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Leylight Brazier

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  • Leylight Brazier
  • Binds when picked up
  • Toy
  • Use: Adds this toy to your Toy Box.

    Places an enchanted brazier that increases spirits of those nearby by 4 and allows cooking. (5 Min Cooldown)
File:Leylight Brazier.png
Leylight Brazier

The Leylight Brazier is crafted with Enchanting; taught by Formula: Leylight Brazier.

Materials required:
Inv enchanting 70 chaosshard.png 1x [Chaos Crystal] Inv enchanting 70 arkhana.png 100x [Arkhana]
Inv blood of sargeras.png 5x [Blood of Sargeras]


Leylight Brazier was  [Ley Shocker] prior to Legion public testing switching from alpha to beta.

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