• Lightning Lance
  • Quest Item
  • Use: Hurl the Lightning Lance into Nalak the Storm Lord to begin siphoning its essence into the weapon. (1 Min Cooldown)
  • "Immensely powerful... but dormant."
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Lightning Lance

The Lightning Lance is a powerful trillium polearm and Wrathion's weapon of choice.


It was originally forged during N [90] The Thunder Forge in order for Wrathion and adventurers to further understand and wield the power of Lei Shen, using the tyrant's own power against him. After hurling the spear at Nalak, the lance reached its full potential.[1] Wrathion then used its power to create the powerful Crown of Heaven gems.

As Wrathion and his partner sought the blessings of the August Celestials, he would use the spear against the adventurers during Yu'lon and Xuen's trials. Despite being blindfolded, Wrathion was still able to use the lance to deadly effect, being able to cleave wide deadly arcs in-front of him.


This item is provided for N [90] Spirit of the Storm Lord.

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