Lore Book entries for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.


Shadowlands Campaign

At the Frozen Throne

After learning of the abduction of several faction leaders by Sylvanas's forces, you have been summoned to the Frozen Throne to discuss a plan of action with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon.

Into the Maw

Bolvar has learned that the leaders have been taken to a prison realm in the Shadowlands called "The Maw". Accompanied by Darion Mograine and the Ebon Blade, your goal was to infiltrate the Maw, locate your allies, and find a way to escape.

The descent into the Maw scattered your forces, who were quickly overwhelmed by the Mawsworn. Only Mograine and a handful of Ebon Blade Death Knights remained as you began your search.

You discovered Jaina defending an injured Thrall against Mawsworn forces.

Forlorn Respite

You retreated to a nearby cave, where Jaina and Thrall recounted their time in the Maw. It appears that they were being tested by a mysterious figure known as the Jailer, with whom Sylvanas has allied. Jaina knew the whereabouts of the others, but was unsure how to escape the Maw.

With the aid of Mograine, you captured one of the more ancient, hostile souls in hopes of it knowing a way to escape the Maw.

The Tremaculum

Jaina and Thrall accompanied you to the Tremaculum, where Anduin was last seen. After evading a confrontation with Sylvanas and defeating the warden holding Anduin captive, you and your allies returned to Forlorn Respite to check on Mograine's progress interrogating the ancient soul.

A Possible Path

Mograine's interrogation proved fruitful, and the soul revealed a possible exit via an ancient waystone located near a place called Zovaal's Cauldron. Mograine and the Ebon Blade remained to guard the souls saved from the Tremaculum, awaiting your signal to regroup.

Gorgoa, the River of Souls

En route to Zovaal's Cauldron you encountered Helya who cast you into Gorgoa, the River of Souls. You escaped the soul stream only to witness Baine being thrown off of Zovaal's Cauldron by the Jailer.

Baine's Rescue

Though you rescued Baine from the Mawsworn forces in Detrithus[sic], he was afflicted by a spirit poison that prevented his wounds from healing. You and Thrall sought out the Wither Blade used to poison the High Chieftain and destroyed it, restoring Baine's health.

Zovaal's Cauldron

With the aid of Jaina's invisibility spell, you and your allies sneaked past Zovaal's Cauldron, witnessing mighty armies being rallied by the Jailer for an unknown purpose.

The Waystone

You found the dormant waystone, which immediately responded to your presence. Sensing this, the Jailer sent the entirety of his forces to prevent your escape. While your allies fought to buy time, the waystone activated and freed you from the Maw.

Though you were narrowly able to escape, your allies were taken by the Jailer. You arrived alone in the mysterious city of Oribos.


You have been sent to investigate the mysterious Mawsworn kyrian you encountered within the Maw. Only the Archon who oversees Bastion will know their true nature.

Eternity's Call

As you arrived in Bastion you met Kleia, who helped you make contact with the ascended Kalisthene. In order to gain an audience with the Archon, you were instructed to follow the path of the kyrian as if you were an aspirant. After saving Kleia's soulbind, Pelagos, from a mediation gone awry, you made your way to Aspirant's Crucible.

The Aspirant's Crucible

In the Crucible you viewed your deeds in life and trained alongside kyrian aspirants, helping fight against the anima drought in the process. After confronting your own burdens from life, you successfully earned the favor of Kalisthene--and access to a portion of Bastion's power.

The Temple of Purity

Pelagos joined you in the nearby Temple of Purity, where the number of kyrian falling into a darkened state has increased dramatically during the anima drought. Although you tried to save all you could, the fallen have organized into a group known as the Forsworn.

The Forsworn launched a surprise attack on the Temple of Purity, and you helped push it back. In your confrontation with Lysonia, the leader of the assault, you were able to obtain a fragment of her essence with the Paragon of Purity's aid.

Chasing a Memory

You took Lysonia's fragment to the Mnemonic Locus, where you learned more about the origins of the Forsworn. Forgelite Prime Mikanikos helped you uncover an incoming second Forsworn attack somewhere in Bastion.

By the Archon's Will

In order to warn the Archon of the imminent attack you traveled to Hero's Rest. You were granted a steward companion of your choosing, who then helped you activate the beacon to summon Polemarch Adrestes, herald of the Archon.

You entered Elysian Hold, home of the ascended, and finally met with the Archon. She asked you to inspect the wards protecting Bastion's five temples. While inspecting the wards, you came upon a Forsworn Uther the Lightbringer. Uther disabled the ward for the Temple of Courage, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

The Temple of Courage

As you, Kleia, and Pelagos flew to meet Mikanikos at the Temple of Courage, you saw a Maldraxxian Necropolis enter the sky above and begin sieging the area. You helped push back the Maldraxxus assault, but at the loss of the Hand of Courage, Thanikos.

Xandria, the Paragon of Courage, chased after the necromancer Amarth the Harvester and his allies deeper within the Necrotic Wake. You were tasked both with aiding her, and informing Oribos of Maldraxxus's betrayal.

Blade of the Primus

The armies of Maldraxxus have assaulted Bastion. You have been sent into this wartorn realm to discover the reason why.

Champion of Pain

Upon entering Maldraxxus, you were immediately thrust into a grand melee. Left with no other options, you were forced to prove yourself in combat against myriad foes.

Your victory in the arena drew the attention of the margraves, leaders of the three remaining Maldraxxi houses. As they argued with one another, you learned that the House of Rituals and the House of Constructs orchestrated the attack on Bastion. Shortly after, the Theater of Pain erupted into all-out war.

