The Blue Child.

This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

In tauren mythology, Lo'sho is the personification of the Blue Child, the smaller of Azeroth's two moons. They were born from one of the Earth Mother's tears when the world was young and is the younger sibling of An'she and Mu'sha.


In the early days of the world, when the Earth Mother slept, the Old Ones stretched their shadows across the land and corrupted many of the tauren with their whispers, teaching them to make war and turn the elements loose on each other. The Earth Mother's distraught eyes, An'she (Sun) and Mu'sha (Moon), woke up their mother so she could see what had happened. Saddened by the chaos and bloodshed, the Earth Mother wept a single tear. Realizing that she was susceptible to corruption and no longer a safe haven for her children, she wiped away the lone tear before tearing An'she and Mu'sha free from her skull. Unable to console their mother, Sun and Moon set out to hunt down the source of the corruption.

Unbeknownst to the Earth Mother, her tear fell to the earth and from it sprung a new life: a baby glowing blue with life and light, kin to the spark that burned in both Sun and Moon. A party of uncorrupted tauren found them alone at a watering hole on the plains and took the baby with them, resting on a bed of long grass in a wagon. These tauren heard of the Earth Mother's sorrow from the winds, eventually encountered An'she and Mu'sha, and presented the babe to them. When the child began to wail, the twins recognized them as being the Earth Mother's light. Mu'sha took the babe in her arms and An'she asked what they should call them. Mu'sha replied that their mother would know, but before the twins could return to their mother, the shadows attacked them. With the elements' aid, Sun and Moon held off the darkness and protected the tauren and the babe, but An'she sustained a wound that Mu'sha was unable to heal. Mu'sha sent a plea on the wind and the Earth Mother sought out her children. Upon being presented with the babe, the Earth Mother felt a slight joy once more and named them Lo'sho.

Knowing that the shadows would return to take the rest of the tauren, the Earth Mother decided to sacrifice herself to contain the darkness. She told Sun and Moon to permanently take to the skies, from where they would be able to chase away any shadows she could not hold. She then pressed Lo'sho into Mu'sha's arms, telling the twins to take their younger sibling with them (since they were still young and untouched by darkness), teach them to protect the tauren and the world, and let them know that they had her love, as all her children did. And so, while the Earth Mother embraced the land for the last time to hold off the shadows, An'she and Mu'sha took their eternal post in the heavens while Lo'sho watched and listened to their lessons, hearing in them the wisdom of their mother.[1]