Lieutenant Tomathren

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HordeLieutenant Tomathren
Image of Lieutenant Tomathren
Title <Farstriders>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Farstriders
Occupation Lieutenant
Location Lake Elrendar, Ghostlands[68.3, 14.8]
Status Alive

Lieutenant Tomathren is a blood elf found in the Ghostlands, north of the Farstrider Enclave. He is found patrolling the campfire near Ranger Valanna. Tomathren was the leader of a poorly conceived attack on Zeb'Sora, and is not on the best of terms with her.



It's not my fault... IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!

If they'd just done what I told them to do everything would have been fine. But no! They wouldn't listen.

Now they're all dead.

I just want to go home. Home to Silvermoon. I'm so tired.

  • I tell you now, when we get back to Farstrider Enclave there will be a full accounting of your actions, Ranger Valanna! You alone were responsible for our losses and I'm certain that the captain will see it my way.
  • This isn't Silvermoon City! Where are we? Oh, I was confused there for a moment.
  • They should have listened to me. Then I'd receive all of the accolades that are my due!
  • Did I not yell at them? Pull back! Pull back and regroup with suppressing fire!!
  • I'm sure to receive a commendation upon our return. We may have suffered a few losses, but overall I think we did quite nicely, don't you, Valanna?
  • Take that!

He is sharing dialogues with Ranger Valanna. Responses are chosen randomly.

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  • Also notable, is that the first line of text is likely a reference to Leeroy Jenkins.

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