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NeutralLi Li Stormstout
Image of Li Li Stormstout
Title The Wild Dog,[1]
World Wanderer
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Class Monk
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Order of the Broken Temple
Occupation Champion of the Broken Temple, Herbalist
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Chon Po, Xiu Li (parents)
Shisai (older brother) Chen (uncle)
Mab, Liao (ancestors), Mei (grandmother)
Companion(s) Mr. Crane, Strongbo

Li Li Stormstout, also known as Li Li the Wild Dog, is the niece of legendary pandaren brewmaster Chen Stormstout. Li Li possesses the same wanderlust as her uncle, leaving the Wandering Isle and traveling with him to numerous locales following Chen's involvement in The Founding of Durotar. Li Li is a novice martial artist with a frantic fighting style which led to her nickname, Wild Dog. After the mists protecting Pandaria dissipated, she joined Chen in exploring the new continent, making friends with adventurers of the Horde and Alliance. She aided her uncle in the Stormstout Brewery as he discovered the remaining members of the Stormstouts.

In-game, she is a quest giver and a tag-along NPC for a portion of the Valley of the Four Winds storyline.


When Li Li was born, her uncle Chen took an immediate liking to her. Chen often spoke to Li Li of his interests in the world outside Shen-zin Su. When Li Li was young, her mother Xiu Li died in a fishing accident and Chen had already left the island, leaving Li Li's father Chon Po to watch over her and her brother Shisai on his own. Li Li would often read letters from Chen during his adventures in the outside world. Chon Po did not approve of her wanderlust.

When she was a little cub, she once spilled a pot of ink on a book called Book of the Turtle. She hid the book and spent three days fearing. In the end, it was revealed what she had done and Chon Po's punishment was to write the lyrics of Song of Liu Lang a thousand times.

Li Li and her brother Shisai were students of Strongbo, the Wandering Isle's most proficient martial artist.

While still very young, Li Li defeated the Guardian of the Elders for the right to visit the graves of the Wandering Isle Stormstouts in the Wood of Staves, and one of the youngest pandaren to successfully do so.[2]

Li Li's Travel Journal 1-4[]

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Li Li in Wandering Isle

Li Li on the Wandering Isle.

Because of her wanderlust, she began writing a travel journal where she wanted to note all her explorations. So she began with observing the Temple of Five Dawns, asking Master Xi questions and then following of Shu to the Wu-Song Village where she lost his trail. In the village she met Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger who advised her how to find Shu. Li Li was not successful in finding him so she returned to the Temple, where she crossed with Lun, a cart driver, who was heading to Dai-Lo Farmstead.

She convinced him to go with him to the Farmstead. She learned from Lun that hozen stole food and farmers did nothing. Because of this, Li Li ventured to Singing Pools to catch the monkey thieves. Near the Pools, Strongbo was teaching cubs and gave Li Li the evil eye. Finally, she found the thieves playing in the magic pools, so they did not notice her when she sneaked past them. She found the stolen bags but to her surprise, she found two hozen babies in it. She left them but to get revenge, she hurled a stolen pumpkin to the Hozen and fled.

Her next stop was Pei-Wu Forest, the forbidden area in the Isle. She returned to Mandori Village‎, which is the home of Stormstouts. During the next night, she ventured to the banned forest and got followed by a Pei-Wu tiger. When the tiger attacked, Strongbo appeared and rescued Li Li. She was then brought home and as a punishment, Chon Po decided that Li Li will train under Strongbo's eyes in the Singing Pools. Before attending to training, Li Li ventured to one more location - the Wood of Staves, where she met Elder Shaopai who gave her a worry stone. After this, she returned home to read Chen's letters and hoped for her own adventure beyond the Isle.

Pearl of Pandaria[]

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PoP Li Li

In Pearl of Pandaria

After Li Li ruined a Spirit Festival performance she was participating in by sleeping behind the curtains, she got into an argument with her father Chon Po about how the pandaren of the Wandering Isle had forgotten the lessons of Liu Lang: that life was an adventure. Chon Po ordered Li Li to never again enter the island's library, but Li Li stormed off and ran away to find her Uncle Chen.

Li Li in Booty Bay - Pearl of Pandaria

Li Li arrived in Booty Bay.

Li Li arrived in Booty Bay, which Chen had told her about in his letters as a place where many of his adventures had begun. In the Salty Sailor Tavern, a gnome privateer recognized her as a pandaren and said he hadn't seen one since he met Chen Stormstout. Li Li bought the gnome drinks if he told her the tale; he was part of a crew that attacked a ship from Stormwind that Chen happened to be on. While Chen fought them all off, the gnome stole a small box from him which he still had. Li Li demanded the gnome hand it over to her, threatening to knock out his teeth and also promising to buy him another beer. As she turned to leave with her prize, Strongbo appeared and told her to return to the Wandering Isle. Li Li, having expected him, told a pair of goblin bruisers that he took her rocket mount. As Bo fought them off, Li Li ran off into the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale on her way to Stormwind and the ship Chen was on.

