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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Lone wolf runemasters alter the traits of regular runemasters a bit. Many of them travel alone, and have no need of runes that empower others — but extra skill with the fists is always in need. Lone wolf runemasters cannot place or empower runes on any creature or object other than themselves. Thus, they cannot use glyphs at all, and can place sigils only on their own bodies. Lone wolf runemasters are the only runemasters who know the secret of the rune of the flashing blade, though it is merely a simple rune. It is the pattern made in the sand by skilled, dueling fighters.

Other lone wolf runemasters join adventuring parties but see no reason to waste their skills on others. Let them take care of themselves! Or, better yet, let the runemaster pound their foes into paste; then their allies will not have to worry. Among races that produce runemasters (which are few), lone wolf runemasters are common among pandaren, as these creatures often embark on solitary expeditions to explore Azeroth. Tuskarr occasionally become lone wolf runemasters as well, and the occasional male naga runemaster is undoubtedly a lone wolf — they leave most of the spellcasting to the women.[1]


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