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Lobstrok (sometimes pluralized as lobstroks)[1] are a race of humanoid lobsters native to Draenor (and its alternate reality) before its destruction. During the destruction of Draenor many of these creatures were killed, however, fortunate ones that were living near the Zangar Sea managed to survive in what later would be called Zangarmarsh. Lobstrok are well adapted to living underwater, but are usually found on beaches and islands similar to the makrura and murlocs of Azeroth.

Lobstrok are ravenous carnivores and a large specimen has the capability to devour prey at least as large as a Broken. The insubordination of the naga's Broken slaves is often punished by the feeding of offenders to these monsters.[2]



Lobstroks are found in and around Marshlight Lake and were enslaved by the naga inside the Slave Pens.




Main article: Makrura

Lobstrok can also refer to the makrura as well for the following reasons:

  • The Ultimate Visual Guides state that makrura are sometimes known as lobstrok.
  • The prefix Lobstrokk also exists for the makrura sound set and icons in the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne World Editor. It is unknown whether or not this was the original name for the makrura, or if this is a term related to someone or something within the lobster-like race of humanoids. It is probable that this creature type has undergone a renaming, much like the relation between the owlbear and the wildkin.
  • The texture model that exists within the World of Warcraft file structure that depicts a makrura is labeled as a "lobstrok". This term does not exist in-game, and may be the original name that was changed in favor of makrura. This same situation existed in Warcraft III's files versus the game itself.
  • Claximus is called a lobstrok.[3] This may be an error, as in his "gossip" text King Mrgl-Mrgl also calls him a makrura.
  • In "Gallywix: Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince", there is a food named lobstrok puffs.[4]
  • Drysnap Crawlers and Drysnap Pincers drop Inv misc food 92 lobster [Tender Lobstrock Tail] for a quest that refers to them as lobstrock.[5]
  • Most, if not all, of the makrura around Pandaria use the Lobstrok model.