A noble human tribe of regimented warriors dwelt in the heart of the Tirisfal Glades. They were led by the great warrior named Lordain, and were considered more refined than the uncouth and savage humans from the mountains. The human tribes of Tirisfal were religious people and had the custom to perform rituals in their shrines across the region. Tyr's Silver Hand was considered sacred by them, and they even had pendants with its image.[1][2]

This was the only tribe powerful enough to end Thoradin's dream of uniting humanity.[1]


Unlike the Alteraci, the humans of Tirisfal did not submit to shows of force, and to win their loyalty, Thoradin had to appeal to their religious beliefs. The proclaimed human king and his personal guards made a pilgrimage to Tirisfal's shrines and sacred groves, where Thoradin performed their usual rituals. He even wore a silver hand pendant.

At the end of the pilgrimage, Thoradin finally met with the tribe's leader, Lordain. The king pledged that if they joined him, he would adopt their mystic ways and spread them among the Arathi. To seal this promise, Thoradin ran his palm along the blade of his own sword, Strom'kar, and mixed his blood with the earth of the Tirisfal Glades while saying: "Between our people, let this be the only blood we spill." And with that, the humans of Tirisfal bent the knee to their new king, with Lordain becoming one of his generals.[1]

Knightly in appearance and mindset, Lordain's forces patrolled the edges of Arathor's northern borders. On the rare occasions that Amani raiding parties approached the human kingdom, Lordain's soldiers put them to the blade.[2]

During the final days of the Troll Wars, while King Thoradin and his forces were retreating to Alterac Fortress, the Amani began to gain terrain on the humans fast, threatening to flank and overwhelm Arathor's armies. To advert disaster, General Lordain volunteered to hold back the forest trolls, knowing he would not survive. He and five hundred of his bravest warriors held off the Amani in a narrow valley while the rest of the Arathorian army retreated. Lordain and his warriors died fighting valiantly, but their sacrifice secured the victory for Arathor and Quel'Thalas.[3]

Lordain's sister Mereldar eventually became one of the first human followers of the Holy Light, and centuries later the different Light-based traditions and belief systems were codified by Lordaeron's leaders into the Church of the Holy Light.[4]


  • The vrykul of Tyr's Guard presumably took from their ranks when they started recruiting humans to replace them.