Life Warden Gola

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MobLife Warden Gola
Image of Life Warden Gola
Race Botani (Humanoid)
Level 102 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Verdant Grove, Everbloom
Status Killable

Ancient Protectors
Xeri'tac (optional)
Archmage Sol


Life Warden Gola is one of three bosses in the second encounter in the Everbloom dungeon.


  • Inv elemental crystal water.png  Water Bolt Interruptible — Life Warden Gola blasts a random player with water, inflicting 11875 to 13125 Nature damage. 
  • Spell nature riptide.png  Revitalizing Water Interruptible — Life Warden Gola heals an ally for 15% of their maximum health. 
  • Ability shaman fortifyingwaters.png  Rapid Tides Interruptible Magic Effect — Life Warden Gola empowers an ally, removing cooldowns from all of their abilities. 

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