Look To The Stars

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For the Classic version, see A [25] Look To The Stars.
AllianceLook To The Stars
Start Viktori Prism'Antras [79.5, 47.5]
End Blind Mary [82.0, 59.3]
Level 21 (Requires 19)
Category Duskwood
Experience 830
Next A [21] The Insane Ghoul

Look To The Stars sends the adventurer to find a reflective mirror.


Locate Mary and persuade her to give up a reflective surface for Viktori's project.


My gnomish friend, Cog, has promised to help me build a device which will let me peer towards the stars. According to Cog's blueprint, what I need first is a way to reflect light.

I remember a woman by the name of Mary who became well known around these parts for always carrying a looking glass. Perhaps you can track Mary down and see if she might lend us a reflective surface for this project? I believe she once resided in southern Duskwood. . .


Why yes, I used to own a looking glass.


Make sure to complete A [21] The Hermit and A [21] Supplies from Darkshire, then pick up A [21] Ghost Hair Thread before heading south to see Blind Mary, just outside the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery. Also, pick up A [20] The Night Watch and kill the Rotting Horrors in the general vicinity.


  1. A [21] Look To The Stars
  2. A [21] The Insane Ghoul
  3. A [22] Classy Glass

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