That night, Li Li sat in a small camp near some troll ruins and opened Chen's box. Inside was a small slip of paper reading "Thunderbrew". As she was wondering what that meant, Bo appeared having found her by the light of her fire. Bo told her they were going home immediately, but Li Li convinced him to at least try some of the tea she had brewed first. Bo agreed, but after one sip he fell unconscious from something Li Li had slipped in the drink.

Li Li in Westfall - Pearl of Pandaria

Li Li arrived in Westfall.

The next day found Li Li in Westfall, picking Inv misc herb 10 [Silverleaf] when Bo caught up to her. Li Li said that nothing he did would convince her to go home. As they walked through the fields, she noted the smell of sulfur and fireworks. Focusing on Bo once again, she told him that she wasn't going home and so far hadn't been hiding from him either. What if she actively avoids him next time? What would he tell Chon Po? Li Li told him he'd have to return alone and ran off into Elwynn Forest. Bo followed, telling her he'll accompany her until she realizes what a harsh and dangerous place Azeroth really is and begs him to return home. As the pair made their way to Stormwind, they were watched by the goblin Rumblefitz, the source of the smell Li Li had noticed earlier, and his ogre partner Blokk.

In the Cathedral of Light, Li Li was reading up on the Light. Bo made a joke that perhaps the Light could shine on Thunderbrew so they could leave, catching the attention of a nearby priest. He told them of the Thunderbrew ale and Brewfest, which was currently going on. While waiting for the Deeprun Tram, Li Li asked Bo why he was always so grumpy, especially whenever she talks about Chen. Bo told her that he and Chen used to be friends, but didn't continue on the subject. As they boarded the tram, Li Li smelled the same scent from earlier, the scent of sulfur and "the stuff Granny Mei drinks to help her sleep." This time, Bo smelled it as well.

BoLili DwarvenDistrict

Bo and Li Li walk to the Deeprun Tram.

On the tram, Li Li was preoccupied by how fast they were going, though Bo was paying more attention to the scent. He found the source was Rumblefitz, and realized the goblin had been following them all day. Rumblefitz tossed a potion which caused an explosion, sending passengers flying and knocking Bo onto the car behind them. Li Li fought off Rumblefitz, knocking him off the car and onto the tracks. However, Bo told her they should have questioned him. Li Li wanted to know why it matters what he wanted, and Bo said this was just another reason the world was dangerous.

In Ironforge, Bo complained about how the carved out city was harming the earth elementals in the area. Li Li told him how the dwarves evolved from the Earthen, created specifically to dig out the crust of Azeroth. Bo replied that the earth was in distress, and he could feel the pressure building. Li Li replied that that didn't mean it was the fault of the dwarves. The subject turned more lighthearted as the two of them found a group heading out to Dun Morogh for Brewfest. Li Li decided that dwarves were suddenly her favorite people.

At Brewfest, the two of them ran into Daran Thunderbrew, who was shocked at seeing pandaren and thought they were figments of his grandfather Grimbooze's imagination. He told them the story of how Grimbooze Thunderbrew and Chen once had a drinking contest that would be recognized as the original Brewfest. Daran told them that after that day, Chen had moved on to Kalimdor and the Stonetalon Mountains to find hops for his brews. The Dark Iron dwarves attacked Brewfest then as they always do, and Bo and Li Li aided in the defense of the kegs. Afterward, Daran gave Li Li her uncle's Jug of a Thousand Cups, a magical drinking vessel capable of holding an endless amount of brew. King Magni Bronzebeard himself appeared then, saying that Chen helped him during the Third War and any friend of Chen's was a friend of Khaz Modan. Li Li requested transportation from Magni, and he provided them with a zeppelin and two ram mounts.

Li Li wrote a letter to her father and sent it to the Wandering Isle as a magic-powered origami crane. As Li Li continued to want to know Bo's history with Chen, he told her the story; how Chen and Bo were great friends fated to duel to decide who was Geomaster, and Chen left the island the day of their fight. Li Li thought it was a stupid reason for Bo to hate her uncle. Their zeppelin flew over Orgrimmar, and Li Li told Bo a very brief summary of the story of Thrall.

The goblin pilot told them that because of Venture Co., the Windshear Crag was cleared out and therefore a nice open spot for them to land. Bo asked for an explanation, and upon finding out that they dealt in natural resources he declared goblins parasites and a disease. Having landed in Stonetalon, Bo used his shamanistic powers to communicate with the earth spirits and find a hidden valley in the north where the plants Chen had looked for grew. Li Li decided to have a race, and Bo's ram grew excited at the prospect, storming off at an incredible speed.

However, the valley was seemingly empty, despite Bo sensing the plant there. Keeper Orremin, along with two dryads, appeared and declared that nature's gifts were elusive. Orremin told the two of them of his meeting with Chen, working with him to fight off goblins from the valley though in the process the rare indellium plants were largely destroyed. Orremin removed the illusion on the valley, revealing the hops and offering some to Bo and Li Li as friends of Chen. Orremin pointed them to Azshara next, saying Chen was going there to reflect on the past.

