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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Lone druids are druids without animal companions. Druids are closely tied to nature — of all the classes, they represent the closest connection to the natural world. Because of this, many druids befriend specific animals, taking them as their animal companions. A druid's animal companion serves as a steadfast ally, and is useful in combat, vigilance and espionage. However, some druids — particularly among the night elves — give up the standard animal companions. They may feel that it is unfair to put a living member of the natural world through the perils of adventure; they might feel they work better alone; or they might have some other reason. These lone druids focus their extra energy on improving either their combat or spellcasting abilities.[1]

The playable druid in World of Warcraft is likely the lone druid version of a Druid of the Wild. Like lone druids, playable druids do not have animal companions, and instead rely on spellcasting or shapeshifting abilities.

Known lone druids