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Not to be confused with Lo'Gosh.
HordeThe Lok'osh
The Lok'osh
Lok'osh Nakha and her fellow priests in the Valley of Honor
Main leader IconSmall Mag'har Female Lok'osh Nakha (founder)
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orc Mag'har orc
OrcOrc Orc
Character classes Priest
Base of operations Orgrimmar
Language(s) Orcish
Affiliation Horde
Status Active

The Lok'osh is a discipline of orc priests created by the Mag'har orc Nakha. It is a path of healing and renewal,[1] and stands for "a song of the heart" or "a song of the spirit" in Orcish.[2]


The Lok'osh's origins stem from the invasion of Outland, when Horde adventurers aided the Mag'har of Nagrand. One of the adventurers solved the mystery of the orcs' restless ancestor spirits,[2] who were being drawn into Oshu'gun by the darkened naaru K'ure.[3] One of the Mag'har, Seer Nakha, watched the hero and learned what they discovered. After the adventurer left, Nakha sought out the spirit of Mother Kashur as the hero had done. Kashur told Nakha of "a song that only the spirits could hear", which had initially troubled them until the hero helped them find rest. After years of trying, Nakha heard the song for herself, inspiring her to become a priest and travel to Azeroth to train other orcs to follow the same path. While orcish shaman speak to "the elements without", Nakha speaks to "the elements within", a song of the heart and the spirit: a Lok'osh.[2] The Lok'osh is not an easy path to follow, but those who do so have never felt more connected to their people.[4]

The news that there were now orcish priests listening to "the songs of life and shadow" spread to Relka Bloodfyre, the last Mag'har of the Shadowmoon clan. Relka attended Azeroth's first Kosh'harg in the hopes that she could share her clan's knowledge about such magic with the young priests, and help guide those who wished to use Void magic away from disaster. She told priest adventurers at the Kosh'harg that they had much to teach others and that she hoped to see them again after the event.[5]



Brother Shineblade

"Brother Shineblade" on the 10.0.5 PTR. In 10.0.7, he was re-added as Lok'osh Songseeker.

  • Narratively, the Lok'osh serves as a way to provide a lore background for orc priests, a race/class combination first made available to players in patch 10.0.0. Orc priest NPCs were initially added to Orgrimmar in early builds of the patch 10.0.5 PTR, but these NPCs wore more standard-looking priest gear and all had the title of "Brother"/"Sister", similar to human priests. The NPCs were removed in a later build[6] and ultimately re-added with patch 10.0.7, now with more distinctively orcish clothing and with their titles changed to "Lok'osh", alongside the addition of Lok'osh Nakha, who provides a unique lore background for the group.


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