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Not to be confused with Logging out.

Logging is the process of felling trees and transporting wood to a new site where it can be used in construction or cut into lumber at a lumber mill. It is a widely practiced industry throughout Azeroth, Draenor, and alternate Draenor. Almost every sapient creature of physical form utilizes timber in some form or another, Horde, Alliance, Scourge, goblins, forest trolls and even high elves all engage in logging.

It is only the night elves who refrain from the practice as they have learned to siphon off desirable lumber from living trees without harming them by employing wisps to tend and harvest select trees in a way that wood can be extracted.[1]


Goblin engineers and tinkerers have pioneered many ingenious methods of harvesting lumber ranging from complex sawmills utilizing steamsaws to high yielding robotic claws acting as feller bunchers.

Logging operations

Warsong Labor Camp

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