Loot Window

The Loot Window shows any treasure, or loot, on the corpse. The loot window has room for four items. If there are more than four items on the corpse, you can scroll to the next page to see the extra treasure. To loot the corpse, click on the items in the loot window and they are automatically placed in your inventory. Clicking on coins likewise adds them to your backpack.

When all items have been looted, the loot window closes and the corpse can no longer be looted. If you leave an item on the corpse, you can return to it later to loot it.

You can only loot a corpse that you tagged and killed. If you are in a party, depending on the loot system set by your party leader, you might have to wait your turn to loot, or you might be able to loot any monster killed by anyone in your party.[1]