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Title General
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Unnamed tribe, Arathor
Occupation General of Arathor
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Mereldar (sister),
Kelsing (nephew)

Lordain was the leader of an unnamed human tribe from the Tirisfal Glades, and a prominent general of the Arathorian Empire during the Troll Wars. During the war, he sacrificed himself to hold off a large force of Amani trolls that threatened to destroy the Arathorian host. The region (and later the city and kingdom) of Lordaeron was named in his honor.


Lordain was a great warrior who led the unnamed people of the Tirisfal Glades. They were the only human tribe powerful enough to end the Arathi king Thoradin's plan of uniting the humans into a single nation, and they would not submit to shows of force. To win their loyalty, Thoradin and his guards appealed to their religious beliefs by making a pilgrimage to the region's sacred sites and performing rituals according to the custom of Lordain's people. At the end of the pilgrimage, Thoradin met with Lordain and promised that if the tribe joined him, he would spread their mystic ways among the Arathi. To seal his promise, Thoradin ran his palm along the edge of his sword, Strom'kar, and mixed his blood with the earth of Tirisfal while telling Lordain: "Between our people, let this be the only blood we spill." Lordain and his people thereafter bent the knee to Thoradin.[1] Thoradin considered Lordain to be a "great friend".[2]

Lordain became one of Thoradin's two most prominent generals in his nation of Arathor, the other being Ignaeus Trollbane. When Amani trolls began encroaching on Arathor's borders, Thoradin sent the two generals to gather intelligence on their foe and prevent them from straying too deep into the empire. Lordain and his regimented warriors thoroughly patrolled Arathor's northern borders and killed any Amani raiding parties that approached the kingdom.[3] During the Troll Wars, Lordain and Ignaeus acted as the vanguard of Arathor's army, riding days ahead of the human host as it marched to meet the Amani army in Quel'Thalas. After engaging the trolls, Thoradin's army began a slow retreat south to Alterac Fortress in order to lure the trolls into a trap.[4] At one point during the retreat, the Amani began gaining on the humans too fast and threatened to flank and overwhelm them. Lordain volunteered to waylay the trolls, knowing full well that he would not survive. He and five hundred of his warriors held off the Amani host in a narrow valley, sacrificing their lives in order to allow the rest of the Arathi army to continue south. Their sacrifice helped secure the humans' and their high elven allies' victory in the war.[5]


Lordain's legacy of pure selflessness and sacrifice lived on among his people in the millennia that followed. After the Troll Wars, many humans settled in the Tirisfal Glades and renamed the region "Lordaeron" in honor of Lordain.[5] Centuries later, many of Strom's noble families migrated to the region and founded a city-state which they also named Lordaeron after the surrounding region.[6]

One of the soldiers Lordain saved was his sister, Mereldar, who after the war became one of the first humans to come in contact with the Light.[7] Lordain's nephew, Kelsing, moved to Lordaeron after the war and intended to protect the place named after his uncle "until [he] was buried next to him",[8] which indicates that Lordain's body was buried somewhere in Lordaeron.