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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Logan Palimore is the Caretaker of the Sword and in charge of the upkeep of the Trollbane Family Crypt. He is brilliant at delegation — he feels he doesn’t need to know the information if he knows someone who does. He has assembled the advisory council for the Caretakers and welcomes the eager students who arrive to learn his trade. He is in his sixties and very confident of his skills. He is very sure of his ability to judge character, which he maintains is the most important quality in a Caretaker. Only once has he misjudged a student — a young human male by the name of Ran Tilwood who attempted to rob the artifacts he was supposed to be guarding in Stormwind. Logan banned him from the Caretakers, and used some contacts he had in the Stormwind Assassins to take care of the young man. Logan is short and thin, with bright blue eyes and graying brown hair.Template:Cite