Baroness Draka of the House of the Chosen pulled you from the chaos of the arena. The two of you were shot out of the sky en route to the House of the Chosen.

House of the Chosen

As Draka led you to the House of the Chosen, she told you of how the House of Plagues and the House of Eyes have fallen in the absence of the Primus, the missing leader of all Maldraxxus. Upon arriving at the Chosen's stronghold, you met Margrave Krexus and learned that the remaining houses are embroiled in civil war. Order must be restored for the sake of the Shadowlands.

After assisting with the Chosen's preparations for war, you underwent a rite of initiation wherein you crossed a pool of molten slag to reach an ancient stone. It shattered upon your touch and revealed an unfinished blade forged by the Primus. You also heard his voice speak to you of a key for the worthy.

You brought the blade to Bonesmith Heirmir, a former apprentice to the Primus. She finished forging the weapon and one of the runes etched upon it began to glow. Krexus suggested that the five runes on the blade represent the qualities favored by the Primus in all his soldiers: ambition, guile, might, insight, and the relentless pursuit of victory. He also noted that the runes match those on the door to the Seat of the Primus, a sealed fortress said to contain the Primus's greatest armaments.

On Krexus's orders, you brought the runeblade to the Seat of the Primus and witnessed the Rune of Ambition transfer its power to the door. Though Draka was eager to empower the other runes, Baron Vyraz insisted that opening the door would do little good if the Chosen did not win the war. Outnumbered two to one, it was clear that the House of the Chosen would need new allies to even the battlefield.

Matron of Spies

Draka tasked you with securing support from the remnants of the House of Eyes, to which she once belonged. You sought out Baroness Vashj, Draka's former colleague and rival. Though she was loathe to ally with Draka, Vashj agreed to join your cause if you would assist her in claiming revenge against Mor'Bitan, the lich responsible for the fall of her house.

You captured Mor'Bitan's lieutenant, Mephiles, and delivered him to Vashj. She extracted his memories and learned of a secret ritual being prepared nearby--one that Mor'Bitan himself would emerge to complete.

Having successfully sabotaged the ritual, you and Vashj lured Mor'Bitan into the open and slayed him. Your use of deception and subterfuge to achieve your goal resonated with the runeblade, empowering the Rune of Guile.

House of Constructs

You reported to Baron Vyraz at the Spearhead, where a fierce battle raged between the House of Constructs and the House of the Chosen.

With the assistance of Secutor Mevix, you pushed back the Constructs' forces and secured a forward position. Vyraz ordered you to continue the momentum and launch a direct assault on the House of Constructs, despite Mevix's protest that more reinforcements were required.

The outcome of the attempted siege was disastrous, leaving you and Mevix as the only two survivors. You were both captured by Margrave Gharmal, who left you to rot with the other bodies collected from the battlefield. As you emerged from a pile of corpses, you met a wounded kyrian aspirant who had survived the earlier assault on Bastion.

By taking control of an experimental construct made of kyrian flesh, you wreaked havoc upon the House of Constructs and slew Baron Halis. After you escaped with Mevix, Thales, and the others you had rescued, your overwhelming display of power awakened the Rune of Might upon your blade.

House of Plagues

As you searched for survivors from the House of Plagues, you met Plague Deviser Marileth. Driven mad by the fallout of the house's destruction, he mistook you for his apprentice and enlisted your aid with conducting his experiments.

Once you helped Marileth create another slime for his collection, he mentioned finishing a potion for Margrave Stradama. As the rest of Maldraxxus thought she had been lost in the explosion, you were unsure if she truly survived the fall of her house or if Marileth was sharing one of his many delusions.

Marileth spoke true about Margrave Stradama. She survived the destruction of her house, but was transformed into a being of slime and bone. Though her mind was twisted and ravaged just as Marileth's, the potion you helped concoct for her granted both of them a brief moment of lucidity. As a result of helping to clear their minds, the Rune of Insight ignited upon your blade.

Ritual for the Damned

In your absence, the House of the Chosen suffered a fierce counterattack from the House of Constructs. Though your allies were able to hold their ground, Vyraz was wounded and Krexus was slain. Without the margrave, the Chosen stand little chance of victory. Vyraz sent you to Oribos on a desperate gambit to rescue the house's missing baron from the Maw.

Highlord Bolvar gave you an amulet used by the Four Horsemen to help you track down Darion Mograine, who may know how to find the missing Maldraxxi baron. After freeing the death knight, you were saved from an ambush by a broker named Ve'nari.

Ve'nari knew of whom you sought and was willing to trade the knowledge of his location for your amulet. She then led you to Perdition Hold and the captive baron--who was revealed to be Alexandros Mograine, the Ashbringer. After breaking his bonds, you brought both him and Darion back to Oribos.

The Empty Throne

Alexandros Mograine revealed that Vyraz is a traitor, and that it was he who cast Mograine into the Maw, and he who must have slain Krexus. As Draka returned to the Seat of the Primus, you accompanied Mograine to the House of the Chosen in order to expose and confront Vyraz.

Returning from the Maw with Mograine to face Vyraz in battle earned you the Rune of the Relentless, completing the key to unlock the Seat of the Primus. Though your fight with Vyraz was interrupted, the allies you gathered at the Seat held the line against the traitorous Maldraxxi forces until you could open the door. The power of the Primus cut a swath of destruction through your foes, forcing them to retreat.

Within the Seat, you discovered a dire warning from the Primus. The Jailer has called upon ancient allies in his bid to escape the Maw, and the Eternal Ones must unite against him. You returned to Oribos with the message in hand, ready to deliver it to the other realms.