On the road again, Li Li brewed the plants into a beer which she declared her very best work. Bo declined her offer, stating he doesn't drink, and so she saved a large amount in the Jug of a Thousand Cups to give Chen later. The two soon came across the Ruins of Eldarath, where Li Li recounted a legend that once the ancient pandaren delivered a gift to the Highborne said to contain all the arcane magic the night elves would ever need. Li Li believed it could be found in Eldarath, but inside the temple, the pandaren-made chest she found was empty. Bo commented that that was the message the pandaren left the elves, all the arcane magic they would ever need... nothing. They didn't need arcane magic. He wondered what Li Li had been expecting, and she had hoped for a clue from her uncle.

Bo asked if she had seen enough by now, but Li Li was determined. She was hoping to find some clue to find Chen, but Bo got angry then, declaring their entire journey a waste of time. Li Li yelled at him that this entire journey he had been pessimistic despite all she tried to show him, all because Chen left him in a duel years ago that she was confident Bo would have lost anyway. Bo told Li Li that all Chen cared about was beer and his travels, not his friends or family, and Li Li ran out of the temple.

Li Li in Azshara

Upset at Bo's words, Li Li fled into Azshara in the rain.

It was raining in Azshara now as Li Li begged Chen to come back. Someone called out her name, and a hopeful Li Li looked for her uncle - only to be kidnapped by the fel orc Rahjak. She awoke on an unnamed island, and the naga Zhahara Darksquall was demanding she reveal the location of Wanyo and the pearl he had. Li Li hadn't seen Wanyo since he went missing years ago, but Zhahara was convinced she knew where to find him. Li Li's magic was suppressed by one of Rumblefitz's potions, and she was helpless as Rahjak chained her up and left her with Blokk, giving her a telescope so she could see Bo die once he arrives to save her. Rahjak told Li Li she could stop the fight at any moment if only she revealed where Wanyo was. Li Li made a bet with Blokk, challenging him that the ogre couldn't drink her entire bottle of brew from Stonetalon. Unaware that the bottle was the endless Jug of a Thousand Cups, Blokk took up her challenge, as he began deciding it was the best drink he ever had.

Bo arrived at sunrise, fighting Rahjak to free Li Li. After they had fought for some time, Blokk finished off Li Li's brew and fell unconscious from all the alcohol he had consumed. Li Li stole the keys from him, running off to reach Bo. Rumblefitz tossed a potion at her, but Li Li reflected it back with her staff. The bottle shattered and the potion froze Rumblefitz into a statue. Zhahara caught Li Li again, demanding to find the pearl and when she once again said she didn't know where it was, Zhahara told her they'd watch Bo die together. However, at that moment a Ability mount rocketmount2 [X-53 Touring Rocket] streaked across the sky, and Chen Stormstout arrived on the island.

Chen took over the fight from Bo after he had been mortally wounded, and Li Li gave her uncle an opening when she smashed one of Rumblefitz's potions in Zhahara's face. Chen took the moment to steal Rahjak's sword, tossing it into the naga and piercing her torso. Bo then got the finishing kill on Rahjak, stabbing him from behind with a broken fragment of his staff. Bo told Chen to take Li Li home, since he was dying and could not do it himself. Li Li began to cry and told Bo he was coming with them, but Bo said that she can't always have what she wants. Li Li said this was all her fault, if she had never left Bo would have never died. As Bo passed away watching the sunset, Li Li and Chen returned to the Wandering Isle on her uncle's rocket.

Chon Po was happy to see his daughter rather than angry that she had gone, and she told him about how Zhahara was looking for the missing Wanyo. Li Li asked her uncle if some day they would go and find Pandaria. Chen decided that would be a great adventure, but for now, he was just happy to be home.

Quest for Pandaria[]

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Part 1[]

Chon Po and Chen and Li Li

Li Li with Chon Po and Chen.

On the Wandering Isle, Li Li is found along with her uncle Chen telling stories to the cubs on the turtle, something that her father disapproved of greatly. The children preferred to listen to Chen's stories rather than hers which she repeated constantly. That night, Chen was invited over to have dinner with Chon Po's family. All was calm until Chen's adventures came up and an argument aroused between the two brothers. Chon Po spoke about how it was safe to remain here and Chen spoke about how there was nothing wrong in wanting to be an adventurer. They talked about Xiu Li Stormstout's death and how they were also dangers found on the very island, like the disappearance of Wanyo. They talked about Bo's death, which upset Li Li when her father stated that he'd be alive if he hadn't left. Chon Po also spoke with Chen outside of his fear that his daughter would have missed her brother's wedding, although Chen realized that Chon Po was actually verbalizing his frustration with Chen.

After a night of torment, she got up and left for the Wood of Staves. The Guardian of the Elders let her pass since she defeated him long ago. Li Li approached the Stormstout shrine and knelt in front of it, telling her mother how much she missed her as she placed a small bouquet across the altar. She expressed how she couldn't stay on the island forever and wanted to leave at all costs. As she paid her final respects, she walked to the Strongbo's family shrine. She wished she could bring him back to life or tried to avoid what had happened. After leaving the wood in the early morning she went to see Chen in the small cottage he had settled into and told him about possibly having adventures together. Chen at first turned her down, saying that this home on the Wandering Isle was more of an adventure to him because he never had a home of his own.

