Liberation of Kezan
Location Kezan

Goblin victory

  • Fighting emerged in between the newly liberated goblins
  Zandalari troll overseers
  Goblin masses
Next Trade Wars

The Liberation of Kezan happened 100 years before the opening of the Dark Portal when the goblin slaves to Zandalari trolls on the island of Kezan rose up against their troll overseers armed with technology beyond what the Zandalari possessed. The revolution shattered the trolls' hold over Kezan and the surviving Zandalari fled.[1]


The goblins celebrated their new liberation by turning on each other in a mad scramble to fill the void of power. Amid the chaos as countless factions and allegiances formed. The most powerful of these groups were known as cartels.[1]

Although they no longer inhabit it, Kezan is still sacred to the Zandalari to this day.[2]


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The conflict that emerged between the goblins is possibly the first of the Trade Wars.