Lon the Bull

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Lon the Bull
Image of Lon the Bull
Gender Male
Race Yaungol (Humanoid)
Level 25-35 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Townlong Steppes
Status Killable

Lon the Bull is a level 88 rare yaungol found in Townlong Steppes. Lon the Bull is a Pandarian champion.



You have woken the bull, now face the horns!


Lon the Bull shares abilities with all other yaungol champions.

  • Ability druid enrage.png  Bellowing Rage — Bellow with rage, increasing damage dealt by 190% but reducing movement speed by 20%. Lasts for 5 sec. 2 sec cast. 
  • Ability warrior charge.png  Rushing Charge — Charge the enemy, inflicting 350% weapon damage and knocking the target down for 2 sec. 20-60 yd range. 
  • Ability warstomp.png  Hoof Stomp — Stomp the ground, inflicting 65% of the target's max health in damage and stunning enemies within 6 yards for 2 sec. 2 sec cast. 


Yaungol champions are some of the simpler champions to defeat. They deal melee damage and have only one critical special attack. With a little situational awareness, they are easily beaten.

The most important yaungol ability is Hoof Stomp. Although survivable, it deals substantial damage to all targets within a 6 yd radius and also stuns for 2 seconds. Luckily it has a 2-second cast, and its area of effect is clearly marked by dust rising from the ground. When the champion begins to cast it, simply move out of the affected area.

If players try to move too far away, the champion will use Rushing Charge. This works similarly to warriors' [Charge], knocking down the player for 2 seconds and inflicting damage. This has a minimum range of 20 yards, so by keeping within this range, players can easily ensure it is not used.

The final yaungol ability is Bellowing Rage. This increases the champion's damage done by 190%, but reduces his movement speed by 20%, lasting for 5 seconds. If incoming damage is of a concern, players can easily evade the champion during this period due to his reduced speed and the ability's 2-second cast, although make sure not to stray far enough to incur a Rushing Charge. Players strong enough to withstand the champion's melee attacks can generally ignore this ability, provided they do not fall prey to a Hoof Stomp; the combination of the two effects could prove fatal.

In short:

  • Avoid Hoof Stomp - move out of the affected area as soon as the champion begins to cast it
  • Stay within 20 yards to avoid incurring Rushing Charge
  • If incoming melee damage is of a concern, kite the champion during Bellowing Rage


Lon the Bull always drops one of the following:

And has a chance to drop one or both of the following:


As a Pandarian champion, defeating Lon the Bull is part of the following achievements:


While a champion's level is normally determined by their zone, Lon the Bull is one level lower than all the other champions in Townlong Steppes. Lon is the sole exception to this rule, and the reason is unknown. However, Lon's health is still higher than that of the other level 88 yaungol champion, Korda Torros, despite being of equal level.

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