The Groves of Ardenweald

You bear an important message for the Winter Queen. Seek her out in the celestial groves of Ardenweald.

Welcome to Ardenweald

Though you journeyed to Ardenweald to deliver an important message from the Primus of Maldraxxus to the Winter Queen, you learned that her unwavering focus on combatting the anima drought would make it difficult for you to gain a royal audience.

Upon learning that the Queen would soon visit the grove of Tirna Vaal, Lady Moonberry tasked you with assisting the fae with preparing for her arrival in the hope of speaking with her.

Aiding Tirna Vaal

You assisted Choofa, a soul in the form of a squirrel, by rescuing his captured friends in the Spirit Glen and restoring their animal forms. You discovered the chaotic spriggans who were terrorizing them had been emboldened a dark "Ancient One."

In the Tranquil Pools, you helped Dreamweaver, a faerie who watches over slumbering nature spirits, tend to the grove's wildseeds and track down their missing caretakers. You also formed a bond with one special wildseed after soothing its spirit's nightmares. It almost seemed as if the spirit knew you...

Waning Grove

Heartwood Grove, recently chosen to sacrifice its anima to sustain the other groves, fell victim to a sudden, malicious attack. Night fae who once called the grove home donned strange masks and turned on their former friends.

You helped rescue Niya, a young sylvar, and attempted to recover the anima from the stolen heart of the grove... but it was destroyed before your very eyes.

Glitterfall Heights

Unable to meet with the Winter Queen during her brief visit to Tirna Vaal, you resolved to aid the forest in order to lesser her mounting burdens and secure her attention.

To that end, you lent your strength to the Wild Hunt at Glitterfall Basin. You rescued Ara'lon, a sylvar huntsman, and fought alongside Korayn, a fierce vorkai hunt-captain, to destroy the strange creatures known as the Blighted--night fae transformed by the dark magic of the masks.

When you returned to Tirna Vaal, you found that your bonded wildseed's nightmares had grown worse. It needed to be moved somewhere better equipped to care for it.

This is the Way

You and Niya escorted the dreaming wildseed toward Hibernal Hollow, but the road was blocked due to a massive Drust attack. You fought alongside Ara'lon and the Wild Hunt to drive them back.

Dreamweaver attempted a ritual to sooth the wildseed upon your arrival in Hibernal Hollow, but its nightmares were still too powerful. You realized that you needed more anima for the ritual to work.

The Fallen Tree

Niya and Ara'lon accompanied you to Tirna Noch, Ara'lon's former grove, now withered after its anima was reclaimed. You found that the Drust had seized control of the area and had stockpiled their stolen anima in the desiccated heart of the grove. Though you were able to take back the anima and escape the grove, the Drust began mustering for a counterattack.

Visions of the Dreamer

By infusing the anima from Tirna Noch into the dreamshrines surrounding Hibernal Hollow, you experienced the memories of the spirit inside the wildseed. At the climax of the ritual, you relived the moment of her death. The spirit was none other than Ysera, the slain Dragon Aspect of Dreams.

The Master of Revendreth

Sire Denathrius may know the secrets to ending the anima drought. Venture into his realm of Revendreth to learn more.

Welcome to Revendreth

Upon arriving in Revendreth you were greeted by the Lord Chamberlain with a request for you to accompany him directly to Sire Denathrius.

While riding in a carriage you and the Lord Chamberlain were ambushed by rebel stoneborn led by General Draven.

You proceeded to rescue the Lord Chamberlain from the clutches of devourers, monsters from beyond the Shadowlands who seek to consume all anima. Their presence is a sign of the end times, according to local dredgers. You also met an enigmatic venthyr duelist named Nadjia the Mistblade, who was quite taken with your battle prowess and lively attitude.

After escaping the clutches of the Endmire, you and the Lord Chamberlain made your way to the hamlet of Darkhaven.

The Master

The anima drought has crippled the local venthyr of Darkhaven, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by rebels and devourers. They asked for you to convey their plight to the Master.

Sire Denathrius has dispatched you and the Lord Chamberlain to secure the Halls of Atonement from the defiant forces of the Accuser.

The Accuser

Empowered by a Harvester's Medallion, the Accuser is undefeatable by conventional means. The Lord Chamberlain has asked for you to seek out the sinstone of the Accuser so that he might use it to bypass her defenses.

Broken by the weight of her past, the Accuser falls to the combined forces of you and the Lord Chamberlain. The Master has asked for you to bring her to the Forest Ward where she can be properly condemned.

The Penitent Hunt

By edict of Sire Denathrius, the Accuser stands condemned to a hunt by you and the Fearstalker. This ancient practice is used to torment souls who must confront their past sins through fear.

While hunting, you and your fellow hunters were ambushed by the Accuser. After incapacitating your escort, the Accuser gifted you the ability to move through shadows so that you might see the truth of the rebellion.

The Accuser revealed to you a secret passage that leads deep into the bowels of Castle Nathria, where you discovered that Sire Denathrius has been the one behind the anima drought plaguing the Shadowlands.

The Fearstalker was defeated by your hand, her Medallion of Dread now in the hands of the Accuser. The rebels worry it will not be enough, and they have asked you to infiltrate the Ember Ward in search of the last person to see their former leader, Prince Renathal.

The Mad Duke

After forging your way into the Ember Ward, a deranged ash ghoul named Lost Sybille led you to the venthyr you were told to find: Theotar, the Mad Duke.

