Not to be confused with Deathy.

Lil' Deathwing is the in-game companion acquired by purchasing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition. He is a smaller version of Deathwing.


Similar to past companions rewarded through purchasing the Collector's Editions, this item will be mailed to all characters on the account.

Accompanying letter


The letter delivered with Lil'Deathwing is from The WoW Dev Team:

Special Delivery

Thank you for your purchase of the Cataclysm expansion!

As a special gift of appreciation, we would like to present you with this ferocious little companion.

He may loathe Azeroth with a seething rage that knows no bounds, but he sure loves you!


dragonkin Dragonkin: Deals 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target's health below 50%.
+50% damage from Humanoid -33% damage from Flying
Level 1 Level 2 Level 4
[Shadowflame] [Call Darkness] [Elementium Bolt]
▲▼ ▲▼ ▲▼
[Tail Sweep] [Roll] [Cataclysm]
Level 10 Level 15 Level 20

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