For the Argus achievement, see  [Locked and Loaded].
AllianceLocked and Loaded
Start Automatic
End Colonel Troteman [73.6, 67.2]
Level 15-30
Category Burning Steppes
Experience 1,850
Rewards  [Bracers of Misbehavior] or  [Mischievous Spaulders] or  [Sly Slider Gloves] or  [Faux Warlock Slippers] or  [Glassy Band]
Previous B [15-30] A Delivery for Thorg'izog, B [15-30] A Delivery for Neeralak, B [15-30] A Delivery for Xi'lun
Next B [15-30] Assault on Dreadmaul Rock
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [15-30] Locked and Loaded.


Report to Colonel Troteman at Morgan's Vigil in Burning Steppes.


<Name>, come in. Can you read me?

The battle is about to start. I hope you've delivered all of those packages.

I need you here in Morgan's Vigil, NOW.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 65v2.png [Bracers of Misbehavior] Inv shoulder 138.png [Mischievous Spaulders]
Inv gauntlets 110v3.png [Sly Slider Gloves] Inv boots cloth 34v3.png [Faux Warlock Slippers]
Inv jewelry ring 05.png [Glassy Band]

You will receive: 19s


<Name>'s here! We can get started.

This is our big moment, <name>. I hope you brought your A game.


Upon completing all three of the previous quests, Troteman radios in with this quest. Run back to Morgan's Vigil. You will lose your  [Blackrock Disguise] after turning in this quest.


Optional breadcrumbs: N [15-30] Mouton Flamestar or A [15-30] Hero's Call: Burning Steppes! or H [15-30] Warchief's Command: Burning Steppes!

  1. Burning Vengeance
  2. B [15-30] Stocking Up / B [15-30] A Future Project / B [15-30] Mud Hunter
  3. B [15-30] The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb
  4. B [15-30] Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff / B [15-30] Shadow Boxing
  5. A [15-30] Return to Keeshan / H [15-30] Return to Ariok
  6. B [15-30] Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes
  7. B [15-30] A Needle in a Hellhole
    • Mandatory side chain:
    1. N [15-30] Prove Yer Allegiance / N [15-30] Scrapped Golems
    2. N [15-30] Golem Training
  8. B [15-30] A Perfect Costume
  9. B [15-30] Into the Black Tooth Hovel
  10. N [15-30] Grunt Work
  11. N [15-30] The Kodocaller's Horn
  12. B [15-30] Taking the Horn For Ourselves
  13. B [15-30] General Thorg'izog
  14. N [15-30] Trial by Magma
  15. N [15-30] I Am the Law and I Am the Lash
  16. B [15-30] Enough Damage For One Day
  17. A [15-30] Morgan's Vigil / H [15-30] Flame Crest
  18. B [15-30] Blackened Ashes / B [15-30] Latent Demons of the Land / B [15-30] A Heap of Delicious Worg
  19. B [15-30] Blood Tour / B [15-30] Draconic Vanguard / B [15-30] A Deal With a Dragon
  20. B [15-30] Placing the Pawns
  21. B [15-30] A Delivery for Thorg'izog / B [15-30] A Delivery for Neeralak / B [15-30] A Delivery for Xi'lun
  22. B [15-30] Locked and Loaded
  23. B [15-30] Assault on Dreadmaul Rock
  24. B [15-30] Glory Amidst Chaos
  25. B [15-30] The Spoils of War

Optional breadcrumb to Swamp of Sorrows: B [15-30] The Bogpaddle Bullet

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