Theotar was captured along with Prince Renethal during a failed revolt prior to your arrival in Revendreth. The last Theotar saw of the Prince, he was being taken to the ruined tower of Sinfall. The two of you made your way across the Light scorched wasteland to secure this ancient tower.

Prince Renathal

While searching Sinfall you discovered a talking sword named Vorpalia, who informed you that Prince Renathal was tossed into the Maw. You, being a Maw Walker, represent her only opportunity to save her beloved Prince.

Working your way through the labyrinth of cells and horrors within Torghast, you were able to find and rescue the Curator and her allies. Through the use of an ancient spell, the Curator was able to teleport all of you back to Sinfall--but with the caveat that once the spell was used, it would never work again.

The Master of Lies

Upon returning to Sinfall, you were met by the combined forces of the Accuser, General Draven, and the many allies you gathered in your travels through Revendreth. With this newfound force, Prince Renathal has proposed a daring plan: an assault on the anima stores of the Master.

The Looming Dark

With Denathrius's scheme exposed, you must decide how to respond.

Threads of Fate

Aiding the Shadowlands

Fatescribe Roh-Tahl helped you weave the threads of fate to pull your destiny forward.

You aligned yourself with a covenant, then set off to aiding the realms of the Shadowlands.

Bolstering Bastion

You aided the Kyrian against the Forsworn threat, both directly and by strengthening their position across their realm.

Rallying Maldraxxus

With the great houses of Maldraxxus in turmoil, you helped the House of the Chosen regain its footing and stand strong against its former brethren.

Aiding Ardenweald

You helped protect the remaining groves from assault, giving the Winter Queen and her court a chance to stabilize the eternal forest.

Reinforcing Revendreth

Denathrius's betrayal left Prince Renathal and his rebellion in a precarious position. Your efforts gave them a fighting chance against their former master.

Kyrian Campaign

The noble kyrian of Bastion face dire circumstances with the impending Forsworn forces threatening to unravel their realm. They will need your aid if they are to reclaim Bastion and save the Shadowlands.

Among the Kyrian

After choosing to align yourself with the Kyrian Covenant you returned to Bastion to a grand reception, where you were welcomed into the covenant by the Archon herself. You learned the functions of your new base of operations in Elysian Hold and became soulbinds with the aspirant Pelagos.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.

Trial of Ascension

You aided Kleia in her final trial on the path to ascencion[sic], helping perform the Rite of Guidance to open the way through the veil. Upon cross over, you witnessed the last moments of a life before escorting them to the Shadowlands. In Oribos, Kleia learned the truth about the drought: souls are being cast directly into the Maw.

With your help Kleia became an Ascended, but a Forsworn attack on Elysian Hold led by Uther interrupted the ceremony and damaged the Crest of Ascension. After repelling the attack, Kleia asks to become your second soulbind.

In the Spires of Ascension, you helped halt the final Forsworn assault and defeat their leader--Devos, the Paragon of Loyalty--once and for all.

Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons

Without the Crest of Ascension, no new Kyrian can ascend. You traveled to the Eternal Forge and meet with Mikanikos, Forgelite Prime of Bastion in order to recover the legendary hammer Phaestus and build the Crest anew.

However, the great forge was under Forsworn control. While repelling the threat you helped Mikanikos finish Bron, a modified goliath that proved instrumental in pushing the enemy back to the Temple of Loyalty. With Phaestus finally in hand, you successfully rebuilt the Crest of Ascension even stronger than before.

Righteous Retribution

Alexandros Mograine of Maldraxxus visited Elysian Hold with an offer to join forces. Together, he hoped to take out the depraved Margrave Gharmal, who led the surprise attack on the Temple of Courage.

You and Xandria met Draka and Alexandros aboard the Zerekriss necropolois[sic], then staged a large-scale assault on the Margrave's forces in the House of Constructs to draw him out.

After defeating Gharmal, Xandria carved out the fleshshaper's heart at Alexandros' suggestion. The heart was then taken to Elysian Hold and placed in the Crest of Ascension, greatly increasing its power.

The Seal of Contrition

Spurred on by your success in Maldraxxus, you, Kleia and Pelagos traveled to Revendreth to seek further empowerments for the Crest of Ascension.

The Curator knew of a potential target in the Seal of Contrition but its location was lost to her. However, the Countess knew of its whereabouts. After locating the Countess' sinstone, you were able to persuade her to tell you how to find it.

Your search sent you to the Ember Ward, where Alwin, the former holder, led you to the Seal's current holder, Duke Vielle. You killed the Duke and recovered the Seal, returning to Bastion. There, Kalisthene reported that Lysonia was now leading the Forsworn. The Seal was placed in the Crest, further empowering it.

Vessel of Ardenweald

To further empower the Crest, you and Pelagos traveled to Ardenweald to seek some of its magic from the Winter Queen. Although the Winer Queen was willing to aid you, she said the power required containment. The faerie Willowblossom volunteered to aid you in prepairing a suitable vessel for Ardenweald's magic.

After saving the worm Grubby from spriggan tricksters and playing a few tricks, you obtained the necessary ingredients for the ritual. It was then you learned that Willowblossom would become the vessel, giving her life in the process.

Her sacrifice was not in vain, as the vessel completed the Crest of Ascension. Once it was sealed, the Crest was fully empowered and protected from future attack.

Closing In

Kyrian scouts tracked Lysonia, the new leader of the Forsworn, to the Temple of Humility. You and Kleia intervened, saving Kyrian from being overtaken by pride and using the Paragon of Humility's legendary blade, Compassion, to push back the Forsworn occupation.

