Light's Reckoning
Ability racial finalverdict.png
  • Light's Reckoning
  • Lightforged draenei racial
  • Passive
  • Erupt with Light upon death. Deals X Holy damage to enemies within 8 yards and heals allies for X.
Usable by
Class All
Race Lightforged draenei
School Physical
Cooldown None

Light's Reckoning is a passive racial ability for all lightforged draenei, avenging their deaths, with damage dealt to all nearby enemies, and healing done to nearby allies, within 8 yards.


  • During the PTR, this racial was named Final Verdict. This was presumably changed due to the existence of [Final Verdict].
  • Light's Reckoning does allow you to loot NPC enemies slain by its damage, but does not apparently provide experience.
  • This ability is usable and commonly used in most PvP battlegrounds, including rated battlegrounds, sometimes even managing to kill multiple opponents, even as they kill the Lightforged draenei.

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