Leaving her uncle to wander, she returned to the Wood of Staves to sit on the edge of Shen-zin Su's shell and told him of how king Magni showed her around Ironforge. Then suddenly the turtle beneath her shifted violently and threw her onto her side. The reason was that Shen-zin Su had begun a coughing fit and pushed Wanyo out. The two of them returned back home and the elders had a meeting with him at the Temple of Five Dawns, which Li Li eavesdropped on. Wanyo told those gathered about the mystical artifact he'd gotten, which Chen observed to be a giant pearl. It had shown him where there were great fishing spots in the turtle. The night he disappeared, a dying murloc caught in his net had given it to him, and when Zhahara attacked immediately after, a large fish towed his boat to safety in front of Shen-zin Su, who swallowed the junk whole. That day, the pearl had instead shown him returning to town, so he had gotten ready to be coughed out. In the end, it was decided that until they could figure out what the pearl really was, it would be kept in the Great Library.

That very night, she quietly left the house and went to the library to see the pearl for herself. Holding it in her paws, she asked it what it would show her. It showed her a vision of Pandaria under the mists, and when she realized what it was, the vision ended. Recognizing it was her destiny to rediscover Pandaria, she took the pearl with her to be her guide. She returned home to pack for traveling and before she left, she wrote a letter for her father and uncle to find. Summoning her crane with her crane whistle, she took off for Dun Morogh.[3]

Dear Papa and Uncle Chen,

By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to Ironforge. Shen-zin Su is not the place for me. I've told you this for years.

Uncle Chen, finding you was like solving a great mystery, but there is another one left—an even bigger one. Wanyo's pearl has shown me how to solve it, so that's what I'm going to do. No one will get hurt this time, I promise. When I see you again, you won't believe what I'll have found!

     —Li Li

Part 2[]

Quest for Pandaria

Li Li and Chen.

Li Li made her way to Ironforge, but she couldn't have an audience with the king because he became a diamond. She didn't believe Muradin at first and Moira was angered by the fact that she was calling them liars. In the end, she left because she saw they were of no help. Li Li later went to the Stonefire Tavern where she was startled by her uncle's appearance. She told him about the pearl and the vision.

Li Li look through the pearl and saw a Ramshackle wooden jetties and houses were arranged in a U shape around the bay. Chen and Li Li took the Deeprun Tram south to Stormwind City. With the recent events of the world's destruction, Li Li barely knew of Deathwing but Chen did.

After reaching Booty Bay the two became acquainted with Catelyn the Blade, where she and Li Li bounded over difficulties with their respective fathers. However, it didn't long for the pandaren to realize that Catelyn had stolen the Pearl of Pandaria. After confronting Catelyn and her crew a fight broke out between the forces before the arrival of the Bloodsail Buccaneers made both parties enter to an alliance against the pirates and Captain Koslov. While losing reinforcements would come in the form of Catelyn's father Ansirem Runeweaver, who brought other mages of the Kirin Tor with him.

With the pirates soundly beaten and Koslov fleeing the battlefield, Chen, Li Li, and Catelyn thanked her father for saving them. After mending her relationship with her father, Catelyn returned the pearl to the pandaren. Furthermore, as a thanks for aiding them against the Bloodsails Catelyn offered to bring them to Gadgetzan, an offer that the two pandaren accepted.[4]

Part 3[]

After landing in Tanaris the pair made their way towards Ramkahen in Uldum. After arriving in the city the pair noticed King Phaoris reading charges against prisoners, survivors of the Neferset tribe, and declaring that sentencing would be passed after the High Council had finished discussing it. During this time the two learned about the Curse of Flesh from Felyae, who also witnessed the event.

The pair would later overhead Menrim pleading for the lives of the Neferset prisoners to be spared. As Menrim departed from the King and High Council Chen quietly commended him for having the courage to advocate mercy towards who wronged the tol'vir. In response, Menrim thanked him and then offered to host the pandaren, while they remained in the city. As they dined with Menrim he revealed that he once belonged to the Neferset tribe told of them how the other Neferset threw their lot in with Deathwing and Al'Akir in order to remove the Curse of Flesh. He also informed that his own brother, Bathet, is one of the prisoners at Ramkahen.

Li Li would later learn that her uncle had visited Bathet in prisoner in order in order to see what could drive somebody to make the choice that the tol'vir did. While talking with Li Li Chen learned that Menrim worked with priests to maintain the titan devices and thus barely saw Bathet. As such Li Li theorized that Bathet came to resent his brother and ultimately joined Deathwing in order to have a place to belong too. Hearing this, Chen decided to come clean to Menrim about visiting his brother and suggested that he apologize in order to make for any negative fillings Bathet may hold towards him.

