauren... though I assure you that your tears will not bring him back.
Leyara shifts into her flight form and leaves. A Hyjal Protector walks up, stunned at the sight.
Hyjal Protector says: What... what has happened?
Leyara's spell on the player wears off.
Hyjal Protector says: <Name>, I will attend to the Arch Druid. Malfurion and Matoclaw have requested your presence immediately.

Return to the sanctuary and speak with Matoclaw. Malfurion continues the quest chain.


  1. N [35] Leyara
  2. N [35] Through the Gates of Hell and N [35] The Fate of Runetotem
  3. Malfurion offers the opportunity to recruit other factions after Through the Gates of Hell:

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