NeutralLibram of Protection
Start Lorekeeper Lydros
End Lorekeeper Lydros
Level 60 (Requires 57)
Type Dungeon
Category Feralas
Reputation 500 Shen'dralar


Must have completed the quest Elven Legends (Alliance version / Horde version)


Bring a Libram of Protection, 1 Pristine Black Diamond, 2 Large Brilliant Shards, and 1 Frayed Abomination Stitching to Lorekeeper Lydros in Dire Maul to receive an Arcanum of Protection.

Items Needed:


He wept like an infant at the loss of this libram. Mind you, I myself have wept over texts - there is no greater loss than that of knowledge and history - but to cry over this nearly useless jumbling of incantations? Preposterous! It left me to believe that the Prince was doing him a favor in flaying the flesh from his bones.

Bring the Libram along with a pristine black diamond, large brilliant shards, and a frayed abomination stitching and I shall recreate the Arcanum.

Oh, and check the north wing.


The Libram of Protection drops off trash mobs and bosses within the Dire Maul instance. Pristine Black Diamonds drop in any of the high level instances. Large Brilliant Shards are often disenchanted from high level rare items. Frayed Abomination Stitchings drop off the abominations in Stratholme.


You will be rewarded with the following:


  1. A [60D] Elven Legends or H [60D] Elven Legends
  2. N [60D] Libram of Focus, Quest:Libram of Protection, N [60D] Libram of Rapidity

Additional Notes

This quest is repeatable to obtain additional arcanums and reputation with Shen'dralar.

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