For the hunter talent, see [Lone Wolf].
NeutralLone Wolf
Start Aviana
End Thisalee Crow [68.2, 54.8]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Druid Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Druid [45] Aviana's Grace
Next N Druid [45] The Befouled Barrows
N Druid [45] Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Meet Thisalee Crow in Moonglade.


My eyes and ears fly across Azeroth, bringing me back news of many things. My ally Goldrinn took to the barrows of Moonglade in mourning upon the death of Varian Wrynn. He has been untouched in the dream... until now.

Demons have been seen invading the very same barrows, killing many more of our mortal druids in the process. You must go. Save Goldrinn, avenge our people! Take my hatchling Thisalee with you. Her tenacity and bloodlust is welcome in my clutch. You shall have my aid.


You will receive: 19g 40s


If Goldrinn is in the Dream, he's defenseless! We've got to help!



Use [Dreamwalk] and take the portal to Moonglade.


  1. N Druid [45] Talon Terror
  2. N Druid [45] Attack on the Roost & N Druid [45] Mother's Orders
  3. N Druid [45] Aviana's Grace
  4. N Druid [45] Lone Wolf
  5. N Druid [45] The Befouled Barrows & N Druid [45] Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  6. N Druid [45] The Wolf's Tale
  7. N Druid [45] Nature's Advance
  8. N Druid [45] The Preservation of Nature
  9. N Druid [45] Nature's Touch & N Druid [45] To Track a Demon
  10. N Druid [45] Prick of a Thistle
  11. N Druid [45] Grovebound
  12. N Druid [45] Champion: Thisalee Crow

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