• Leystone Ore
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 17s 50c

Leystone Ore is an ore introduced in Legion that can be found all around the Broken Isles.

Leystone has absorbed some of the latent ley energies within the Broken Isles. It's described as a warm, glowing rock.[1] Cool to the touch, it reflects light in odd, playful angles.[2] It's light like mithril, but holds much more magical energy than saronite or elementium.[3] The Ironhorn tribe have learned however that it's a sensitive ore, and its power will retreat inward if it's not respectfully extracted, with little waste, from the earth.[4]

Many Highborne superstitiously carried bits of leystone as a lucky charm. Such charms were typically worn by rural farmers, struggling academy students, or those sitting on the cusp between commonfolk and nobility.[5]

Leystone reacts violently to anything it views as a contaminate.[6] It becomes dangerously explosive when applying a foreign flux during blacksmithing,[7] but a native flux, such as one made from  [Foxflower], will be more successful.[8] The naga of Azsuna have achieved full plate armor pieces by carving them from one single piece of metal.[9] Armor crafted from leystone is light, yet strong and offers great mobility.[10] When smelted with one part felslate and two parts leystone, Demonsteel is produced.[11]



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