Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz (Wrathgate)

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Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz
Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz TCG Card.jpg
Full art (v)
"The red dragonflight will do whatever it can to help end this conflict with Malygos." - Belgaristrasz
Faction Neutral
Supertype Equipment
Type One-Handed Weapon
Subtype Dagger
Tags Melee(1)
Rules Finishing Move: Rogue
When this weapon enters play, your hero deals X melee damage to target hero or ally and heals X damage from himself.
ATK type Melee
Strike cost 1
Cost 2
Class Rogue
Set Wrathgate
Number 193/220
Rarity Rare
Artist Luca Zontini
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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.