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For the Shrine of the Storm encounter, see Lord Stormsong (tactics).
For other uses, see Stormsong (disambiguation).
MobLord Stormsong
Image of Lord Stormsong
Gender Male
Race(s) K'thir (formerly human)
Class Tidesage
Affiliation(s) House Stormsong, Nazjatar Empire
Former affiliation(s) Kul Tiras
Occupation Ruler of House Stormsong
Location Shrine of the Storm, Stormsong Valley
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Battle for Azeroth
Relative(s) Brannon (nephew)

Lord Stormsong is the patriarch of House Stormsong. He claims that he seeks to take control of the shattered Kul Tiras and restore it to its former glory, seeing the elite of Boralus as haughty folk who give nothing in return for his people's work. In his eyes, Kul Tiras will forever belong to the people and the Tidesages will guide them.[1] However the truth is that Lord Stormsong has recently fallen under the sway of Queen Azshara and her masters. He was a very kind person before the whispers took him.[2]

He is a boss in the Shrine of the Storm dungeon. He becomes a k'thir before the battle.



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