As you arrived to Lysonia and Chyrus' location, Helya opened a portal allowing Lysonia and Uther to escape into the Maw. You and Kleia pursued her, ultimately facing a powerful manifestation of Lysonia's pride after she betrayed Uther in a dark ritual. You escorted Uther out of the Maw and then parted ways to prepare for the final assault on Lysonia.

The Bell Tolls

With the final assault on the Forsworn citadel in the Temple of Loyalty at hand, you called the Paragons to form a plan and rallied the Kyrian to action. The combined might of the Archon's forces assaulted the Temple from all sides, until Lysonia revealed that she had drawn the Kyrian away from Elysian Hold, leaving the Archon vulnerable.

You rushed back to the hold to defend the Archon, where Lysonia unleashed the full extent of her Maw power. Uther arrived to aid in defeating his former master, turning the tide of the battle until the Archon could deal the final blow.

Uther was granted clemency for his efforts, and traveled to the Temple of Wisdom with Thenios to delve further into his unique ailment.

The Art of War

The ambitious Necrolords face a threat of extinction at their own hand. Your presence will forge disparate fragments into an army capable of challenging fate itself.

War Never Changes

Upon your return to Maldraxxus, you learned that the Seat of the Primus remains under siege. In binding your service to the Necrolords, you have sworn to turn the tide of battle.

You have repelled the enemy forces who were assailing the Seat of the Primus... for now.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.

The House of Eyes

In order to cement the Necrolords' defenses, Baroness Vashj plans to seize control of an enemy necropolis. You are to rendezvous with her near the House of Eyes.

Having assembled a crew of surviving Eyes and renegades from other houses, you returned to the Seat of the Primus while Vashj began preparing for the next phase of the mission.

Grand Theft Necropolis

Upon receiving word from Vashj, you reunited with the Eyes and reviewed the plan to hijack the necropolis.

Despite unforeseen complications, you successfully stormed the Ossein Foundry and took possession of the necropolis Zerekriss. Within its halls, you discovered the lost Bracers of the Primus.

Do Not Forget

The Necrolords have received word that the House of Constructs continues its assault on Bastion. Always a man of honor, Alexandros Mograine volunteered to join the kyrian defenders with your help.

After defeating the Construct forces at the Temple of Courage and forging an alliance with the kyrian, you accompanied Mograine on a journey to help him accept that Maldraxxus is where his soul beings.

A Golden Dawn

With the battle plans drawn, the Necrolord and Kyrian covenants joined forces to besiege the House of Constructs. You reported for duty, ready to join the assault.

Your attack on the House of Constructs was successful, resulting in the demise of Margrave Gharmal. You discovered the Mantle of the Primus among the margrave's belonings[sic]... along with canisters of anima sourced from Revendreth.

The Wages of Sin

You have journeyed to Revendreth with Draka in order to investigate reports of Maldraxxi conspirators plotting against the realm.

Having exposed and ended the collusion between the house of Rituals and Revendreth, you collected the Primus's pauldrons and discovered the mastermind behind the house's machinations: the lich Kel'Thuzad.

The House of Rituals

The Necrolords have committed their resources to infiltrating the House of Rituals. A lich named Balmedar has offered to aid your efforts to infiltrate the house.

Both you and Balmedar were discovered and imprisoned as you attempted to spy on Kel'Thuzad. You escaped your cell just in time to witness Kel'Tuzad and Baroness Ninadar overthrow Margrave Sin'dane.

Assault on the House of Rituals

Following his trecherous[sic] coup, Kel'Thuzad seized command of the House of Rituals. Alongside your allies from Revendreth, the Necrolords laid siege to the liches' fortress.

Though you triumphed over the House of Rituals and restored Margrave Sin'dane to power, the Jailer's minions helped Kel'Thuzad escape before you could detain him. With the Staff of the Primus in your possession and the traitors expunged from the realm, Maldraxxus is on the path to reunification.

Night Fae Campaign

The groves of Ardenweald are dying. As each great celestial tree falls, the Winter Queen's desperation grows. The Queen and her Court of Night need your help to restore balance to the forest.

The Heart of the Forest

After choosing to align yourself with the Night Fae Covenant, you returned to Ardenweald. There you were allowed entry into the Heart of the Forest. With many of Ardenweald's souls in attendance, you received the boon of Soulshape, the first of many gifts granted to those who join the covenant. You then learned that you had an important tradition to uphold: your grand introduction!

For Queen and Grove!

With the assistance of some friends, and a little bit of magic, you starred in a stage production recreating the dramatic events on Azeroth which led up to your arrival in the Shadowlands. Your performance impressed not only the Court of Night, but the Winter Queen as well.

Ysera, who was in the audience, learned that what she had thought were dreams and nightmares were visions of events on Azeroth. As she bore you to the Heart of the Forest, Ysera confided that she had also dreamed of Tyrande Whisperwind becoming the Night Warrior, and that she was concerned for the futures of both Tyrande and Ardenweald.

Now properly introduced to the Night Fae, you were formally bound to their covenant in a ceremony presided by the Winter Queen.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.

The Maw

You returned to the Maw, where you reunited with the broker Ve'nari. By accepting the terms of her agreement, you procured a Soulkeeper crystal that allowed you to bring several lost souls out of the Maw. You also discovered that Baine Bloodhoof is being held prisoner in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, but that you will need a plan of action before you can attempt to rescue him.


After you brought the rescued souls back to Ardenweald, you learned more about the Heart of the Forest and the powers that lie dormant within its roots. You were also granted the boon of Soulbinding and bound yourself to Niya.

