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Llane Wrynn
Image of Llane Wrynn
Title King,[1]
Symbol of Hope[2]
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation King of Stormwind, Prince (formerly)[3]
Location Stormwind City
Status Deceased
Relative(s) King Wrynn (father), Taria (wife), Varian (son), Adariall (daughter), Anduin Lothar (brother-in-law), Callan Lothar (nephew), Cally Lothar (sister-in-law)
Companion(s) Anduin Lothar, Medivh (childhood friends)
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Llane Wrynn was King of Stormwind until his death at the hands of Garona Halforcen.

After battling the trolls in his youth, Wrynn's rule was largely a peaceful one, until the arrival of the Horde. Wrynn tried to rally the other nations of the Seven Kingdoms to prevent the orcs from reopening the Great Gate, and when he was unable to do so gave his own life to defend Azeroth and free the orcs' prisoners. When the portal closed for the second time and it became clear his death was inevitable, he asked Garona to kill him in front of the Horde in order to grant her the honor, rather than allowing Blackhand to claim it, in the hopes that she might one day bring peace between their peoples.

Wrynn's death served as a central point for the rallying of the nations of the Eastern Kingdoms against the remaining Horde presence on Azeroth. He is survived by his wife Queen Taria Wrynn, his son Varian, and his daughter Adariall Wrynn, with his childhood friend Anduin Lothar appearing to take on the mantle of leadership in the king's absence.


Bonds of Brotherhood

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Llane is approached by his long time friend Anduin Lothar, and tells him of a mage named Khadgar in the Lion's Pride Inn.

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During the Battle at the Great Gate, Llane found that the allies he expected in the Frostwolf Clan had already been wiped out by the rest of the Horde, yet still he led his men to battle in the hopes of rescuing the human prisoners the Horde was holding. The battle looked bad when the humans found themselves surrounded by the growing Horde numbers coming from the open Great Gate. However, Llane and his men managed to hold the line long enough for the Great Gate to close, and then, when it reopened, redirected to Stormwind, he continued to hold the line so the human prisoners could escape.

However, with the death of Medivh, the gate closed, leaving the remaining humans trapped and surrounded by the Horde. Seeing Blackhand approaching to claim the honor of killing the human king, Llane ordered Garona to kill him first, as that would restore her honor among the orcs and would be the only chance for there to be peace between the two races. After some hesitation, Garona stabbed him in the neck with the dagger that was loaned to her, killing him. As the King hoped, this action allowed Garona to be welcomed back to the Horde with open arms.

Anduin Lothar then arrived, and, after defeating Blackhand in a Mak'gora, was allowed to leave with Llane's body. Anduin saw the dagger still in the fallen king's neck and, unaware that Llane had ordered Garona to kill him, assumed that Garona had betrayed them. The King was given a royal funeral in Stormwind, and his death served as the catalyst for the formation of the Alliance.


  • He is portrayed in Warcraft by Dominic Cooper.
  • His sword was made canon to the game after its first appearance in the movie. In the game, it is named Lion's Fang.
  • The helmet featured in Varian Wrynn's "Lionheart" skin in Heroes of the Storm was inspired by the helm worn by Llane in the film, the idea being that Varian would try to emulate his father's headgear, almost like an heirloom.[4]