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This article is a list of hunters that are known from around Azeroth, Outland, alternate Draenor and Argus.

Named hunters

Alliance Crest Alliance

Name Role Affiliation Status
  Alleria Windrunner Ranger-Captain and lead scout of the Alliance Expedition. Army of the Light, Alliance Expedition, Sons of Lothar, Void elves Alive
 Bastiana Moran Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Bren Swiftshot Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Catherine Magruder Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Dana Crockett Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Erohaan Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Gabriel Bybee Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Glirin Follower. Ironforge, Lunarfall Alive
 Ilyanna Talongrasp Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Denalea Meadowglaive Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Kris Rey Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Lee Olesky Follower. Lunarfall, Unseen Path Alive
 Lylnleath Featherfoot Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Marguun Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Noreen Trueflint Follower. Lunarfall Alive
 Rangari Chel Follower. Rangari, Lunarfall Alive
 Rangari Kaalya Follower. Rangari, Lunarfall Alive
 Shandris Feathermoon General of the Sentinel Army. Sentinel Army, Darnassus, Shadowleaves, Unseen Path Alive
 Tyrathan Khort Hunter in the Alliance army. Stormwind, Unseen Path Alive
 Vereesa Windrunner Ranger-General of the Silver Covenant. Silver Covenant, Dalaran, Kirin Tor Offensive, Unseen Path Alive
 Vidar Goldaim Follower. Lunarfall Alive

Horde Crest Horde

Name Role Affiliation Status
 Abigail Wilson Follower. Frostwall, Unseen Path Active
 Baron Deathshot Follower. Frostwall Active
 Dark Ranger Alina Quest giver found in Galen's Fall, Arathi Highlands. Undercity, Unseen Path, Queensguard Killable
 Halduron Brightwing Ranger-General of Silvermoon. Silvermoon City, Farstriders, Sunreaver Onslaught, Unseen Path, Armies of Legionfall Alive
 Karga Quickshot Follower. Frostwall, Unseen Path Alive
 Kew Wyldheart Follower. Huojin Pandaren, Frostwall, Unseen Path Alive
 Kwahu Fiendtamer Follower. Frostwall Alive
 Nathaniel Beastbreaker Follower. Frostwall, Unseen Path Active
 Orako Quest giver found in Underlight Canyon, Abyssal Depths. Orgrimmar Alive
 Orgriz Crookmaw Follower. Frostwall Alive
 Rexxar Champion of the Horde. Mok'Nathal clan, Horde, Unseen Path, Armies of Legionfall Alive

Neutral Neutral

Name Role Affiliation Status
 Hemet Nesingwary Famed big game hunter Nesingwary Safari, Unseen Path Alive
 Huln Highmountain Leader of the tauren during the War of the Ancients, wielder of  [Talonclaw] Highmountain Tribe, Kaldorei Resistance Deceased
 Sylvanas Windrunner Former Warchief of the Horde and Queen of The Forsaken. Mawsworn Active
 Zhu Longbrow Founder of the Zhu Province and Zhu's Watch. Pandaren Empire Deceased

Mob Hostile

Name Role Affiliation Status
 Fenris Wolfbrother Warlord of the Thunderlord clan Thunderlord clan, Iron Horde Deceased - Killable
 Houndmaster Kerrax Demon found in Defiled Path, Antoran Wastes. Burning Legion Killable
 Nathanos Blightcaller Champion of the Banshee Queen and former Ranger Lord of the Forsaken. Banshee loyalists Deceased - Killable

Unnamed hunters

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