Daughter of the Night Warrior

Ysera asked you to meet Shandris Feathermoon in Oribos and help her recover Tyrande Whisperwind from the Maw. You aided Shandris in tracking down Tyrande, whose Night Warrior powers had allowed her to carve a path of destruction through the Jailer's forces but also threatened to tear her apart.

The two of you followed Tyrande into Torghast. There, you witnessed the awesome power of the Night Warrior and rescued many captive kaldorei souls. Tyrande refused to return with you and Shandris, saying she would not stop until she had slain Sylvanas.

You returned to Ardenweald, where the souls you had freed would find peace. Ysera and Shandris vowed to find a way to save Tyrande from the all-consuming power of the Night Warrior.

Da Boss

You joined forces with Bwonsamdi to investigate the strange disappearances of several powerful nature spirits within Ardenweald. During your search, you uncovered a secret plot by the death loa Mueh'zala to awaken the evil loa Dambala and Hakkar into his service.

Realizing that he had no choice but to stand against his master, Bwonsamdi asked you to beseech the Winter Queen for her aid. Upon hearing of Mueh'zala's treachery, the Queen dispatched the Wild Hunt to rid the forest of Mueh'zala's minions. Fighting alongside your fellow huntsmen and huntresses, you defeated Dambala and drove Mueh'zala's followers out of Ardenweald.

Night Warrior's Curse

Ysera told you of Thiernax, a mortal soul in Ardenweald who had been his world's Night Warrior in life. You met Thiernax and learned that the tremendous power of the Night Warrior had killed both him and his husband, Qadarin. While fighting malicious spriggan in the Garden of Night, Qadarin was afflicted with a terrible curse.

Moonberry had you retrieve information on how to counter the curse while Qadarin could still be saved. Following the scroll's instructions, you acquired what was needed--including a token that symbolized the deep love between Ysera and her sister, Alexstrasza--and broke the curse on Qadarin. Grateful for your help, Thiernax pledged his support to help save Tyrande from the tragic fate of the Night Warrior.

Drust to Drust

You helped Ara'lon rescue Gweyir, a Possessed huntress, and were sent to Drustvar in search of a way to break the curse placed upon her. You returned with a powerful Drust fetish and instructions to seek out Kivarr, an ancient Thornspeaker.

Your search for Kivarr led you to Eventide Grove, where the Drust had taken her captive. Following her rescue, Kivarr sent you and Ara'lon to find special reagents for a ritual to break the curse. Unfortunately, Ara'lon never returned and you were sent to fulfill the mission in his place.

Though you and Kivarr performed the ritual, you were unable to break the curse. Gweyir perished, proving that there is no coming back for the fae who fall under the Drust's thrall.

The Horned Hunter

Thiernax shared with you a possible way to save Tyrande from the fate of the Night Warrior: dispersing its power into other former Night Warriors whose souls now rested in the Shadowlands. To find them, Lord Herne of the Wild Hunt suggested you seek the famed Horned Hunter, Huln Highmountain.

Huln agreed to help you search the Shadowlands for the other Night Warriors, but he first had to finish hunting his assigned quarry. You assisted Huln in tracking down a massive devourer, a worldeater named Voras. You and Huln set a trap for your prey and then vanquished it. True to his word, Huln began his search for others who had once borne the mantle of the Night Warrior.

Deal for a Loa

At his necropolis in Nazmir, Bwonsamdi revealed to both you and Vol'jin that Mueh'zala was the one who had tricked Vol'jin into naming Sylvanas warchief and that he had cast an ancient nature spirit into the Maw.

With Vol'jin's help, you rescued not just the spirit--the wild god Ashamane--but the loa Hir'eek and Shadra as well. You also found Rezan, but were too late to save him. The loa of kings transferred the last of his essence into Vol'jin.

Upon your return, the Winter Queen was intrigued that Vol'jin's mortal soul held the remnants of a loa. Though she could not guarantee what fate awaited him, the Queen allowed Vol'jin to slumber within a wildseed alongside the other spirits.

Drust and Ashes

Alongside the Wild Hunt, you assaulted the last Drust stronghold in Ardenweald and faced off against their leader, Gorak Zhar. But when the final blow was struck, you learned that you had been fighting a possessed and glamoured Ara'lon. With his last breath, Ara'lon warned you that the stronghold was a diversion and that the Drust's true target was the Grove of Awakening.

Ysera bore you back to the Heart of the Forest as she inflicted everlasting sleep on as much of the Drust army as she could. Moved by the loss of yet another loyal servant, the Winter Queen brought her precious power to bear. Bolstered by the Queen's blessing, you reclaimed the Grove of Awakening and defeated Gorak Zhar, ending her attempts to conquer Ardenweald.

Venthyr Campaign

The road to redemption for Revendreth is a long one, and the Dark Prince of Sinfall is ready to walk it. He will need your help if he is to wrest control of Revendreth from the clutches of the Master and his loyalists.


The threat to the Shadowlands and all of reality will require the aid and loyalty of the denizens of Revendreth. To that end, you have bound your service to Prince Renathal and his new Court of Harvesters to help turn the tide of this conflict and restore the anima that was stolen to the realms it belongs to.

With your help, Prince Renathal has reclaimed the ancient ruin of Sinfall for you to use as the base of your operations. After acquainting yourself with Sinfall, you are sent to the Maw to speak with Ve'nari.

Ve'nari gives you an item called the Soulkeeper, which allows you to rescue souls from the Maw. While setting up a beacon for Ve'nari, you find Baine Bloodhoof being dragged into Torghast. After recovering his mace, you return to Oribos and report to Bolvar about what you've seen.