Later on, the pandaren witnessed the sentencing of the Neferset prisoners, where King Phaoris allowed them the chance to speak in order for the citizens of Ramkahen to understand why King and Council came to their decision on their sentence. Chen was struck by how Bathet regretted nothing and voiced that he was with his true brothers and both pandaren left to find Menrim once the death penalty was announced. However, after meeting Menrim exploded on Chen for having the gall to demand that he apologize to someone who should be thanking him for trying to save his life.

After witnessed of the prisoners both Pandaren desired to leave the city, with Li Li wondering why the Pearl would even direct them to the place. However, the pair were stopped by Menrim where the tol'vir apologized for exploding at Chen and explained that he tried to apologize to Bathet but his brother just blamed him and that he himself became so angry in turn. As they talked Menrim eventually began weeping why wondering how everything had come to this.

Menrim then talked the pandaren for trying to help and gave them his family boat, as he wished them luck in finding what they sought. In turn, Chen wished him peace and both pandaren later began to write a letter home after everything they have witnessed.[5]

Part 4[]

While traveling to Pandaria a storm forced Li Li over the boat and separated her from her uncle. Luckily she soon rescued by the Alliance and came into the care of the druid Lintharel. Li Li was surprised to learn that a Horde ship was nearby when informed as such by the ship's captain Marco Heller, who was trying to determine if she was Horde spy or simply unlucky. Li Li was able to convince the captain that she wasn't a spy and captain consented to let her remain on board but warned she might have to fight if came down to it.

Once she felt well enough to walk around, Li Li preceded to ask anyone if they had seen the tol'vir boat and became dejected when she learned no one had. She also grew concerned about why the Horde and Alliance were present off the coast of Tanaris, in neutral waters. During this time she also began to bond with members of the crew like, Lintharel, Atropa and the dwarven siblings Trialin and Baenan. While playing poking she learned that recent events had made the Alliance concerned about Horde presence outside of their territory, with Baenan remarking that the Horde was too close to Theramore.

Li Li later learned that both captains had agreed to send a diplomat to each vessel, to which Baenan offered his services and Captain Heller agreed. Li Li then requested if the Warchief's Fist had mentioned anything about another pandaren, but Heller replied that they had not but she was free to ask the Horde diplomat if they had. However Li Li didn't have to ask for as soon as Nita, the Horde diplomat, saw her she became quickly certain that Chen had been picked up by the Horde. However, as they passed her on the way to have a secure place to talk for negotiations, Li Li noticed the captain sent her an unkind glare.

Li Li witnessed that Nita was in chains as Captain Heller announced that the tauren had attacked him and his officers when in truth he had taken her prisoner because he wanted to ensure that the Horde leave for Durotar. When learning that the Horde was demanding their surrender and that not complying would see Baenan die, Heller declared that if Baenan's life was forfeit then so too was Nita's. A confrontation erupted as Lintharel spoke in Nita's defense. With Li Li and Trialin aiding Lintharel, Nita was freed. Yet Heller was able to take advantage of the Warchief's Fist exploding to ram his sword through Lintharel, but found himself killed by Atropa before he could deal the death blow.

Soon after the Elwynn sank into the sea with Baenan, Trialin, Lintharel, Atropa, and Nita moving towards land and Chen and Li Li returning on their quest to reach Pandaria. While at sea Li Li would receive a letter from her father expressing how proud he was of her and that he loved her- which ended in Li Li expressing a wish to be home. However their quest came to an end when the pandaren finally landed on Pandaria and while Li Li was excited all their friends could now come with them since the mists had departed, Chen quickly realized that everyone could now come to the continent.[6]

Li Li's Travel Journal 5[]

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After landing in the Jade Forest, the Chen and Li Li wandered through the forest and stumbled upon the saurok who were terrorizing the region around the Serpent's Heart. After arriving to the Temple of the Jade Serpent, Elder Sage Rain-Zhu gave them a tour around the temple's areas for helping to fend off the saurok and returning stolen jade that was being used for Yu'lon's statue. Before leaving, Li Li gave him the Pearl of Pandaria and she rode on a cloud serpent for a while. For three weeks the two were wandering in the forests before entering the Valley of the Four Winds.

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
Li Li

Li Li in the Valley of Four Winds.

Li Li accompanies her uncle Chen Stormstout to Pandaria. Though she complains how Chen's easy-going nature slows them down, Li Li is always eager to lend Chen a hand in his tasks and her curious nature causes her to explore on her own while Chen is away. When the Temple of the Jade Serpent was attacked by saurok. Chen, alongside Li Li, arrived to the temple and helped the local pandaren by driving back enemy saurok's forces, defeating their leader and returning stolen jade. All Chen asked in return was a serpent ride for Li Li. After these events, they moved on to the Valley of the Four Winds.

