NeutralLinken's Adventure
Start J.D. Collie
End Linken
Level 54 (Requires 47)
Category Un'Goro Crater
Experience 3900
Previous Aquementas
Next N [56G] It's Dangerous to Go Alone


Take the Silver Totem of Aquementas to Linken in Marshal's Refuge.


To think all this time that the reason Linken came here was to rid us of Blazerunner... He seems like such an ordinary guy, but I did notice that he's not at all interested in any of my experiments or gadgets like most gnomes would be. He must be a true warrior at heart.

Bring the totem to him. See if that helps him remember why he came here.


Hi, again, <name>!


Did J.D. help you at all?



  1. N [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  2. N [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  3. N [52] It's a Secret to Everybody
  4. N [52] The Videre Elixir
  5. N [52] Meet at the Grave
  6. N [52] A Grave Situation
  7. N [52] Linken's Sword
  8. N [52] A Gnome's Assistance
  9. N [52] Linken's Memory
  10. N [54] Silver Heart
  11. N [54] Aquementas
  12. N [54] Linken's Adventure
  13. N [56G] It's Dangerous to Go Alone


This quest's name is a reference to the second game in the legend of Zelda series, the adventure of Link.

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