BossLord Rhyolith
Image of Lord Rhyolith
Gender Male
Race Magma giant (Elemental)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ragnaros' minions (Old Gods' forces)
Location Rhyolith Plateau, Firelands
Status Killable
Relative(s) Pyroth (son)

Lord Rhyolith is a magma giant boss of the Firelands raid instance. During N [35] The Sanctuary Must Not Fall, he appears at the Sanctuary of Malorne on Mount Hyjal.

World first heroic kill on 25-man achieved 5.7.2011 by Premonition - US-Sen'Jin.


"Heroes face a difficult challenge: attack this massive magma giant's bulk while forcing him to move against his will among volcanic eruptions that ultimately spell his doom... or yours."[1]

Adventure Guide

Rhyolith is one of the most ancient elementals in existence, born from the primordial fires that forged Azeroth itself. He is responsible for the creation of new elementals in the Firelands and still possesses a searing hatred of the titans for what he considers their monumental arrogance in relocating him.

Rhyolith made his appearance in Hyjal attacking the Sanctuary of Malorne. However, Malfurion summoned Malorne, who ultimately defeated Rhyolith.


Stage One: Nuisances, Nuisances!

Lord Rhyolith in World of Warcraft.

Lord Rhyolith ignores players while his armor is intact, but they can attack his feet to control his movement.

  • Inv shield firelandsraid d 02.png  Obsidian Armor — Lord Rhyolith awakens encrusted in a thick coat of Obsidian Armor, which reduces all damage he takes by 80%. Lord Rhyolith's Obsidian Armor is reduced by 10% every time he steps on an active volcano. In addition, in Heroic Difficulty, 10 Liquid Obsidian creatures spawn around him. 
    • Liquid Obsidian — The Liquid Obsidian moves towards Lord Rhyolith, and casts Fuse when it reaches him. 
      • Inv misc armorkit 03.png  Fuse — The Liquid Obsidian fuses with Lord Rhyolith, increasing his damage reduction by 1%. 
  • Inv elemental primal fire.png  Concussive Stomp — Lord Rhyolith smashes the ground, inflicting 35000 Fire damage to all players. Each stomp creates two to three volcanoes. 
  • Volcano Important — Lord Rhyolith ignites a Volcano, causing it to inflict 12000 Fire damage to 3/6 (10/25) random players every 2 sec. When struck, the player takes 10% additional Fire damage for 14 sec. This effect stacks up to 20 times, and will fade once the activated volcano is destroyed. 
  • Crater — Lord Rhyolith creates a crater when he steps on a volcano. Occasionally, Lord Rhyolith causes streams of lava to flow from a crater. The moving stream of lava inflicts 75000 Fire damage and slightly knocking up any player in its path. After 10 sec. the stream of lava erupts, inflicting 150000 Fire damage to any player standing within a lava stream. 
  • Thermal Ignition — Lord Rhyolith releases a jet of cinders, inflicting 15000 Fire damage to players within 7 yards and creates either 5 Fragments of Rhyolith or 1 Spark of Rhyolith. In Heroic Difficulty Lord Rhyolith creates 10 Fragments of Rhyolith instead of 5. 
    • Fragment of Rhyolith Deadly — Fragments of Rhyolith have low health. If not slain within 30 sec, they inflict damage equal to 100%/50% (10/25) of their current health to a random player. 
    • Spark of Rhyolith — Sparks of Rhyolith inflicts 8500 Fire damage to all players within 12 yards every second. 
      • Spell fire elemental totem.png  Infernal Rage Deadly — Sparks of Rhyolith increase their damage dealt by 10% and damage taken by 10% every 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 20 times. 
  • Spell shaman lavaburst.png  Drink Magma Deadly — If Lord Rhyolith reaches the edge of his plateau, he drinks from the liquid magma and inflicts 35000 Fire damage every second on all players for 4 sec. 

Stage Two: Now you will BURN!

Lord Rhyolith in phase 2 of the boss fight.

When Lord Rhyolith reaches 25% remaining health, his Obsidian armor shatters. He becomes attackable and no longer ignores players.

  • Ability rhyolith immolation.png  Immolation — Lord Rhyolith's fiery presence inflicts 8000 Fire damage to all players every second. 
  • Inv elemental primal fire.png  Concussive Stomp — Lord Rhyolith smashes the ground, inflicting 35000 Fire damage to all players. 
  • Ability mage firestarter.png  Unleashed Flame Heroic Difficulty — Lord Rhyolith unleashes beams of fire which pursue random players, inflicting 10000 Fire damage to all players within 5 yards of the beam's impact location. 


Phase One: Drive his feet

The goal of phase one is to ablate his obsidian armor and damage him enough to start phase two. Causing the boss to step on active volcanoes is critical to this process. However, most of the raid will be concentrating on staying alive by destroying adds and avoiding lava and other environmental damage.

Tanks are not on the boss during phase one. They are instead managing adds. One tank should be responsible for the Sparks, pulling them away from the group, while the other tank gathers the Fragments for AoE.

When the battle starts a UI element appears which illustrates how players are affecting Rhyolith's navigation. Causing damage to one of Rhyolith's feet causes him to turn toward that foot. A yellow bar, if present, indicates which direction he is turning. Typically only a few players are assigned foot duty. Note: the longer phase 1 lasts, the more damage Rhyolith's phase 2 abilities will last, as he will continue gaining a stacking damage buff once his armor is gone until he reaches 25% and transitions to phase 2. The DPS on foot duty should always be damaging one of the feet, even if the goal is to keep him moving straight (in this case, split dps between the feet).