Chen is particularly involved in the beginning quests of the Valley of the Four Winds, where he is visiting Pandaria for the first time with his niece, Li Li, his distant family's brewery, Stormstout Brewery as well as the dungeon encompassing the building. Other than exploring Pandaria, Chen's goal appears to be to reestablish contact with the Pandaria Stormstout branch, having been separated when Shen-zin Su stopped returning to the mainland. As he and Li Li are visiting farms in the valley they met a pandaren called Mudmug, from whom they learned about the Stormstout Brewery. Chen visits the brewery but found Uncle Gao who seems to be jealous of Stormstouts. After having defeated the enemies in the brewery, Chen returned to Li Li and Mudmug and set out to Halfhill, from where the trio and an adventurer created a new ale. After this, Chen declared Mudmug to be his "beer brother" and headed towards the Stormstout Brewery. However, the brewery was filled by alementals and hozen. After clearing the entrance, Chen himself headed into the brewery.

At the very conclusion of the Valley of the Four Winds storyline, the Shado-Pan face the invasion of the Mantid who break through the Serpent's Spine. When all hope seemed lost, it was Chen Stormstout who saved the day. Chen was instrumental in the defense of Stoneplow village. Alongside Mudmug and his niece Li Li, Chen had successfully rallied not only the scattered pandaren population of the Valley of the Four Winds, but also managed to unite, albeit temporarily, a group of Night Elf Sentinel Castaways with a cadre of Tauren Sunwalkers to cooperate and work together to defend Stoneplow Village from the invasion of the Mantid. This marked the first time Alliance and Horde forces had fought together side by side for a common cause since the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate.

Chen and Li Li are also present during the Wanderer's Festival at Turtle Beach in the Krasarang Wilds after Li Li found its location during one of her adventures.

Li Li can be seen paying her respects at the grave of Evie Stormstout along with Chen, Big Dan Stormstout, Mama Stormstout, and Han Stormstout.

Li Li's Travel Journal 6 - 11[]

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After clearing the mess in the brewery, Gao informed Chen and Li Li about other Stormstouts who had gone to fight the mantid behind the Great Wall. He also showed them the shrines of Mab and Liao behind the brewery and told them about Stoneplow, the birthplace of Liu Lang. After repelling the mantid invasion, Chen and Gao spent some time brewing new ales and Li Li used it to go to explore Krasarang Wilds where she wanted to find the spot where Liu Lang had set off from atop Shen-zin Su. After days, she crossed path with an angler Ryshan who told her that the place is near the Anglers Wharf. He took Li Li to the village by a boat and they were accompanied by a bandicoon that Li Li named after her brother Shisai. The anglers wanted to impress Li Li and told her about the best fishing stories. She also learned about the Celestial Chi-Ji. The next day, Shin Whispercloud arrived to the village to collect fishes. Li Li learned from him about the Kun-Lai Summit and immediately wanted to visit the mountainous place. Knowing where to look for the leaving spot of Liu Lang, she helped to load fishes up and hopped on Shin's balloon with Shisai in her bag.

While in Kun-Lai, she wished she could speak with the jinyu, but she could not because of a bad situation on the ground. Shin noticed the changes of Shisai's behavior, and he explained that it is because of the Sha of Hatred. Shin directed the balloon to the house of his pal, Courageous Yon who tamed her pet. After this the two noticed that the Gate of the August Celestials is now open. After she entered the vale, she joined to Buwei and his son Little Fu who lost their home because of a yaungol attack and now were heading to Mistfall Village. Li Li noticed that Shisai cheered them up and after they got to the village, she left her pet with Fu and she continued to explore the vale, however, she was soon found by Messenger Fishtail‎ whom Chen Stormstout had sent to bring her to the Serpent's Spine. There, the Shado-pan monk Min escorted her through the wall only to be attacked by mantid in the place where they were supposed to meet Chen. Min commanded her to climb down from the wall. Li Li did so but could not return because one of the mantid slashed the rope. She resolved to go to Dread Wastes and find her uncle there. While there, she felt fear but kept finding Sunset Brewgarden. At long last, she found the village and her uncle with rest of the Stormstouts inside.

Shadows of the Horde[]

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While Chen had largely settled into life on Pandaria, splitting time between helping the Chiang sisters in Binan Village or working at the Stormstout Brewery, Li Li largely desired to continue her own adventures across the continent. One day while training the cubs at Binan Village on how to fight, Keng-na, one of her students, screamed in terror at finding Vol'jin at the river bank and rushed off to inform Chen of his discovery. While Chen spent his time at the Shado-Pan Monastery, Li Li decided to continue her adventure by traveling to Zouchin Village. In route to her destination, she encountered the Stoneraker brothers and helped them with their virmen, before leaving them after being unimpressed with them offering her kisses as a reward.

When the Zandalari trolls came to attack the village, Li Li reluctantly helped protect the villagers while serving under the command of her uncle Chen, who had arrived at the village earlier with Yalia Sagewhisper, despite wishing to stay and fight the Zandalari. She was sent with the village's refugees to the Temple of the White Tiger. Then, as both Chen and Yalia made their way towards the Shado-Pan Monastery, Li Li was sent to the Stormstout Brewery along with several pandaren.