Bolvar tells you he will come up with a plan for rescuing Baine. In the meantime, you report back to Sinfall with the souls you've saved, and soulbind with Nadjia the Mistblade.


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.

The Court of Harvesters

Prince Renathal has a plan to seize control of Revendreth, whether Sire Denathrius still rules or not. To do so, he has employed your help to convene a meeting of the Court of Harvesters at Darkwall Tower.

Using various contacts and infiltration techniques, you were able to extend an invitation to the three Harvesters who might be willing to talk. With the Prince, the Accuser, and the Curator already on your side, the Court is able to convene with six of its seven members.

The Court convened, and the Prince laid out his plan--to combine the Harvester's medallions in order to seize control of Revendreth. But the venthyr were not swayed by Prince Renathal's words, and were unwilling to give up their medallions. Renathal had lost too many times for them to trust him.


With the help of other Azerothian allies you were able to recover the Medallion of Pride from the clutches of the vile Lord Chamberlain. While the Halls of Atonement are still under the rule of those loyal to Denathrius, the power within is greatly weakened.


The Countess holds the Medallion of Desire and rules over the Castle Ward and its nobles. Theotar, the Mad Duke, has a plan that may be able to wrest the medallion from the Countess without incurring an open enemy.

Theotar dispatched you to the Old Gate to find his old butler and house staff. The plan is to find THeotar's old estate where a secret entrance to the Countess's private chambers lays in wait. From there, you can steal the medallion.

Upon securing Theotar's previous estate you were able to use the mirror there to enter into the chambers of the Countess. However, she was waiting for you... with her guards.

You were not invited, but you were also not unexpected. The Countess proposed an alternative to stealing her medallion. if you helped her with her plan to undermine her opposition, she would gladly hand the medallion over.

To that end, the Countess sent you into the noble district of Redelav where you gathered poisonous mushrooms, invited the elite to a party, and murdered Lord Andrei, one of her political rivals.

While attending a party thrown by the Countess you had the chance to question the various guests. You discovered which house was in league with Lord Andrei in his plot to try and eliminate the Countess.

After accusing the House of conspiracy against the Countess, you dispatched their leader swiftly and publicly. Pleased with your actions, the Countess provided her medallion, having proven her power comes from... other skills.


The Medallion of Avarice was hidden by its Harvester, the Curator, before she was exiled to the Maw. Now that she is back, her mind is not stable enough to retrieve the hidden medallion on her own. She requires your help in the Catacombs Ward.

The Curator hid her medallion on the other side of a very special mirror. Before her capture she broke the mirror and entrusted the two halves to her underlings.

After some searching of the Catacombs you were able to rescue Watcher Emil, the Curator's most trusted aid, along with his half of the mirror.

The second half of the mirror was in the hands of the traitorous Sinkeeper Mateo, the Curator's old protege who had more ambition than sense. Storming the Curator's old mansion of Archivam, you were able to retrieve the other half of the mirror.

With the mirror repaired you were able to venture into the secret crypt and recover the Medallion of Avarice from its hiding place.

The Crowned Prince

Prince Renathal's plan to harness the power of the medallions requires a conduit to channel the power. Revendreth lacks the craftsmen to create such an artifact.

To commission the construction of the artifact, Prince Renathal is dispatching you to Bastion. The plan is to restore an ancient mirror there. Though once used by the forces of Revendreth for nefarious purposes, it will now allow passage for General Draven and Theotar to join you.

After a tense parley with the denizens of Bastion, General Draven was able to request the aid of Mikanikos, the Forgelite Prime. Draven offered to make amends, and repairs, for past sabotages performed by Revendreth.

With your help, Theotar and Draven were able to undo the damage inflicted upon the fores[sic] of Bastion and drive out the Forsworn occupying the area long enough to forge the artifact.

And in the fires of battle, the Crown of the Harvesters was forged.

The unbridled power of the crown proved too potent for a mere mortal to wield, and too flooded with the echoes of Denathrius. It required purification at the Temple of Loyalty, fighting your way through legions of Forsworn Kyrian.

Cleansed of the Master's will, you were able to bring the new crown to Prince Renathal.

Confronting Sin

During a raid on Castle Nathria, a corrupted and powerful soul was liberated from the Master's dark experiments. The Accuser has asked for your help in bringing this Kael'thas Sunstrider, once a prince and mage of great power, to atonement.

Together, you and the Accuser were able to untwine Kael'thas Sunstrider's soul from the corrupted anima he was infused with by the Master.

While helping Kael'thas atone for his past deeds the two of you uncovered a conspiracy within the Chalice District of Revendreth. Venthyr who had openly opposed Prince Renathal were being outfitted with Maldraxxi weapons and working with a mysterious Lich.

Kael'thas was convinced that the way to learn more of the conspiracy was to spy upon the Tithelord, Harvester of Envy and current caretaker of the Village Ward.

Following the Tithelord, you and Kael'thas discovered an entire encampment of Maldraxxus forces embedded within the Village Ward, working directly with the Tithelord. After defeating the lich in charge, you reported your findings to Prince Renathal.


With the discovery of the Titheord's ties to Maldraxxus, Price Renathal has requested the presence of the Baroness Draka to assist in the apprehension of the Maldraxxi forces. The time had come for the Harvester of Envy to lose his medallion.

With Renathal and Draka by your side you took the fight to the Village Ward. There, the venthyr languishing under the yoke of the Tithelord's demands were liberated and convinced to join forces with Sinfall.

