HordeLiquid Motivation
Start Zauljin
End Razgaji
Level 30-50
Category Vol'dun
Experience 16,450 (at level 110)
Reputation +75 Voldunai
Rewards 19g 40s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-50] Savage Saurolisks, H [30-50] They Might Be Delicious, H [30-50] Alpacas Gone Wild, H [30-50] Snarltooth's Last Laugh
Next H [30-50] Bandit Blades, H [30-50] Stolen Goods, H [30-50] Tongo


Bring a bottle of Zanchuli Reserve to Zauljin.


<Zauljin motions for you to come closer. He is clearly drunk.>

If I had information concerning Mojambo...<hick!> much would dat be worth to you?

You don't...<hick!>...believe me? Nobody suspects a drunk. I hear all sorts of things...

What do you have to lose? All it will cost is a bottle of...<hick!>...Zanchuli Reserve!

Whaddya say, mon?


You will receive:


Mojambo is teaming up with an outside gang to attack us? I knew he meant business, but I didn't expect him to go dis far. We need to come up with a plan as soon as possible...


Upon approaching Zauljin when the quest is available:

Zauljin says: Psshht... over here, <name>!

 [Zanchuli Reserve] can be purchased from Taz'jin for 95g. Return to Zauljin with the drink:

Wha... <hick!> ...whadda you lookin' at, mon?
Gossip Here's the rum. Tell me what you heard.
Zauljin says: Ahhh! It's been years since I tasted Zanchuli Reserve...<hick!>
Zauljin says: You held up your end of de bargain, so I'll hold up mine...
Zauljin says: I spotted Mojambo's gang scouting de arena...
Zauljin says: I heard them say that Mojambo hired reinforcements for de battle. Tongo's crew be backing him up now...
Zauljin says: Ah well... at least I tasted Zanchuli Reserve one...<hick!>...last time before I die!

Talk to Razgaji to turn in.


  1. H [30-50] Seeking Shelter
  2. H [30-50] I've Got Your Back
  3. Complete all of:
    1. H [30-50] Mystery Meat & H [30-50] Vol'duni Fried Chicken
    2. H [30-50] The Chef's Apprentice
    3. H [30-50] Savage Saurolisks & H [30-50] They Might Be Delicious
    1. H [30-50] Alpacas Gone Wild & H [30-50] Snarltooth's Last Laugh
  4. H [30-50] Liquid Motivation
  5. H [30-50] Bandit Blades & H [30-50] Stolen Goods & H [30-50] Tongo
  6. H [30-50] Arming the Tribe
  7. H [30-50] Mojambo
  8. Optional followups:

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