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Image of Lirastrasza
In the TCG
Gender Female
Race Red dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 30-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Red dragonflight
Location Grim Batol, Twilight Highlands
Status Alive
In dragon form.

Lirastrasza is a red dragon involved in the Twilight Highlands storyline. She takes the guise of a high elf. Lirastrasza originally gave a cold reception to the adventurer when they entered the Vermillion Redoubt, blaming mortals as a whole for the enslavement of the red dragonflight during the Second War. She started to warm up to the adventurer after they helped save Alexstrasza from Deathwing. As the Twilight Highlands storyline progressed, she began to value them as an ally against the black dragonflight and the Twilight's Hammer clan. She was captured and imprisoned within the Twilight Citadel, but was freed by the adventurer, before they parted ways. She is then seen flying around the Twilight Citadel area, incinerating the Twilight Skyterrors.[1]


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