AllianceLightning Rod
Start Tinkmaster Overspark
End Automatic
Level 10-45
Category Stormheim
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous A [10-45] Supplies From the Skies, A [10-45] Boarded!, A [10-45] Assault and Battery, A [10-45] See Ya Later, Oscillator
Next A [10-45] Signal Boost


Charge the Transponder by absorbing Storm Drake lightning attacks.

  • Transponder Charged


<Overspark's tiny hands move like lightning, affixing coils and tubes to the device before cramming it into a parachute pack.>

Put this on.

Just up the hill you'll find the front half of the Skyfire - and the big nest of storm drakes it crashed into! We can use the energy from those drakes to charge the transponder.

You'll have to incite them, of course, but the device should draw most of the power.

The probability of you being electrocuted is well within acceptable parameters!


You will receive: 14g 60s


Alright... I'm reading full power on the transponder.

Now for an antenna...


Pick up A [10-45] The Lost Legion before heading out.

From camp, head due west up the hill, following the path as it turns south. The forward half of the ship has poked a hole into a cave.

There's a small treasure chest on one of the exposed rafters. To get to it, stand on the edge of the exposed beam on the east side of the ship, dismount, move the camera directly overhead, and line up the edge of the beam with the center of the chest, then jump straight toward it. The angle of the ship makes it appear that the jump will fall short, but it's reachable.

Run up the front of the ship to enter Stormscale Cavern, where Knight-Captain Rhodes has been stunned by a lightning attack. Turn in The Lost Legion to him, and pick up A [10-45] Pins and Needles.

In the cavern, stand in electric pools and free dragoons to gain some charge, but the fastest way is to let an Adolescent Storm Drake use it's attacks on the player. Storm Drake Whelps can also give some charge.


  1. A [10-45] Stormheim
  2. A [10-45] A Royal Summons
  3. A [10-45] Making the Rounds
  4. A [10-45] Greymane's Gambit
  5. Complete all of:
  6. A [10-45] Lightning Rod
  7. A [10-45] Signal Boost

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