The term localization usually refers to the process of translating the text in the UI to the "local" language of a target user audience that is different from the language of the primary version or first release.

The first release of World of Warcraft used the English language for a North American (US) user audience.

Localized World of Warcraft Versions
Country Language Locale Code[1] Official Website
Brazil Portuguese ptBR
China Chinese zhCN
China English enCN
France French frFR
Germany German deDE
Italy Italian itIT
Mexico Spanish esMX
Portugal Portuguese ptPT
Republic of Korea Korean koKR
Russia Russian ruRU
Spain Spanish esES
Taiwan Chinese zhTW
Taiwan English enTW
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland English enGB
United States of America English enUS

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  1. ^ VideoOptionsPanels.lua source code, official Blizzard Lua code including locale codes.