Li Li's Day Off

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NeutralLi Li's Day Off
Start Li Li [68.8, 43.4]
End Li Li [68.8, 43.4]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 129000
Rewards 10g 20s
Previous N [87] Legacy
Next N [87] Broken Dreams


Bring Li Li to the Silken Fields, New Cifera, and Huangtze Falls.

Provided item:  [Li Li's Wishing-Stone]


Uncle Chen asked me not to get into any fights while he was away... but that doesn't mean I can't go exploring. Finally, a chance to look around Pandaria without stopping every forty-seven steps for another rest!

You want to come with me? I'll bet there's all kinds of cool places we can visit, not too far away from here.


You will receive: 10g 20s


  • I can't believe Uncle Chen would rather sit down and drink beer than walk around and explore this place!
  • Are you seeing all this stuff? This place is great!
  • Thanks for taking me out exploring with you, <name>.

Gossip Why aren't you helping me fight things?

Because Uncle Chen made me promise not to!

Listen, Chen may be a stupid, boring, lazy, fat old uncle, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect him. He told me not to get into any trouble, and I'm not about to ignore him.

Besides, you seem to be doing just fine on your own. You don't need a little girl to help you kill things.


That was great! You and I should go exploring again sometime.

And it looks like we finished before Uncle Chen got back, too. Perfect.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [87] Muddy Water before heading out. Li Li provides a Wishing-Stone to summon her in case she gets separated from the adventurer. Li Li will comment on the quests mentioned in this guide as you accept them and turn them in.

The closest location is to the east up the Yan-Zhe River to the Huangtze Falls.

Li Li says: Hey! Look at that waterfall!
Li Li says: I wonder if there's a cave behind it.
Li Li says: You should always check behind waterfalls for caves.

No cave behind this waterfall, so head just a bit downstream and complete N [87] Muddy Water. After that, optionally head northwest to Halfhill for the breadcrumb quest N [87] Got Silk?. Then, return southeast (or, if you skipped the breadcrumb quest, go west from the river) to find the Silken Fields:

Li Li says: Check out all the cool silk!
Li Li says: Do you think that they really get this stuff from the silkworms' rear end?
She walks over to the feeding pit.
Li Li says: Eww... they look like maggots.

Speak with Silkmaster Tsai to pick up a side quest, N [87] Where Silk Comes From. Journeyman Chu just to the northwest offers N [87] The Moth Rebellion. That is quickly followed up by N [87] Mothallus!.

Finally, head to New Cifera, which is also a quest hub.

Li Li says: Look at this!
Li Li says: There's a village up here... and a big fish statue, too.
Li Li says: You think the jinyu built this place?

Clever Ashyo is here as well. Feel free to turn in N [87] Clever Ashyo, and pick up N [87] Ashyo's Vision, as well as the side quests N [87] Bottletoads, N [87] Watery Woes, and N [87] Snap Judgment while at New Cifera.

On complete:

Li Li says: Look, here he comes now! How was the brewery, uncle?
Chen Stormstout says: Bah! I do not want to talk about it.

Speak with him to continue.

Li Li's area commentary

Gilded Fan
Li Li says: Are you seeing this, <name>?
Li Li says: This place is like... ALL puddles.
Li Li says: I love puddles! No wonder all these birds like to hang out here.
Li Li says: Huh! This must be where all those farmers sell their fruits, and vegetables, and grains, and beer.
Li Li says: I wonder if Uncle came through here on his way to the brewery.
Halfhill Market
Li Li says: Can we buy something? I'm hungry.
Li Li runs over to Anthea Ironpaw's stand and scarfs something down.
Li Li burps.
Li Li says: OK! Not hungry anymore. Let's keep exploring.
Li Li says: I'll bet they grow enough food here to feed pretty much everybody on Pandaria.
Li Li says: It's just too bad that it's all vegetables. Why no giant meat?
Imperial Granary
Li Li says: Oh cool! This must be where they store the grain for all the beer they make at that brewery.
Li Li says: I can't wait until I'm older, so I can finally find out what beer tastes like.
Li Li smiles and glances about nervously.
Paoquan Hollow
Li Li says: Hey, where did this weird jungle come from?
Li Li says: It's just like, all of a sudden, out of nowhere... BOOM. Super-thick jungle.
Li Li says: And it's kind of scary, too.
Li Li says: Well? Are we going in, or what?
Paoquan Hollow - Master Bruised Paw's house
Li Li says: Someone LIVES back here?
Pools of Purity
Lotus Farmer says: Hm... don't get many <class> up this way...
Li Li says: Back off, flower-head. That's MY <class> you're talking about!
Li Li says: Check this place out!
Li Li says: You know what, <name>?
Li Li says: You're way cooler than Uncle Chen.
Li Li says: Uncle Chen and I spent weeks wandering around that Jade Forest and all we saw were trees... and ONE cool serpent thing.
Li Li says: I've only spent a day with you, and we've already seen this entire valley.
Li Li says: I guess what I'm saying is... thanks.
Stormstout Brewery
Li Li says: Here it is: the Stormstout Brewery.
Li Li says: I'll bet Uncle Chen is inside, meeting our distant relatives, as we speak.
Li Li says: That's exactly what I need... even MORE boring old uncles.
Sunsong Ranch
Li Li says: Look at this! A little farm, right in the middle of a town.
Li Li says: Who would think to start a farm in the middle of a town? Hah!


  1. N [87] Great Minds Drink Alike
  2. N [87] Leaders Among Breeders & N [87] Yellow and Red Make Orange
  3. N [87] The Warren-Mother & N [87] Thieves to the Core & N [87] Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip
  4. N [87] Legacy
  5. N [87] Li Li's Day Off & N [87] Muddy Water
  6. N [87] Broken Dreams

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