Skink in Warcraft III

Many lizards in World of Warcraft reuse the warp stalker model.

Lizards (or skinks) are critters, animals, beasts, and magical beasts found in the Warcraft universe. If a female lizard does not lay her clutch in a well camouflaged aea, her eggs will likely be devoured by Raptors.[1]


  • Common lizard
Common lizards are small, non-venomous lizards of perhaps a foot or two in length, such as an iguana. Lizards prefer flight to combat, but they can bite painfully if there is no other option.[2]
Monitor lizards are fairly large, carnivorous lizards ranging between 3–5 feet in length. Monitor lizards can be aggressive, using their powerful jaws to tear at prey or enemies. They can hide well in forested or overgrown areas.[2] Some druids choose them as their animal companion.[3]

As a hunter pet

Basic Special Exotic Bonus

Lizards are a family of Tenacity hunter pets. The classification includes:

Patch changes


Due to the few amount of small lizard-like models, many of the lizard critters found in the World of Warcraft use the warp stalker model; though this is simply a game mechanic, and lizards are in no way related to warp stalkers.


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