The exact rules governing this foot-driving are poorly understood at this point, but the feet will steadily restore toward center, and this occurs more quickly the faster he is turning. What is well-understood is that if he is not maneuvered correctly he will reach the lava at the edge of the platform and Drink Magma, causing massive damage to the raid and very likely a wipe. Also, you want to drive him over active volcanoes to ablate his Obsidian Armor. Another desirable result of volcano-stomping is that it ends that volcano's fire damage plaguing the raid. Inactive volcanoes can be run over as well. This will not reduce his armor, but will prevent that volcano from being activated later in the fight.

While the foot team is managing Rhyolith's position the rest of the raid is dealing with the Fragments and Sparks that spawn periodically throughout the fight. Fragments spawn in a swarm and should be destroyed before their explosions (30 second timer) damage the raid. Sparks spawn one at a time and have a pulsing aura that damages nearby players. As long as they are alive they are stacking Infernal Rage which increases the damage they deal to the tank and other nearby players.

Phase Two: Burn

Once the boss reaches 25%, he becomes molten, becomes tankable, and can be attacked directly. The raid should group up behind the boss for AoE healing and burn the boss down as quickly as possible.

Solo strategy

The feet-driving mechanic still comes in to play, and the 80% damage-taken reduction is annoying until Rhyolith has run over a few volcanoes. Focus the Liquid Obsidian adds in heroic mode and clear out the rest of the adds, as they spawn fairly frequently. Save cooldowns until the legs are taking more damage (or he reaches 50% health) to make the burst more effective.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Arbalest of Erupting Fury]  [Arbalest of Erupting Fury] Crossbow
 [Volcanospike]  [Volcanospike] DPS caster sword
 [Flickering Cowl]  [Flickering Cowl] Cloth helm
 [Incendic Chestguard]  [Incendic Chestguard] Spirit leather chest
 [Hood of Rampant Disdain]  [Hood of Rampant Disdain] Agility leather helm
 [Flaming Core Chestguard]  [Flaming Core Chestguard] Agility mail chest
 [Lava Line Wristbands]  [Lava Line Wristbands] Spirit mail bracers
 [Cracked Obsidian Stompers]  [Cracked Obsidian Stompers] Tank plate boots
 [Fireskin Gauntlets]  [Fireskin Gauntlets] DPS plate gloves
 [Grips of the Raging Giant]  [Grips of the Raging Giant] Spirit plate gloves
 [Earthcrack Bracers]  [Earthcrack Bracers] DPS plate bracers
 [Dreadfire Drape]  [Dreadfire Drape] Agility cloak
 [Heartstone of Rhyolith]  [Heartstone of Rhyolith] Spirit necklace
 [Eternal Ember] Quest item
 [Living Ember] Trade goods
 [Crystallized Firestone] Currency
Shared boss loot
Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Shatterskull Bonecrusher]  [Shatterskull Bonecrusher] Agility one-hand mace
 [Zoid's Firelit Greatsword]  [Zoid's Firelit Greatsword] Strength two-hand sword
 [Smoldering Censer of Purity]  [Smoldering Censer of Purity] Spirit staff
 [Eye of Purification]  [Eye of Purification] Spirit one-hand axe
 [Avool's Incendiary Shanker]  [Avool's Incendiary Shanker] Agility dagger
 [Entrail Disgorger]  [Entrail Disgorger] Agility dagger
 [Firethorn Mindslicer]  [Firethorn Mindslicer] Caster sword

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Hah? Hruumph? Soft little fleshy-things? Here? Nuisances, nuisances!
Killing A Player
  • So soft!
  • Finished.
  • Squeak, little pest.
  • I'll crush you underfoot!
  • Stomp now.
Activating Volcano
  • Buuurrrnn!
  • Succumb to living flame.
  • Consuuuuuuume!
  • Flesh, buuurrrns.
Armor Weakened
  • Augh - smooshy little pests, look what you've done!
  • Graaahh!
  • Oh you little beasts...
  • Oww now hey.
  • Uurrghh now you... you infuriate me!
Armor Shattered
Eons I have slept undisturbed... Now this... Creatures of flesh, now you will BURN!
Broken. Mnngghhh... broken...


10-man Heroic

10-man Normal

25-man Normal

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Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-17): Magma Flow's damage from volcanos during the Lord Rhyolith encounter has been toned down to a more reasonable amount.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-09-20):
    • Health and damage have been reduced by 15% on both normal and Heroic difficulty.
    • The health and damage of additional enemies in this encounter have been reduced by 15% on both normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-07-14):
    • Concussive Stomp damage has been increased on Heroic difficulty.
    • Eruption now increases fire damage taken by 5% per stack, down from 10%.
    • The Eruption debuff is now cleared when transitioning into phase 2 of the fight.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-07-08):
    • Multiple volcanoes casting Eruption will now create separate stacks. Crushing a volcano will cause its stacks of Eruption to fade shortly after.
    • Ranged pets can no longer damage Rhyolith’s legs without beginning the encounter.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-07-06):
    • Lord Rhyolith can now be quickly snapped from left to right, or right to left, if the appropriate amount of damage is dealt to the opposite foot.
    • Lord Rhyolith now prefers to activate volcanoes that are in front of him over volcanoes that are behind him.
    • Lord Rhyolith now spawns slightly further back on his platform, allowing players to stand on the edge of the terrain and not aggro him.
    • Lord Rhyolith no longer despawns when reaching the end of the encounter area, and does not despawn when casting Drink Magma from any of the possible locations.
    • Lord Rhyolith now summons in volcanoes when intended, and it is no longer possible for the first set of volcanoes to be ignored.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-07-01): Rhyolith is now slightly easier to turn in 10-player mode.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.


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