She had come to be known as the "Wild Dog" to the residents of Kun-Lai Summit during these events.[7]

Timeless Isle[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Li Li can be found overlooking the Celestial Court with Chen on the Timeless Isle.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Li Li is with her uncle Chen at the Peak of Serenity, the monastery of the monks, when the Burning Legion attacks. She and Chen help the children that Chen was teaching flee to safety. After the Peak is destroyed, Li Li returns with Chen and the survivors to the Wandering Isle, where the surviving Masters form the Order of the Broken Temple. Afterwards, when the new Grand Master of the Order chooses to pursue the Fists of the Heavens, a pair of handblades crafted by the tol'vir weaponsmith Irmaat, as the weapons to wield against the Legion, Li Li assists the Grand Master by revealing that she had heard a story from a tol'vir in Booty Bay about the legend of Irmaat.

Li Li accompanies the Grand Master to Ramkahen in Uldum, where they have an audience with King Phaoris. Phaoris directs the Grand Master to a rogue elemental called Nader in the Ruins of Ahmtul, Irmaat's home city, which had been buried under the sand when Al'Akir overloaded the Fists with raw elemental energies. The Grand Master claims an elemental stone from Nader's remains, powerful enough to take the bearer into Skywall itself. The Grand Master and Li Li use the stone to enter Skywall, where they battle the djinn Typhinius in order to claim the Fists, before returning to the Wandering Isle.

Chen and Li Li later enter a competition held by Xuen to gain Inv hand 1h artifactstormfist d 01 [The Fist of Ra-den]. They battle Rehgar Earthfury and the Farseer of the Earthen Ring for it. However the pair are defeated and the Farseer would go on to claim The Fist of Ra-den.[8]

Li Li participated in the Battle for the Exodar battling against High General Rakeesh, along with her uncle Chen.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Chen, Li Li, and Taoshi

Chen and Li Li with Taoshi.

Upon hearing word that mogu clans set their sights on the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Chen and his niece Li Li were among those who came to defend the Vale. To their shock, they discovered that the mogu had overtaken the plains of Kun-Lai Summit.[9] Chen deduced that the mogu saw the Golden Lotus's focus on N'Zoth as a perfect time to strike the Vale. Thus seeking to stop them, Chen, Li Li, and Azeroth's champion mounted Chen's Kite in order to scout their numbers. However, during their mission, the three came under fire and were forced to the ground, and Chen was injured and the kite reduced to a big ball of flames.[10] With his head hurting from his injuries, Chen declared that the only solution would be for his allies to bring the abandoned brew caravan and save the brew. Chen was confident that not only would this bring him back to full strength, but it would do wonder for the morale of those fighting in the Vale.[11] To that end, the yak Mobi was rescued from the mogu who had conquered the Chow Farmstead and used to deliver the brew to Chen.[12]

While Chen focused on the brew, Li Li called upon her allies to strike against the mogu in the hopes of thinning out their numbers to make their escape easier.[13] As apart of this, she also tasked them with taking out the mogu commanders in the hopes that it would slow down and distract the mogu armies.[14] With the mogu thinned, Chen, Li Li, and the Azeroth's champion used the yak to head back to the safety of the Gate of the August Celestials.[15] Determined to further thin the mogu ranks before they invaded the Vale, Li Li used the brew as a weapon against them, much to her uncle's melancholy. Deciding to look on the bright side, Chen happily noted that they were fewer mogu to contend with.[16] Knowing that they did all they could, the group headed off to Mistfall Village in order to inform the Rajani of what they were up against.[17]

In the aftermath, the Stormstouts came to reside in Mistfall Village where they appear to be aiding Taoshi in the defense of the vale.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Valley of the Four Winds 85 158,079
Stormstout Brewery 86 184,350
Dread Wastes 85 158,079
Krasarang Wilds 90 393,941
N Monk [10-45] Before the Storm 100 1,141,182
Wandering Isle 100 - 102 673,047
N Shaman [10-45] The Voice of Thunder 100 - 110 841,308
The Exodar 100 - 110 504,785


  • Focused Chi Burst


Li Li is to be following Chen Stormstout around at the beginning of adventurers' trips in the Valley of the Four Winds, generally annoyed at his slow pace.


The character of Li Li was created during the development of the graphic novel Pearl of Pandaria, which was originally conceived long before Mists of Pandaria and was originally meant to serve as a travel guide to Azeroth and a way to explore pandaren culture. Li Li specifically originated from a brainstorming session between Micky Neilson, Samwise Didier, and Chris Metzen, who together came up with the idea of an optimistic young pandaren who would serve as the channel that the book's readers see the world through. Li Li being a child created a very different viewpoint, and her lack of biases and prejudices ended up tying into one of the book's central themes of tolerance and acceptance for other cultures and beliefs. Li Li's character developed from there, and was later picked up by Team 2 when plans were made to create a World of Warcraft expansion featuring Pandaria.[18][19]

Neilson discussed some details about the development of Li Li during an interview with Blizzplanet:

