Lordaeron's palace standing in the center of the city.

The palace's great dome and spires.

The royal palace of Capital City was the seat of power of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Here, King Terenas Menethil II and his ancestors ruled over their country from the imperial chamber. The most significant treaties in all of Lordaeron had been agreed and signed in the imperial hall, which overlooks much of the city. Behind the palace itself are the gardens.

The Menethil family resided here, and so did Prince Varian Wrynn during the Second War.[1]

During the Third War, the palace, along with the rest of the Capital City, were overrun by the Scourge led by Prince Arthas Menethil, killing its denizens. When Arthas was later betrayed by the Dreadlord Insurgents, he ran through the palace and used a secret passageway in his room to get out of the building. He noted that the palace was empty.[1]


In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Ruined Palace is located above the Forsaken capital of Undercity, a city that spans beneath much of Lordaeron's ruins. Terenas Menethil's throne room and the royal crypts are still intact. The bloodstain where Arthas slew his father can still be seen. The magnificent gardens are also accessible, though they have grown wild and play home to lurking beasts.[2]


  • In one of its corridors lies the empty tomb of King Terenas, carved before his death. After Arthas killed his father, someone added a second part to the plaque. SI:7 believes it to have been done on the order of Thoras Trollbane.[3]
  • During meetings of great importance in Lordaeron's palace, especially when monarchs were visiting, the Knights of the Silver Hand were needed for protection and surveillance, being the only military unit they all trusted, so that even King Genn Greymane and Admiral Daelin Proudmoore agreed to having themselves searched by selected sentries from the holy order, even despite its outward allegiance to Terenas.[4]
  • The quarters of the royal family each had secret passageways, which were known only to the members of the family, Uther, and the family bishop. Their doors were both physically and magically disguised to look exactly like the main walls of the palace from the outside.[1]
  • On the day that Arthas killed his father, Vellcinda Benton was in the castle visiting her family and helping in the kitchen.[5]