Artwork of a "Holy Guardian" in the TCG, later reused to represent a Lightspawn in Hearthstone.

Sol in Netherlight Temple.

Binding Heal art in Hearthstone.

Lightspawn are elemental creatures born of the Light.[1]

Encountered only recently, they appear to be the Light's counterpart to voidwalkers, and can always be found amongst the battlefields of the Light.[2] At least one was seen to have acted on its own to attempt to stop a necromantic ritual on Exile's Reach but was captured instead.[3] After a new adventurer freed it, it left Azeroth. A handful of others can be found in the Netherlight Temple, order hall of the Conclave, but also in Revendreth at the site of the Light's assault upon the realm: the Ember Ward.

Similar to other cosmic forces, Lightspawn can normally only be permanently killed in the realm of Light. If killed in the mortal realm, their essence returns to the Light to reconstitute, though some exceptionally powerful forces can intervene in the process.[4]



As a companion pet



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