"Li Li is the window or the lense through which we see not only the Pandaren culture, but Azeroth as well. One of the many interesting things about Li Li is that she is young, and she is unbiased, and she is unprejudiced, and she has this wonderful innocence about her — especially when it comes to venturing out into the big bad dangerous world of Azeroth, and she's certainly a bit naive as far as that goes, but she's also experiencing everything to the upmost, and one of her earliest purposes and goals of this book was to serve a little bit of a travel guide to Azeroth.
Especially for folks who maybe haven't played the game, or they haven’t played it in a long time, to be able to see the world of Azeroth through the eyes of Li Li; and she's really the physical embodiment of the theme of the book.
There are a couple of themes:
1. Life is an adventure.
2. Acceptance for other cultures, beliefs and religions.
And so, we get to see all that through Li Li."[20]


During the development of Pearl of Pandaria, Micky Neilson imagined Li Li as being around the age of a tween (10-12 years old). He modeled some of her behavior and dialogue after his own daughter (who was at the time 9 years old) and admitted that she may come across as slightly younger in the book as a result.[18][20]

Later, Neilson and Mike Stackpole added:

Q: Li Li has been seen both in game, in comics, and now in a novel. Her attitude and relative maturity seems to fluctuate between all of these. Is that just author interpretation?
Micky: "Well for Pearl of Pandaria, when I wrote that, to me she was like a tween. But that was my personal interpretation, and so it certainly could be that when different writers are coming in and kind of looking at her character, they view her through a little bit of a different lens."
Mike: "I think for me, she was being seen by her uncle. And her uncle is always going to see her as slightly younger than she probably really is, and interpret things that way, more than he would any other way."[21]

Canonically, Li Li was around 10 or 12 years old during the war against the Lich King,[22] making her around 23-25 in Dragonflight.


  • Hey!
  • What's up?
  • Whacha doin'?
  • Oh, uh, uh-huh?
  • (Sighs) My Uncle Chen traveled all over the world... on foot. And he's still fat!
  • Uhh, okay...
  • Is it just me, or are you being kind of weird and dumb?
  • (Speaking rapidly) Okay, so, I'm all like, "Hey, what's up?" and you're like, I'm gonna poke you and I'm all, "Whacha doin'?" and you're like, I'm gonna keep poking you and I'm like, "Seriously?" an' you're all just like poking me? Like, what's your deal...
  • 'Kay, see ya 'round!
  • All right, let's go!
  • Whaaat? You've gotta go already?
  • (Whining/pleading) Take me with you!
  • Bye now.

Wanderer's Festival[]

Wow, incredible! Look at all the lights!
What's going on do you think? Who's that guy on the turtle?
Waaaaaiitt - is that Liu Lang?
That turtle must be Shen-zin Su. It IS! That statue is of a tiny baby Wandering Isle!
We're home, Uncle Chen!
Well, sorta.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
  • You know, I've been thinking about all the fun we've had together. You're great to hang around and I'm sure Uncle Chen wouldn't mind if I stuck around since you're a Grandmaster and all. What I'm trying to say is, I'd be happy to be your explorer, scout, or resident adventurer. So, what do you say?[23]

Combat ally[]

  • Don't worry, I've got your back.
  • This will help!
  • I've got just what you need!

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Some days I feel like I could take on an entire army. But three armies at once?

Heroes of the Storm trailer[]

"Life is an adventure. I mean, have you seen this Nexus place? There's limitless worlds to explore! Constantly new things to see! Sure, there's danger too. What's an adventure without a little action? I am a Stormstout, after all, and for Stormstouts, life is an adventure!"

Notes and trivia[]

The First Pandaren

The first pandaren drawing ever made by Samwise Didier.

  • Chen and Li Li were the first pandaren from the Wandering Isle to reach Pandaria for many generations.
  • Li Li's favorite snack is Inv misc food vendor redbeanbun [Red Bean Bun].[24]
  • Inv misc coin 19 [Li Li's Coin] can be fished up from the fountain in the Legion version of Dalaran.
  • Li Li Stormstout was voiced by Lauren Tom in Mists of Pandaria,[25] and is voiced by Kim Mai Guest in Legion.[26]
  • Li Li's clothing looks identical to that of the pandaren cub featured in the very first pandaren drawing (pictured right) ever made by Samwise Didier, originally drawn for Christmas after the birth of Didier's daughter.[27]
  • Li Li is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.
    • In Legion, Li Li has a blue cloud serpent hatchling beside her in the Champions UI panel, a reference to Li Li's "Cloud Serpent" ability in Heroes of the Storm, which allows her to summon a baby cloud serpent to temporarily assist an ally.
  • She has an invisible Follower recruiting spell with the following description: Achievement character pandaren female Follower: Li Li Stormstout — "Born upon the Wandering Isle, Li Li has an insatiable thirst for adventure and exploration. Against the wishes of her father, she left the wandering isle behind to join with her uncle Chen. Together, they traveled the world in search of the homeland of their people, Pandaria." The spell is associated to a buff that says "Li Li is both an experianced[sic] herbalist and a martial artist who never backs down from a fight."


Heroes of the Storm


Patch changes[]


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