With the Tithelord's supply lines halted, his people in revolt against him, and his best stoneborn crushed, the time had come to take the fight to the harvester's home.

Using the Tithelord's own anima against him, you were able to defeat the Harvester of Envy and claim the medallion for Sinfall. However, in the battle, you discovered his contact in Maldraxxus was none other than the Arch-Lich Kel'Thuzad who now wields the Medallion of Dominion.


The Court of Harvesters used the combined powers of all seven medallions to secure Revendreth from Denathrius forever. In doing so, a new sigil was created.

Chains of Domination

Battle of Ardenweald

A terrible attack on Bastion has left the Archon wounded, and Ardenweald is the Jailer's next target. Highlord Bolvar has tasked you to keep the Winter Queen's sigil safe.

After a bitter battle to protect Ardenweald, Sylvanas and Tyrande finally crossed blades. But the power of the Night Warrior was too great.

In the chaos, Anduin, dominated by the Jailer, sneaked behind Covenant lines and stole the Winter Queen's sigil.

Maw Walkers

Working with Ve'nari, you were able to open an ancient waygate in the new landscape of Korthia. Once activated, the waygate provided a portal to Oribos, establishing a foothold for your allies to pass to and from the Maw.

Focusing the Eye

While assisting Ve'nari, you used a Korthian device and were transported to Desmotaeron where you discovered Baron Vyraz's forces.

You discovered a val'kyr, Danica, and freed her. After seeking out the aid of Odyn, you forced the Eye of the Jailer to retreat within the walls of Torghast.

The Last Sigil

You raced against the forces of the Jailer to find a way to open the Vault of Korthia.

Once inside, you wrested control of a sigil from within the vault and brought it to the Runecarver in Torghast.

Giving the Runecarver the sigil caused his memories to recover, and revealed the prisoner of Torghast to be none other than the Primus of Maldraxxus.

The Jailer appeared to retrieve the sigil. Just when it seemed victory was within reach, he seized the sigil through his weapon: Anduin Wrynn.

The Jailer departed, leaving you and the Primus alive. Before leaving Torghast, the Primus recreated an illusion of the Runecarver to help those souls still strapped within Torghast.

Once free of the tower, you and the Primus ventured to Korthia to prepare for the next steps against the Jailer.

An Army of Bone and Steel

With the return of the Primus, the forces of Maldraxxus positioned themselves for a full assault in the Maw. They marched on Desmotaeron, a fortification at the foot of the Sanctum of Domination held by Helya and Vyraz.

The assault against Desmotaeron proved successful. Helya was banished back to Helheim by the Primus, and Vyraz slain. With the most immediate threats dealt with, the forces of the Covenants could now focus on issues closer to home -- and Maldraxxus was free to craft a new sigil.

The Unseen Guests

In response to incursions from dreadlord infiltrators, the Primus dispatched you to Revendreth in search of a potential ally: the Stonewright.

There it was discovered that the dreadlords re-infiltrated their old home to rescue Sire Denathrius from his prison. Though the dreadlords succeeded, the Stonewright pledged her Stone Legion to Korthia's efforts. Revendreth was now free to craft a new sigil.

The Power of Night

You were summoned to Ardenweald, where you were tasked to hunt down two more former Night Warriors. You met with Huln Highmountain in Maldraxxus and found Khaliiq, and then headed to Revendreth where you found the Stonewright.

After returning to Ardenweald, you participated in a ritual to save Tyrande. The ritual went awry, but higher powers intervened, and Tyrande's power was stabilized. Heart healed, the Winter Queen was able to restore Ardenweald's lost sigil.

A New Path

After retrieving a piece of Uther's soul, you helped him come to terms with his memories. Polemarch Adrestes realized restoring the lost Temple of Loyalty was not the correct path for the kyrian.

Adrestes brought his concerns to the Archon, who agreed that a new path was needed. A new temple, the Temple of Devotion, would take the place of Loyalty. Once dedicated, Adrestes would become its paragon.

You traveled to the Temple of Loyalty, where the abandoned Forsworn had collected. After persuading the Forsworn to follow a new path of unity, the temple was re-dedicated. With the power of all five paragons, a new sigil of the kyrian covenant was forged.

What Lies Ahead

The Jailer expanded the Maw to envelop Oribos, merging with the Arbiter and claiming the final sigil. He opened a gateway to the mysterious Sepulcher and escaped. Back in Korthia, the Primus revealed that Zovaal was once the Arbiter, but was stripped of his power and cast into the Maw.

At the climax of the battle within Torghast, Sylvanas Windrunner defied the Jailer when he threatened to dominate all of reality. In response, he infused her with a soul crystal that left her incapacitated. Bolvar Fordragon ordered her imprisonment and intends to learn all she knows about the Jailer's schemes.

Anduin Wrynn remained dominated by the Jailer's will, but was able to leave behind a final farewell to his friends and allies. Jaina Proudmoore vowed to free the young king from his captivity before it's too late.

Although the Primus now possesses reforged sigils from the covenants, he must find a way to replace the Arbiter's sigil before he can open another gateway to pursue the Jailer. In the meantime, he has tasked you with continuing to defend the Shadowlands against the Mawsworn.

Patch changes

  • Shadowlands Hotfix (2021-07-02): Fixed an issue where Venthyr players who had completed their Covenant Campaign prior to the release of Chains of Domination would see their campaign as incomplete.
  • Shadowlands Patch 9.1.0 (2021-06-29): Chains of Domination section added.
  • Shadowlands Patch 9.0.2 (2020-11-17): Added.